[Notice] Announcement regarding login issues on May 30th (Sun)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the emergency maintenance and maintenance extension on May 30th (Sun)

On May 30th 06:30 (UTC-4), we have encountered an issue with the AWS database. (where all kinds of data of the game are stored)

Due to this issue, some of our Raiders were not able to login to the game, and we had to proceed an urgent maintenance in order to fix this issue.

Through the emergency maintenance, we were able to find the source of the issue and fixed it immediately. The game is currently accessible and playable, but the data starting from the time of occurrence of the issue to the start time of the maintenance were not stored properly.

We’ve tried to recover the lost data from Raiders before the maintenance, but complete restoration was not possible. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

For Raiders who have played starting from May 30th 06:30 (UTC-4) to the point emergency maintenance was started, we will be restoring the data of accounts as shown below.

1. Global contents (Guild Conquest/ World Boss Raids, etc) data will be implemented to the game without issues

2. Data of other contents will be restored to the point on May 30th 06:30 (UTC-4)

3. Mails of events and rewards will be restored to the point before opening them, so they will be receivable through your Mailboxes.

4. In case of purchased products, we will be collecting data of your purchases and they will be sent to your Mailbox at once.

We will be making further announcements regarding the restoration through our announcements on our community pages.

Once again, we’d like to apologize for this issue and we will make out best efforts to provide a stable gaming environment for all Raiders

Thank you

GM Gremory

10 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcement regarding login issues on May 30th (Sun)”

  1. So, when you need to restore the data of players who played on the 30th 06:30, you can, but you cannot roll back the players who were banned due to your mistake at the beginning of the 28th, this is very interesting.

    1. They weren’t banned by mistake, they decided that those who received Seria’s costume 3 times or more are deliberately abusing an exploit.

      1. 4. For Raiders who have received rewards more than 3 times from [Kasel’s Letter WebView Event] or [Seria’s Free Costume WebView Event], we will be excluding them from the rewards mentioned below.

      2. there are players who repeated this tens of times and got a huge amount of rubies, it doesn’t make sense to just exclude them from the rewards, if Vespa decided to let this slip they will at least have to take them back but this isn’t always possible because they could’ve already used them, I don’t know what solutions are technically possible but I wish you good luck guys, ngl if I checked the rewards twice and found out that I can receive it multiple times I could’ve probably did the same thing as you did (Never anymore, Thank god I didn’t notice it), that’s why I sympathies with you guys.

      3. Thank you for your sympathy, I understand this myself, but just for this there is a time rollback, so that one could simply avoid such a difficulty as “Withdrawal of awards”.

  2. This does not even change the essence, it is not really difficult to roll back a couple of accounts at the beginning of the day, than to return various attempts to enter different game content.

  3. lmao so yall can roll back whole ass accounts for the day but you guys can’t give me back the 30 event currency I lost out on because you had the wrong artwork on your product which lead to buying a product that wasn’t actually giving me what was plastered on the front. 10/10

  4. Great job catching the issue quickly! Thanks for letting us know!