[Notice] KING’s RAID 2 Teaser Site Open

텍스트, 닫기이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

Ⅹ: The Final Chapter, the finale of KING’s RAID Season 1, was updated last May.

Thanks to the great support of our Raiders, we were able to complete this long journey together.

With all of your unconditional love and support for KING’s RAID, we are preparing to take a big leap forward for KING’s RAID 2. We’re glad to share the new teaser site to commemorate this new beginning!

Teaser Site [LINK]

Starting from KING’s RAID 2, you will be able to see changes in artwork and graphics, modifications of contents, and new contents. Also, please look forward to a full-scale, story with depth which centers around the new characters of the Empire.
※ Please note that KING’s RAID 2 will be released with new changes through the existing app of KING’s RAID 1.

We will continue to develop and make changes in order to satisfy our Raiders. Please join us in our journey with KING’s RAID as we move forward step by step.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

26 thoughts on “[Notice] KING’s RAID 2 Teaser Site Open”

  1. Huh, no wonder the current site wasnt being updated with the new costumes.
    Nice! Looking forward to KR2 like you wouldn’t BELIEVE!

  2. Release KR 2 without first give us Valance I’ll quit no matter what…

    1. it’s already decided that there won’t be any new heroes released before kr2, haven’t you read the developers note? the next thing coming is wb4, no new characters until the end of the year

  3. alr I wasn’t able to feel anything from teaser 1, 2 but this background of the next 4 main characters got me really hyped, hopefully it’s not just a beautiful design like the case with Isaiah and they will be useful and broken enough to make us want to build them without a second thought 😀

      1. Yea Isaiah is a good support
        but this doesn’t apply to her
        “broken enough to make us want to build them without a second thought”

        Kicking Shea out for Isaiah will only give a trivial improvement to your score and it’s not worth the risk, so yea Isaiah is nothing special and not worth the investment.

  4. More male characters when?

    3 out of 4 of the new cast is female bro.

    Also when you gonna release Jacks, Lonian, Idrian, Zaunlang, Siegfried and Dominix as playable characters?

  5. Make the male MAGIC mechanic please.

    The only relevant magic male hero is Lucikiel and Oddy.

    Esker is no longer relevant in GC3 so he doesn’t count.

  6. Don’t you guys think it’s a bit too early, King’s Raid 1 should at least have old heroes balanced instead of just forgetting about them and moving on to the second version of this game. I don’t mean this in a toxic way so please refrain from replying something mean.

    1. So you want them to wait for years adjusting the current heroes and do nothing until then? how many months of efforts do you think they spent in this update? it could be more than a year since they changed the game engine, do you think your comment makes any sense?

  7. Yokazuna Taily… you know it’d be cute. Plus its what she dreams to be one day maybe…

  8. Is 4 heroes related to the empire maybe? The empire sometimes mentioned in the story, but lack further explanation in this game

  9. Thank you,
    finally after 4yrs the lack of gameplay is being taken more seriously.
    New website for King’s Raid 2 but no new app makes this feel like an ongoing april fools shitpost.