[Notice] Announcement regarding the issues encountered after the updates on September 14th (Tue)

텍스트, 닫기이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

After the updates on September 14th, many Raiders have played or tried playing the newly added content, Divine Punishment Raid.

However, an issue in which an error pop-up appears when clearing Apocalypsion has been encountered, and other issues related to the Divine Punishment Raid were found during the gameplay. Furthermore, other issues such as the announcement of incorrect event rewards and issues regarding the updates have caused inconveniences to our Raiders,

We sincerely apologize for not being able to provide a stable gaming environment, and for not being able to check the rewards of the event carefully.

Currently, we are checking and preparing to fix the issues that have been encountered in the Divine Punishment Raid. First of all, we will be focusing to fix the issue where the Apocalypsion Dungeon cannot be cleared due to the error pop-up message. As for now, we’re making the final checks for the content, and if possible, we will be fixing the issue today as soon as possible.

Additionally, many raiders have been disappointed by the incorrect rewards we have announced through our September’s Events post, and for our decision to extend the event’s period. We will make sure to prepare events with satisfying events in order to reward our Raiders for the inconvenience.

We will also be announcing the list of the illegal program abusers and the measures we will be taking through our community posts. We will make sure to check all the ongoing issues we have encountered at the moment, and we’ll do our best to provide a stable gaming environment for everyone.

Due to the inconveniences, we have mentioned above, we will be distributing apology rewards today to all Raiders in KING’s RAID.

Raiders who will be receiving the rewards: To all Raiders playing KING’s RAID

Rewards: Dragon’s Doomstone x 1 & Black Holy Gem x 1 (Entry Ticket to the Divine Punishment Raid)

Reward Distribution Period: September 16th, 2021~ September 23rd, 2021 23:59.

– Please note that we will be distributing the rewards in sequential order on September 16th.

We apologize once again for the inconvenience this may have caused to our Raiders, and we promise we will continue to work hard to make the necessary improvements in order to provide a stable gaming environment.

Thank you.

KING’s RAID Studio

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  1. Create the problem, sell the solution.
    Thx for the yanne package on the shop btw. (Your content is nice but only 0.001% of players will be able to clear it lol smart move!)
    And the content isn’t working properly because u are 100% incompetent. Can’t even claim reward of the new raid…. 2 days after still not fixed…

    We don’t fucking care of your apologies “rewards”. Just do your job and fix your game for once!