[Notice] Additional announcements regarding the issue with the Additional Skill from Technomagic Gears (Part 2)

Greetings Raiders,

This is KING’s RAID PD Edge.

First of all, we’d like to start this announcement by offering our apologies for the inconvenience and the confusion that this issue may have caused. We deeply apologize that we were not able to provide enough information to all the inquiries and questions from our Raiders.

We have made several announcements by providing the details and the measures of this issue, and we have also provided information regarding the difficulties in banning the bug abusers. However, we have continuously received questions and feedback from many Raiders regarding why we were not able to ban the bug abusers, and why we were not able to sort them out from the other Raiders. For this reason, we will be providing sufficient details in order to clear up your questions.

< Heroes who were affected by the Additional Skill ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’>

As shown in the table above, this issue has affected 25 Heroes. The activation requirements, effects which are activated, and whether or not the activated effects could be recognized were all shown differently for these Heroes. With these conditions, we have extracted the data of all Global Raiders, and as a result, we have found out that about 57,004 Raiders own the items Additional Skill ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ Technomagic Gears with the Heroes we have mentioned above.

In order to establish the measures for banning abusers and to collect the data of players who have abused this bug, we need the data of battles of the abusers, the data of Heroes and whether the conditions of the activation were applied, the data of whether the abuser possesses the items with special effects, the data of additional means for activating the conditions and the number of times they were used after equipping them to Heroes, the data of what the abusers have obtained through dishonest means, etc. In other words, we need different kinds of information with different conditions in order to check who have abused the bug intentionally.

As mentioned through our previous announcements, there also may be boosts of the options which are hard to recognize within the game such as specific Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures, Transcendence Attributes, etc. owned by Heroes. Due to this reason, there may be Raiders who have used these Gears and Heroes without the intentions of abusing this bug. Due to the current system of KING’s RAID, we are unable to check the data logs of Raiders with the information mentioned above. Thus, making it difficult to sort and ban bug abusers.

We believe that in order to ban accounts clear and exact information is needed. Due to the current system in which sorting abusers is impossible and the lack of information to support this data, makes it difficult for us to proceed with the bans of the bug abusers. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

To prevent similar issues in the near future, we are planning to implement the fixes of the ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ Additional Skill issue through the updates on July 20th. Also, we will be developing additional systems and codes that will help us obtain and track in-game data in order to prevent further issues. Furthermore, we will continue to monitor and check the issues periodically.

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue and for not being able to provide a proper feedback to our Raiders. We will continue to work hard to provide a better service to all Raiders.

We agree with our Raiders that it won’t be fair if we distribute weekly/seasonal rewards for the competition contents without fixing the actual issue with ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ Additional Skill. For this reason, we will be rewarding all Raiders with some of the 1st place and top tier rewards, besides the rewards we have mentioned on our previous announcements.

We understand that in order to gain victories in competition contents, it takes efforts and great amount of time.

As we were deciding the compensation for this issue, we did have concerns about distributing the ranking 1 rewards to all Raiders equally. There were concerns about letting the hopes down for the top tier Raiders as it does take lots of efforts to gain the top ranking rewards.  We apologize once again for the interruption this issue may have caused, and we will continue to make improvements to the process in order to avoid further issues.

1. Raiders who will be receiving the rewards: All Raiders playing KING’s RAID

2. Rewards will be distributed from the following contents: World Boss Raid, League of Honor, League of Victory

3. Rewards that will be distributed:

4. Reward Distribution Date: Sent through the in-game Mailbox after the maintenance on July 20th (Tue)


Please note that the following rewards will not be distributed as we will be distributing the rewards from the 3 contents on July 20th (Tue).

> World Boss Raid Weekly/Seasonal Rewards on July 18th (Sun) won’t be distributed.

> League of Honor/Victory Weekly/Seasonal Rewards on July 19th (Mon) won’t be distributed.

– Please note that the buff from Global servers for each of the contents will be applied depending on the ranking that has been reached.

– Related Achievements won’t be achieved as the tier from the Arena will be applied according to the tier that has been reached.

We deeply apologize for the issue that has affected numerous contents within the game and the way we have been dealing with it. We regret that we were not able to respond properly to our Raiders.

It has been difficult for us to prepare rewards for all contents within the game, however, we tried our best to prepare the best rewards for everyone. We hope that these rewards can be of some help to Raiders who have supported KING’s RAID.

As always, we will continue to make our best efforts to fix the issues within the game. Our pace may be slow, but we will continue to work for our Raiders continuously.

Thank you.

PD Edge

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  1. Are you fucking kidding me ?
    All these fucking pain for grinding LOH to get to challenger and now youre telling me i get loh rank 1?
    im greedy gib me normal rewards and rank 1….
    i swear wtf is this all these dia plebs will receive the same reward?

    why do i even whale in this shit game anymore….

      1. NiCe IdEnTiTy ThEfT
        Seriously stop pretending like you’re me this is not cool. I hope vespa IP bans all of your accounts you sweaty nerds.

    1. @GM Gremory

      Can you guys distribute the rank 1 rewards for Guild Conquest and Guild Wars too again?

      I think theres abusers in this area too and you guys might have missed out.

  2. Thanks for the fair rewards vespa, ive been tryharding LoH nonstop for the whole season but due to these abusers im hardstuck on platinum 3 while I have the skills and roaster to be at least RM 2. You made me supper happy and I like the measures you are taking, ignore all those salty players who doesn’t want us yo have happiness they probably still drink milk with 20+ years.

    1. TBH.. i think PDEdge handled the case well. But the damage that has been incurred could nvr b ever healed over a night..(all the painful hard amt of time and money invested)

      If he could go harsher, he could ve just impose a ban on all these bug abusers and you guys can even forget abt these rewards.

      I guess the real competition starts after next maintenance..

    2. Vespa, ive been tryharding GC nonstop for the past whole season but due to these abusers im hard stuck on Global GC rank 10 while my guild have the skills and roaster to be at least rank 2 or above Hall of Fame. I hope you would be fair to us and grant everyone the rank 1 GC rewards instead of the other cheated but didnt cheated guilds or won but actually didnt won guilds.

  3. I feel so bad for all of the players who’ve been grinding LOH this season. There was no reason for the compensation to be LOH rewards which now invalidates everyone who worked hard to get into high tiers. How do you manage to mess every single thing up?

    1. Invalidates?? When they will also get Rank 1 rewards? If in the later run someone discover that a lot of high ranking loh players abuse the bug, i guarantee that your one of the players that will ask for compensation right of the bat.

      1 season and all of sudden “I feel bad for players” “invalidates there hardwork”.. Kinda cheesy choice of words to start a drama.

  4. See thats why everyone quitting
    you are such retarded dumbfucks.

    nobody is using +5 in pvp anyway so why the fuck invade that territory.

    fuck pvp player as well now ?

    jeez i swear you sitting in a cirlce and touching each other small dicks everyday instead of playing the game and know your shit

  5. I’m just gonna say this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Sure, there are abusers out there. I’ve probably been cucked by several myself, but….

    Rank 1 LOH rewards for everyone? Really? You’re going to crap on the efforts of those who worked hard to climb ranks, some of who are your biggest customers?

    I appreciate the effort and thought of trying to compensate as many people as you can, but maybe at least remove the more exclusive rewards from the list?

  6. Dear PD Edge,

    It is good that you guys finally made a self-evaluation of your system and manage to communicate it well. I am looking forward to the growth of King’s Raid, after all.

    Also, I know that it’s hard to please everyone, but I think that this compensation is ridiculous that I feel bad especially for those players who dedicated their time and money for League of Honor (LoH).

    Instead of giving all of the players freebies of a LoH Champion, why don’t you compensate them by their tier?

    For Masters I-V = Master V rewards,
    Dia I-V = Dia V rewards, and so on.

    That way is still fair to the ones who have seriously pushed through this season of LoH, I think.

    Anyway, your choice is yours.
    Thank you for your efforts.

    A d i o s

    1. Just in case, the assumption I use for this arguments are:

      -[All Skills +5] add. skills are never used in pvp. As far as I know, people prefer flat stats for pvp builds.
      -Majority of the Master tier or above are those who spends all of their tickets trying hard to climb and possibly involving spending some money to build their heroes.
      -Compared to the Master tier and above, the majority of the players are residing on Bronze-Gold tier. And those who reside on bronze-gold tier are, I assume, still newbies.

      1. Its one damn season calm you tits

      1. We could ask your harem of waifus if they recognise me – couldn’t find you on ch1 tho :)(

      2. hahaha so it is really you, looking forward for your next video about this

    1. Take the rewards and just say thanks, we don’t need ur selfish ideals, even the top pvp players are happy with the rewards bruh no toxic kudasai, its not only you who put a lot of time in pvp

  7. Ok so I worked my ass out to climb and hold LoH Challenger, just so you can give EVERYONE free shits? This is it. You just made me and potentially half of the people who actually tried hard in LoH a fucking good reason to quit. Nice job

  8. It seems unfair to me that all players receive the same Honor League rewards, there are people who have not played all season.

    I’ve been playing Honor League every day for two weeks, how about the time invested?

    please PD EDGE, be more fair with the Honor League rewards.

    1. We’re all getting rank 1 rewards, rank that only 1 player can get. Thats still not fair? Shouldn’t you be more grateful that you got more rewards than your original rank.

      Its not like they are gonna do this every season, its for this season only because of the bug issue.

  9. Why are we giving log rank1 rewards to everyone? this is incredibly stupid

    we worked hard in climbing ranks and wtf? everyone gets rank 1?

    why did i even fucking do 1k matches for everyone to get the same shit?

      1. Dont think so man he’s just one of those tryhard wannabe

  10. Well thank you vespa, you’ve shown you care for these issues it’s only fair everyone gets these rewards becuase the filthy abusers muddled the point system, really you should’ve gone further and banned anyone that complains becuase they’re toxic pvp mains, they’re scum of the earth “waaaaah everyone gets the rewards i totally could’ve gotten”, ” waaaaah im not special anymore”, “waaaaah” mommy doesn’t wanna feed me milk anymore “, seriously fuck pvp mains they’re the most toxic bunch out there, they think they’re special becuse they spend their time try harding a 2d mobile game and wondering why no woman will ever touch them, boohoo cry me a river

  11. Just my 2 cents, I honestly really appreciate the free rewards but it just feels so unfair when it comes to giving out free LOH champion rewards? Idk…LOV and WB are forgivable because it’s only one week worth of effort but LOH actually requires players to play so many hours each day to use up their tickets to earn points, and that’s for a whole season aka 2months++?

    I’m currently in Master rank for LOH so I totally get that the rewards I will be getting is way better than what I am supposed to receive. But idk….I just feel so conflicted knowing people who didn’t even work hard will get the same rewards as me and likewise how i will get the same rewards as RM/Challengers who are probably your largest whale player base.

    I really suggest only providing the LOH rewards to only diamond ranks and above or at least make it so that everyone still receives the usual season rewards so we do not feel like our efforts have gone to waste. This is honestly quite demotivating towards one of your most dedicated player base.

  12. Just freaking remove +5 from the game.
    We all know it just exists to enlarge the pool of stats to reduce the chance to get a good one. 51 instead 52 will not hurt anything and prevents upcoming problems that we all know WILL happen.

  13. Please reissue the rewards for last season Guild Conquest as well.

    I believe everyone should receive Rank 1 rewards as we have no way of knowing which guilds and individuals did abuse this bug during the last season of Guild Conquest.

    Many guilds started losing and dropped their ranks because of your game-breaking bug and incompetency to fix this issue when it was first discovered.

    You cannot release a statement like this but then also leave out one of the biggest competitive contents unattended, which Guild Conquest is.

  14. I have mentioned plenty of times that they should shorten how long LoH is… ah well. 2 months of work for you guys and I havent even steed into LoH for 3 seasons. 0 battles, LoH Champion.

  15. Please be more creative, how is it possible that you are still creating swimsuits? It is not fair, I am a person who spends real money to buy suits because I like artistic design, however continuing to make swimsuits is becoming cliche and that affects emotionally.

    throwing swimsuits is getting boring, please add medieval fantasy costumes, for a reason it is a game where magic and monsters exist.

  16. I did all 20 tickets in LoH, every day, all season AND YOU GO AND GIVE EVERYONE AN EQUAL REWARD?

    Cool. Don’t care.

    I got 100s of red ethers and like 30 artifact tickets because I did the content. So this season is gonna be awesome for everyone, and next season will be more balanced…that’s awesome too. Good job.

    If you need a video game reward to make you feel special… Y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶n̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ ̶S̶o̶u̶s̶ you need to reevaluate your priorities and life choices.

    Thx for fixing shit PD Edge… 3 things: First: piss off with the rng events. Second: Nerf dlk/rc/cain/scarlet in arena. Shits beyond meta and super boring. Third: buff bernheim plox.

  17. WOW what generous rewards! As someone who cares nothing about pvp and world boss, this is awesome! Free reforge tickets, sw transfer, ut/uw… just drop some ether and gold now pleaseeee

  18. Thank you for the rewards. To Vespa dont pay attention to other comments that complain about this compensation.

    For all you complaining, they already explained that they can’t identify players who really abused it to those that are not aware about the bug. Don’t you think that giving Rank 1 rewards to all of us is fair? Cause if not you all just want to stir another controversy. Hard work for climbing?? What rank you would be after season, I’m pretty sure majority of you complainers aren’t even in the top 10 so why complain when you’re getting rank 1 rewards? I know, you just want to be toxic and cause another controversy.

    1. “they already explained that they can’t identify players who really abused it to those that are not aware about the bug”. Meanwhile you got prominent JP players checking out the support players of a certain KR guild to have all built UT2 isaiah.

      This bug mainly affected PvE/GC not LoH. Vespa is fucking over the PvP players which the bug didnt even impact to cover the asses of the whales in PvE who abused the bug.

      1. Do you have any concrete data that it didn’t affect the LoH? All your saying are just assumptions. If you don’t have proof, just shut up. You just want this controversy to last more to fit the narrative you believe in.

        Players like you, wont be happy on anything that vespa gives as compensation. You will always try to complain.

    2. “Do you have any concrete data that it didn’t affect the LoH? All your saying are just assumptions. If you don’t have proof, just shut up. You just want this controversy to last more to fit the narrative you believe in.”

      You good buddy? Which of those bugged skills are even relevant in LoH. If someone wants to handicap themselves by running skill level +5 gears in PvP thats on them.

      “You just want this controversy to last more to fit the narrative you believe in.”

      Oh please, the contents vespa is compensating for are the ones where the bug didnt even affect anyone. GC which is where all the controversy is at and there is zero compensation for that. Its clear that Vespa is looking to cover the asses of certain whales.

      1. Like I said where is your proof?? None right?
        Your targeting specific players because of some Craider accusations. The bug is true but her accusation is just her opinion and suspicion. Any accusation that doesn’t have any concrete evidence should not be perceived as truth.

        They already said that finding specific players that abuse the bug is difficult, you just want them to ban all those 50k players without any evidence? And if you say they should ban the top then it doesn’t make more sense as they will be targeting specific players on which they don’t have concrete evidence of abusing the bug.

        Your complaining like you got the top rank on LoH. WE ALL GET REWARDS THERE IS NO REASON TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THE COMPENSATION. They already said that they will now going to improve the coding of the game to easily identify bug abusers. So why can’t you let go of this issue and move on? This issue is done, stop trying to create more controversy where there shouldn’t be anymore.

        I said all the things needed to be said, any reply from here on out will not get a response.

    3. @kyo,

      i think ur a person that doesnt deserve a respect if your arent a royal master/challenger. What makes you think ur mouth could speak what they are currently feeling now.

      You are jus blinded by the rank 1 rewards. If i were in yr shoes, i would jus ve kept quiet and let the loh players vent their frustration. This is the least they could deserve.

  19. So wait a second. You’re not fixing the +5 issue until July 20th. And you are giving us rewards for the WB round that ends on the 17th.

    What are you going to do about the WB round that starts on July 18th? The +5 bug is still going to be there for people to abuse, for at least two more days. How are you going to fix THAT problem????

  20. Yep. I’m gonna get all that free stuff. Don’t frigging care about rankings. I’m stuck at Platinum 1 in LOH anyways. I could’ve honestly say that I’ve never used that All skill +5 option because the guide I read said that it doesn’t work. Good sheet!

  21. Lmao idiots, getting rank 1 rewards even though they’re not rank 1,then bash when vespa isn’t giving free shit,or not compensating shit as well,most likely crying every big update whenever new things get introduced as well,if it’s okay with you,how about you email bomb them to cancel this compensation instead so you get lower tier rewards?the only one who deserves to get mad is the rank 1,and I,as well as some low rankers doesn’t really care much because we slack,we know we won’t get much,but if they give it as compensation then why not?.the crybabies are always the middle ones between top and bottom,coz the tops gonna get them regardless,and the bottom doesn’t think the rewards worth their time,the middle ones however is tryhard wannabe whales that get jealous of those on top for being better than them,or the bottom because they have superiority complex lol. Again,we low rankers doesn’t really care about loh rewards,we thought it’s just not worth the time so we’re okay with whatever they throw at us,so not getting compensation is kinda good too, hopefully they cancel this compensation so those ranks 2-bottom won’t get champion rewards as well

    1. Exactly, this people just want another drama. They all complain like they are rank 1. We all know that only 1 player get that rewards so having us get all of those as a compensation is pretty good.

      The crappy excuse about “what about our hardwork” on LoH is getting lame also. Rank 1 rewards and still complaining?
      The odds of those players getting Champion realtime is close to none yet they complain.

  22. thanks vespa,
    I know there are variety typde of player in the game, maybe some didn’t play the game anymore.
    I realised there are more and more toxic and ungreatful and always complained.
    there are some who doesn’t even care as long they have fun playing.
    my believe is that is that really a bug or it was intended or it is unintended.
    the first thing what had happened here was those user did not share the information.
    what if they had share, it will be treated as a normal thing doesn’t it because once everyone realised it they will form strategies using whichever the best way to get some score.

    i did try my best in all content but with just normal build and just for the sake of having fun with some frustration. I don’t really mind although i didn’t use any of the add skill +5.

    Please I’m grateful with the gifts that you will be given to us. It shows you really care for your players.

    Please Ignore toxic and ungrateful and greedy player. They won’t get enough of anything and always complained will lead you to nowhere.

    PS: please vespa, no more swimsuits ^^°…

  23. Cry more LOH grinders, we get the same rewards from LOH even though I’m only plat LMAO. Keep it up Vespa, sane players like us, play and appreciate your continued dedication to make the game feel special, don’t mind these 5 yr. old ungrateful scums who cry every time they get a chance, let them quit so we can live in peace.

    1. Kek. Do you honestly think that all true loh players care abt the rewards? We just enjoy bullying plat scrubs like u haha.

      We love hw u guys suck in pvp and thinks that ur some smart alec . Lets us farm u agn next season. Ppl such as like you wouldnt probably nvr get to royal masters/challengers.