[Notice] Additional announcements regarding the issue with the Additional Skill from Technomagic Gears (Part 2)

Greetings Raiders,

This is KING’s RAID PD Edge.

First of all, we’d like to start this announcement by offering our apologies for the inconvenience and the confusion that this issue may have caused. We deeply apologize that we were not able to provide enough information to all the inquiries and questions from our Raiders.

We have made several announcements by providing the details and the measures of this issue, and we have also provided information regarding the difficulties in banning the bug abusers. However, we have continuously received questions and feedback from many Raiders regarding why we were not able to ban the bug abusers, and why we were not able to sort them out from the other Raiders. For this reason, we will be providing sufficient details in order to clear up your questions.

< Heroes who were affected by the Additional Skill ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’>

As shown in the table above, this issue has affected 25 Heroes. The activation requirements, effects which are activated, and whether or not the activated effects could be recognized were all shown differently for these Heroes. With these conditions, we have extracted the data of all Global Raiders, and as a result, we have found out that about 57,004 Raiders own the items Additional Skill ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ Technomagic Gears with the Heroes we have mentioned above.

In order to establish the measures for banning abusers and to collect the data of players who have abused this bug, we need the data of battles of the abusers, the data of Heroes and whether the conditions of the activation were applied, the data of whether the abuser possesses the items with special effects, the data of additional means for activating the conditions and the number of times they were used after equipping them to Heroes, the data of what the abusers have obtained through dishonest means, etc. In other words, we need different kinds of information with different conditions in order to check who have abused the bug intentionally.

As mentioned through our previous announcements, there also may be boosts of the options which are hard to recognize within the game such as specific Unique Weapons, Unique Treasures, Transcendence Attributes, etc. owned by Heroes. Due to this reason, there may be Raiders who have used these Gears and Heroes without the intentions of abusing this bug. Due to the current system of KING’s RAID, we are unable to check the data logs of Raiders with the information mentioned above. Thus, making it difficult to sort and ban bug abusers.

We believe that in order to ban accounts clear and exact information is needed. Due to the current system in which sorting abusers is impossible and the lack of information to support this data, makes it difficult for us to proceed with the bans of the bug abusers. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

To prevent similar issues in the near future, we are planning to implement the fixes of the ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ Additional Skill issue through the updates on July 20th. Also, we will be developing additional systems and codes that will help us obtain and track in-game data in order to prevent further issues. Furthermore, we will continue to monitor and check the issues periodically.

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue and for not being able to provide a proper feedback to our Raiders. We will continue to work hard to provide a better service to all Raiders.

We agree with our Raiders that it won’t be fair if we distribute weekly/seasonal rewards for the competition contents without fixing the actual issue with ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ Additional Skill. For this reason, we will be rewarding all Raiders with some of the 1st place and top tier rewards, besides the rewards we have mentioned on our previous announcements.

We understand that in order to gain victories in competition contents, it takes efforts and great amount of time.

As we were deciding the compensation for this issue, we did have concerns about distributing the ranking 1 rewards to all Raiders equally. There were concerns about letting the hopes down for the top tier Raiders as it does take lots of efforts to gain the top ranking rewards.  We apologize once again for the interruption this issue may have caused, and we will continue to make improvements to the process in order to avoid further issues.

1. Raiders who will be receiving the rewards: All Raiders playing KING’s RAID

2. Rewards will be distributed from the following contents: World Boss Raid, League of Honor, League of Victory

3. Rewards that will be distributed:

4. Reward Distribution Date: Sent through the in-game Mailbox after the maintenance on July 20th (Tue)


Please note that the following rewards will not be distributed as we will be distributing the rewards from the 3 contents on July 20th (Tue).

> World Boss Raid Weekly/Seasonal Rewards on July 18th (Sun) won’t be distributed.

> League of Honor/Victory Weekly/Seasonal Rewards on July 19th (Mon) won’t be distributed.

– Please note that the buff from Global servers for each of the contents will be applied depending on the ranking that has been reached.

– Related Achievements won’t be achieved as the tier from the Arena will be applied according to the tier that has been reached.

We deeply apologize for the issue that has affected numerous contents within the game and the way we have been dealing with it. We regret that we were not able to respond properly to our Raiders.

It has been difficult for us to prepare rewards for all contents within the game, however, we tried our best to prepare the best rewards for everyone. We hope that these rewards can be of some help to Raiders who have supported KING’s RAID.

As always, we will continue to make our best efforts to fix the issues within the game. Our pace may be slow, but we will continue to work for our Raiders continuously.

Thank you.

PD Edge

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  1. Wow, thank you for the incredibly generous rewards. I hope this caps off what I’m sure was a very stressful few days for everyone. I look forward to the new patch and wish everyone a good weekend!

  2. first of all, this argument is shit :
    a. Are you no 1 in LoH ?
    b. just enjoy the reward

    2nd are there any high tiered LoH player that complain about this bug ? give me the link ?

    3rd compensation are overkill imho, i suggest 1upping the tier reward eg:
    -plati 3 > Diamond 3
    -RM > challenger

    sincerely : nobody

  3. As I mentioned before Vespa,
    Please have a beta test for each patch. Genshin does it and they can work out all the bugs before hand. they have 6 week intervals for all of their patches so they have a LOT of time to work on it.. granted king’s raid isnt as massive as genshin but i really do believe you need to have people beta test your patch sp you dont always have to keep apologizing for mistakes. its nice to own up to mistakes and i appreciated it… but its been going on for so long there have been so many apologies and very little done to improve it.

    If you really want to offer genuonely good service and have a loyal customer base, please dear god have beta test. Let people test out your game so they can see what are the things that can go wrong and give your playerbase hope that you’re not a major screw up.

    I love this game but its too many mistakes already and i cant stay blindly loyal to a gaming company that doesnt make steps to improve themselves.

    1. lol, not every game is applicable to what Genshin is doing and even Genshin’s beta testing period with only 200 players it’s not even enough to sniff all the bugs keep in mind Genshin has little content it’s mostly the characters are new, dont forget that they screwed up Zhongli from a testing period only to “rebalance” him a version later it’s as if they disregarded any data from their testing.

      1. So your argument is that because it’s impossible to find every single bug, there’s no point having beta testers? Nice one buddy.

      2. Beta testing means longer time for new content and updates to reach us, this is just my opinion but I don’t mind the bugs, we get access to content faster and get a compensation when something affecting the gameplay occurs, that’s much better IMO,
        also even if there was a beta test in KR it would still have been impossible to detect the +5 all skills bug during the test,
        this bug existed for years without ever being noticed or used by anyone and ppl came to know it only a few months back,
        you shouldn’t expect things to be magically perfect when you know nothing about programing, there is no organization either now or in the future that will be able to program something 100% perfect without bugs, as long as it’s human made it’s impossible, I’m sure there exist all kinds of weird bugs on the game even now, some of them will be known in the future and some will remain unknown forever.

  4. Any competitive PvP player knows that this bug had 0 impact on both LoV and LoH. Simply because [skill level +5] with the bugged effects are still worse than existing TM lines.

    Any competitive PvE player knows this fucked over WB and there is a chance of it fucking over GC.

    Vespa should therefore be compensating for WB+GC rewards, not WB+LoH+LoV rewards. LoH players didn’t swipe and grind 50-75 hours grinding LoH for all the rewards to be given to everyone because of some bug which didnt even affect PvP.

    As for catching the abusers of the bug, it honestly does not seem too hard. Veronica and Isaiah are the main abusers of the bug. People running Veronica with UW + 3-4 [skill level +5] TM lines and people running Isaiah with UT2 + 3-4 [skill level +5] TM lines are clearly deliberately abusing the bug and should be punished with either not receiving the compensation or be banned.

      1. Are you high? Veronica’s uw stars does matter

  5. Thank you for the rewards. Hoping to see some improvements/adjustments that you mention, not just the update on the 20th but updates and improvements from here on out.

    This past week is really hard for both players and devs and I understand that we can’t pls everyone with your decisions. Lets just all move forward and just enjoy the game. Wishing you all well.

  6. Thank you vespa for the reward! And those are complaining about pvp rewards.. I dont understand.. I mean i know that you did get a high rank in loh and lov, it did take a lots of time and achieving high tier isnt easy.. But the rewards are for everyone. If you want to show up or you are thinking the time invested for pvp got waste, well you can try this in next season. Its not like this always happens. Chill guys and enjoy the game and freebies.

  7. Seriously. stop complaining. vespa already saw the bug and will fix it. they also provide rewards as compensation and you still complain? stop playing if you feel like the compensation isnt right. for lov and loh complainers, seriously, stop being a wuss. offended as to why everyone gets the rewards? this isnt your game. just because u do pvp always doesnt give you the right to hog the rewards. its just a one time compensation for this issue which will be fixed. so for you, do better next season..

    1. So you are saying people that put 2 months of effort cant complain that the rewards they climbed for are being given out just like that even tho the main problem was in WB & GC? What type of unsuccessful spoiled trash human mindset do you have? Egoistic spoiled retard.

      1. Cry more please, it’s funny n sad at the same time

      2. Cry baby cry. Everyone gets the same rewards so whats your argument? Are you implying that you should get better rewards coz you spend more time in pvp compared to others? or are you saying that you are the only ones who has the right to get those shiny loh costumes? hell, a chunk of the population are not doing pvp often and some doesnt even have the chance to even try wearing one of those costumes. imagine the happiness of those of being able to get it for the first time of their KR life? you are very selfish and clearly have a twisted head. cry more baby, cry

  8. Just ban everyone who has/had full set of [all skill] + 5 tm set. cause basically this is one of the most useless additional skill for tm gears by far. so the only ones who builds this as full set are 100% abusers. easy.

    you won’t be able to ban everyone but you’ll be able to ban a considerable amount of players who keep abusing the game and ruining it for the other players

    teach them a lesson!!!!

    Unless the reason you can’t ban them is because most of them are whales!

  9. Wtf, I didn’t know about any of this. So this is why world boss has been hell for me. People gaining a lot of score every week and I couldn’t catch up. I thought lots of people suddenly whaling.

  10. I think the rewards are extremely nice and I appreciate them, they are even better than what we get for the annual anniversary lol so won’t complain about it, I did get around diamond and dropped fast out of it, but I hate to work hard for pvp it’s sadly the only content that gives the best rewards in game.

    I still think that the people who did try hard should get extra rewards, it wouldn’t be hard to know who reach which rank and add extra rewards depending on that rank to these people and this would look already more fair and value the time and effort they spent in the game (not just talking about tickets spent because obviously macro abusers are just the trend now)

    It’s a very difficult situation to solve and it’s a one time thing so I believe people should calm down a bit and not go crazy either but I do agree that there should be a justice for the ones who did try hard (Not talking about myself I personally only do 3 loh a week for quest)

    My 2 cents.

  11. Here I am not knowing what’s going on since I’m Bronze LoH and 20k+ Rank on WB lmao, thanks for the Rewards
    Vespa [also… you, yes YOU who is crying just because everyone gets the Rewards you grinded for, PLEASE cry louder, you make my day, it’s hilarious.]