[Notice] Announcement regarding the issue encountered with Isaiah when applying a specific Technomagic Skill

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the delay in announcing this issue to our Raiders.

We have encountered an issue where Hero ‘Isaiah’ increases the DMG abnormally within the contents when Isaiah equips Technomagic Gear with the skill option ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’. Currently, we have checked and tested this issue, and we have also found the cause of the issue.

However, we will be making additional announcements as we still need to discuss about when the issue will be fixed and how we will be dealing with this issue.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

GM Gremory

48 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcement regarding the issue encountered with Isaiah when applying a specific Technomagic Skill”

    1. Exactly, the whales complained about this issue and you guys bring it up immediately, and ignoring us about the 500 may Kinship item, not even an announcement about it lmao.

  1. @Gremory, its not only just that…

    +5skills is bugged on requina and Veronica as well and players has been abusing it for a long time.

  2. Maybe if you guy started properly testing your own game/item mechanics when you introduce new content, things like this wouldn’t happen…

  3. This bug been a thing for months now, only recently gone out of control with introducing Isaiah and there are other countless bugs in the game and weird interaction that the community may or may not aware yet

    Please Vespa take your time addressing bugs in the first place don’t wait until one bug gets out of hand and damages the competitive integrity of the game.

    I hope this is a good lesson and a heads up that the game has various issues.

    1. Hi! I absolutely agree with you. The damage level between the tops and the middle ones is wild. Each time we wondered what was the matter, since the level of equipment became identical, each time we sinned on professionalism and so on. But in fact… it’s disgusting.
      What will Vespa do now to ban everyone who used this bug? Leave everything as it is? Will he give out 300 rubies each and apologize? It’s just not that because of a small bug you can’t break out into the leaders, but that these leaders use this bug and are silent) Excellent behavior. And when the Americans found a bug and told about it, Vespa began to fix everything. It’s fucked up.

  4. This “+5 skill level” bug been present for the last couple months. In normal circumstances it would have been fixed already and this bug abusing scandal would have never happened.

    Please Vespa address the reported bugs as soon as you can, don’t wait until one bug gets out of hand and damages the competitive integrity of the game.
    I hope this is a good heads up that bugs needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Maybe there are bugs that we are not aware of and could drastically change the course of the game even more.

    1. Accidentally submitted twice thought my 1st message was not going through

  5. Ban ppl who abuse the bugs, they don’t do it by mistake, once someone finds a bug they share it with their close friends and abuse the shit out of it, u guys are doing a bad job

    1. Yeah, but there are even more bugs
      Such as Mirianne’s A2, Frey’s S4 animations, Esker, etc
      Ask them to fix the bugs, not ban people abusing what they put in the game.

      1. Miriannes a2 isn’t that op even tho it’s bugged, I feel like it’s intentional

      2. Ignore def after a sw cast would stay for more than the 10sec its saying

      3. Fun fact.. with mirianne’s bug, she deals lesser dmg in wb1 than cleo/theo/roi/chase/ceci/mitra/luna and a whole long list mre..

        Btw, this bug existed ever since sw release. Vespa didnt wanna fix it till nw cuz mirriane dmg is so scuff to begin with and poses absolute no threat in scoring contents like wb/gc/arena

        To begin with: Why do you even waste precious 7 soulstones to abuse that miri bug? Totally nt worth it.

        Conclusion, mirianne is a shiet hero.

  6. you should delete add skill with lvl(certain or all skills) +(nominal).
    But I know you wouldn’t, because you will only fix the isaiah not all heroes who can use this bug

  7. It’s not just Isaiah, there are tons of other heroes that this bug affects:

    Veronica (it basically means a 0*UW Veronica is equivalent to a 5* UW)




    Just remove +5 skills from the game.

    1. Veronica / Laudia / Requina are all having the same issue. 0* UW or no UW equals to 5* UW if you use skill+5 TM.

  8. Ban all those bug abusers since honest players got worser rewards in GC and WB because of your incompetency.

    This has been going on for months!!

  9. Release full list of names of bug abusers.

    Lol salty Khaos and Karen CR Raider is accusing Korean and JP Guild of abusing this bug because they lost GC #1 ranking. Nice drama.

    Prove Axia7 and HallofFame their innocence please.

    1. @Khaos member

      Fatherless? technically we all had or have a father else we won’t be living, that goes for you too m8 😉

      Sucking on Asian cum? I AM Asian bruh.
      You’re the one sucking on American cum.

      Or either you’re a desperate man with no GF, no job in real life and probably a Shal simp who pays for her onlyfans KEK. Likely one of those Flynn fanboys as well.

      I can’t wait for Vespa to verify how HoF didn’t abuse that bug and see you’re just sore and bad losers. Well what can I say, Shal has a track record for being a Karen and starting drama because she can never write respectfully.

      It’s like how people back in the day accused KGaming of abusing a bug and gave him shit for it, only for Vespa to later confirm he didn’t abuse at all. Smh.

  10. So top guilds are being accused by Khaos for being bug abusers,
    Can you prove their innocence please?

    Khaos should also get checked their proof of innocence!

    1. Chaos = Hall of Fame. And they didn’t use the bug either? Really?

      1. Khaos members just sore losers, moment they lose and find something slightly suspicious, they start to accuse Hall of Fame for bug abuse without evidence (also Axia)

        I don’t see HoF accusing Khaos. Vice versa.
        Americans btw. Always making drama

        Tune in for the next episode of guild drama~!

  11. There are so many questions I have concerning this issue.

    First off, if there was knowledge of this bug on the +5 TM skill, then why is only a problem after it’s been used in scoring content as it happened recently? Was it never a problem before that?
    What makes this bug gather so much more attention than other previously report bugs? Is it because scoring content affected?

    How is vespa going to deal “abusers” who simply placed TM gear on a hero used in game?
    I would love to know since it is unfair to do things in a manner they weren’t intended to gain an edge on the competition. Something should be done. Based on the way skills, ut and the +5TM skill works, we all know it affected Isaiah differently than intended.
    However, the actual “bug abuse” had nothing to do with anyone interfering with the game; they simply placed TM gear on a hero and then set her loose into game content.

    Where does this leave other less advantageous bugs? Or rather the bugs that aren’t worth exploiting. Will this issue be resolved while others remain unattended?

    My final thoughts; put priority on fixing your game and nurturing customer satisfaction. It will do well for costumer loyalty. This latest scandal, together with all the rng scandals of late, balancing that leads more imbalance and total disregard of what players have been asking for is not helping the situation called King’s Raid.

  12. @GM Gremory, so whats this Lucikiel bug I keep hearing about nobody here seems to want to mention? don’t remember the specifics but it had to do with his SW applying effects continuously even while it wasn’t in effect?

  13. Release full list of cheaters to clear doubts and suspicions and give the repeated cheaters the punishment they deserve says:

    This issue existed more than a year ago but you ignored it despite reports from players ghat it affected Vero etc

    Your fault for not fixing it imminently. Now a hero’s non-hero enemies damage buff is affected and it became game breaking.

    All because your company is damn lazy and could not fix this issue when it was first raised.

    Thanks to your HUGE mistake, you now have created a major rift in the community between top guilds. Top guilds are accusing other top guilds of cheating (started off by a CR Raider called Shalice words).

    Lest you can do is release the full list of bug abusers and give them the punishment they deserved due to this foul play. Also by releasing the list you can remove any suspicions and false accusations between guilds on malpractice and misconduct.

  14. Esker still bugged for years. Can we a fix now please since he’s not meta anymore in GC3?

    Hanus/Cleo and now Erze will beat him in GC3.

    If you can’t buff Esker at least fix his game breaking bug!

  15. Veronica?

    At least fix this problem for them too!

    Also i demand you release list of names of bug abuser, as too much drama started off by Shal because of her poor words choice.

  16. Your CR raider who has major influence in the community, just victimised two top guilds under the assumption they have abused this bug.

    Now Karen CR Raider Shalice is misleading people to believe her words are true due to her influence.

    I think the least you can to do alleviate further drama is to clear all suspicions, by releasing the full list of abusers and/or checking if any top guilds (including Khaos) did indeed abuse the bug.


  17. Dude i swear….
    Why bother reporting bugs?
    They always say the ohhh resets the app. re install the app- and even when you keep sending eveidence of a major bug they end up doing nothing-
    But hey, is more easy control c and control v the same line.
    Well continue to “improve” the game…

  18. What you gonna do, Shalice just started a huge witch hunt towards top guilds because of her influence as Cr Raider.

    Now there’s bug abuse AND community drama because of your incompetence!

  19. This Craider thing has to stop. They are not using their platform for the benefit of the game but instead just want everything to go smoothly for them and their guild. I don’t know if you know this but some of the Craider you picked talks shit behind your back Vespa. Community is on fire because Shal thinks they lose their ranking for bug abuse..?? Honestly the post itself isn’t innocent, she is trying to stir fire that they lost due to this bug abuse. Didn’t even explain how she got the information about this bug. Thats probably because they got a hold of this information through datamining which is a clear violation of rules.

    Lets be honest this issue got messy because she posted it on her YouTube community, while she could just have email it since she’s a Craider. Don’t get me wrong Vespa is still at fault here, but this issue could have been handle better if a certain someone didn’t post some accusing sentiment cause they lost their top rank..

  20. Ok cool but what about the missing kinship items for may from the last event????????

  21. Thank you for the announcement!

    When it comes to abuse, cheating, and unsportsmanlike conduct, I do believe the truth tends to come forward eventually. I hope Raiders around the world will keep enjoying the game together, including its competitive aspects!


      GAYS RAID !!! GAYS RAID !!