[Notice] Announcement regarding the measures that will be taken for the use of illegal programs

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the delay in posting an announcement regarding the use of illegal programs that are being mentioned on our community pages.

After checking the reports sent by our Raiders regarding the use of illegal programs, we have proceeded to block these programs, and we have also worked on extracting the data of accounts that have been using the programs. Through the maintenance on September 14th, we will be blocking the illegal programs that we have encountered within KING’s RAID.

Furthermore, after extracting the data of accounts that have been using these programs, we will be taking measures according to our Operation Policy. We will be announcing the list of accounts that have been using illegal programs through our community posts later on.

Many Raiders have been asking us to check the issues or have asked us to take measures on these accounts. We apologize that we were not able to announce about the following issues as soon as we received the reports.

As for now, we are constantly checking the use of illegal programs and the changes in data encountered within the game. We will make sure to check this issue precisely, so that we can make the announcements as soon as possible.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, and we will make our best efforts to provide a stable gaming environment for our Raiders.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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    1. Lucky to those smart abusers who used the cheat to get to acceptable stage level.

      A.k.a = 1 team stage 80~88, the rest of 9 teams 40~60.

      I highly doubt vespa would be able to catch them since they are a smart abuser . This program has been out for since a year. If u calculate the possible amount they gain.. it would be a hefty (500-700 x 3~12mnths) gold ethers they would hav gotten from abusing eclipse up to date.

      I pity those players who supported vespa by purchasing those ether packages in their cash shop.

      Sure a ban could be a solution.. what about the unfair advantage that could be utilitzed in competitive contents like WB, GC, CR, LoV, LoH. I hope that there ll b some form of compensation.

      1. Yes, cause some abusers are not detected and fuck us up in competitive contents.

  1. Okay but that still doesn’t adress the plethora of bugs in the game and arena, some of the fixes such as lucias or the dispel issue are a matter of changing a singular value in the code and moving a few lines up, like they’re not difficult to fix

    You also haven’t addressed blatantly broken sws such as Dakaris being physical in his sw, Glen not cleansing Ezekiel going on auto despite having his sw active or oddy allowing you to bypass cast time on some characters , why can xerah sw triggering in multi stage cotnent cause her to have cooldown on her s1, despite this issue being reported over a year ago,why can dlk s1 hit both in front and behind him etc

    There blatant bugs in this game that impact the players but don’t impact your pocket so you refuse to fix it no matter what your compensation is now it won’t be enoguh, your players are bitter and angry and there is major issues with your game and major bugs being exploited but you don’t care, and I’m quite happy that you’re finally suffering the consequences of your actions you’ve been like this for years and it’s finally caught up with you

    1. quite frankly, these issue would be obvious if there was any sort of testing done on any changes. Lucias not dispelling in the last seconds is very easy to spot if tested even once. Same goes for a lot of other buffs, Glen A2 not being cast-able like any other cleanse, Dakaris doing phys (how tf does this happen and how is it not fixed yet), Lucikiel SW cycle on auto, etc. feels like Vespa

      with everything coming out recently, the slow development on new content, the incredibly lazy swimsuit skins for every fucking occasion, re-run after re-run of old events, with nothing new to experience, … – i cant say how salvageable this whole thing is. With their new game flopping badly as well, seems like there is miss-management on all fronts.

      1. Do you want them to create a new event every week? which f*** game did you play was doing that?! other games literately get a new event once every year and other than that the same event’s scheduled as a part of the game for the whole year around, those events you say you are bored off never even repeated since the game was released but for a very few times some of them is here only once a year, you played those event the last years so you don’t wanna see them again, what about the new players who never had the chance?
        I’m not defending Vespa and I have nothing to say about the bugs but you should be reasonable about the events and not just thinking about yourself

      2. IDK what to tell you, the last year has been basically devoid of any new events. We got 2 new events in form off Ophelia and Lakrak, both heavily RNG. Nothing new for Xmas, Summer, or any other occasion. I get that new events take some time to develop and re-runs are fine, but there has been nothing new at all.

  2. Sorry, but please, these bugs and illegal programs should’ve been taken care of or detected long beforehand. Why does it need for the player to report first? which means that all DEV never test or check the game regularly right? that’s why they can’t detect or known that there are an issue happened.

    To be frankly speaking, if the current team have no passion or can’t handle the game, please leave and find others who are capable to handle and have a passion to fix the issue.

    I’ve been playing KR since the opening and past many generation of DEV, the current one (and the previous) are the worst. We can see that lots of whale has been leaving day by day.

    I can understand that your team need time to fix the bugs, but does it take years? and for the illegal program (well, cheat engine.) which should solve the problem as soon as possible. but the thing we have is only the announcement that they are now investigating.

  3. Hey Vespa, for so many months or years reports has been given to your “Vespa customer support” about these illegal exploit program and you finally took action? Firstly these exploiter should be taken seriously rather you brushing off every single of our report stating that it is network issue/graphic bug and replied that you “had” checked that nothing is wrong with those players.

  4. I saw mods for this game at least a year before the current publicity, did the devs know nothing about this? And what will happen now? Cheaters will be banned, but will all the numerous lags and minor errors still remain in place? Wake up, your MOBILE game is already literally unplayable on mobile devices, people are leaving it because of this!

  5. This has been going on for a YEAR and now you’re addressing it?

    WHERE IS THE COMPENSATION FOR THOSE WHO DIDN’T ABUSE BUG? You can get unlimited NPC friendship and unlimited Gold Ethers from these bugs.


  6. take 1 year to comment this la, this been public knowledge for months haiyaaa

    now my niece dead, because she opened kr on her iphone 6 and whole house blow up! it blow up! Kim jong un no need military grade weapon, just open kr on phone

    now, yanderedev code this game! it wilt! it WILT! Vespa, do not even bother show code. I crying from it already. No need for apocalysion, need egg fried lice.

    CM Frey

  7. At this point I think you keep piling bugs and abuses just to refrain yourself from optimizing the game. How can this game be so laggy on highend smartphone? Are you serious about running this game?


  8. The odds are many of the cheaters have already used the accounts to booster other accounts unfairly, so many of the cheaters will have revived their gains and continue playing with all the benefits of not grinding as hard as legitimate players.

    While it is a shame this happens in every game, the lack of immediate action is concerning. It would be in Vespas best interest to make the next version more proactive against such bots.

    As for the rest of us while compensation would be great, we should be quite proud we never stooped to such levels to achieve gains honestly. This is a good game with a great community and I hope Vespa take the majority’s dedication into account when this has been resolved.

  9. for compensation, PLEASE put back the 30 day rubies in the subscriptions shop. Thank you. It really doesn’t make any sense for you to cut it out, and put it only in Lua shop.

  10. Absolutely ZERO mention of compensation for those who didn’t abuse this bug?

    You do realise infinite gold ether and infinite NPC items affects ALL competive modes in the game right? PvP, WB and Guild Conquest/War!


  11. Vespa you have ruined your game by allowing those cheating players to abuse unlimited ether, velkazar tickets and normal tickets, infinite npc weapons, etc. If you don’t give serious compensation to honest players you will lose everything, etc. How is it possible that they have been abused for more than a year? God, this is crazy.

  12. The fact the loyal fan based KR community was able to reveal a user owning 1 Million GOLD ETHER, collected over a span of a year, and all Vespa is doing is maybe banning the abusers? Maybe? After a year of complaining talk about subpar announcement, any idea how many times that has impacted other users Content wise, WB, LoV, and LoH etc?