[Notice] Announcement regarding the postponement of the Guild War Pre-Season 1st Battle (Updated)

※ The re-open date of the Guild War content has been added – Updated on April 1st (Thu) 02:30 [PDT]

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

Starting from March 31st (Wed) 09:00 [PDT], the 1st battle of the Guild War Pre-Season was about to begin.

However, in the process of opening the content, we have found out that the system wasn’t working properly. Due to this reason, we will be postponing the battle period.

At the start of every season in Guild Wars, scores have been reset based on the information from the previous season.

If the next season proceeds after having obtained a certain score, the reset process has to be done with the minimum score of the tier as the starting point. As for this Pre-Season, we have found out that the reset has not been applied properly due to system errors.

Therefore, we have decided to postpone the 1st battle period of this Guild Pre-Season. After fixing the errors and deciding the re-open date of the battle period, we will make sure to announce the details through our community pages.

The re-open date of the Guild War Content has been fixed. – Updated on April 1st (Thu) 02:30 [PDT]

Guild War Re-Open Date: April 5th (Mon) 09:00 ~ June 14th (Mon) 07:59 [PDT] 

We deeply apologize to all Raiders who have been waiting for the re-open of the Guild War content. We will be providing the following compensation to all Raiders as a reward of our apology, and we promise we will be fixing this issue as soon as possible in order to re-open the Guild War content.


– Guild War Medals x 10,000

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to Raiders who have supported KING’s RAID.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

10 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcement regarding the postponement of the Guild War Pre-Season 1st Battle (Updated)”

    1. At this rate we will probably lose interest.

      I mean most likely everyone looking forward to is GW & GC. GC is on a hiatus.. GW is on a longer hiatus (i think it has been months alrdy.)

      What else is there to do in game other than dailies.

  1. Since its on a 1 week hiatus. Could you guys fix the match up issue as well (preferably active vs active)? Kinda sad when another inactive guild has to fight all 50 bots.

    Whats the rationale behind enemies to have stronger AI heroes too.. its kinda sad when they dun put in the effort and gets broken hero copied from top arena teams by “luck”

  2. Vespa, while you’re at it. plz give us the ability to prepare single heroes instead of having to regear every single hero again just to change 1 perk, or 1 piece of gear…. that would be nice. tired of having to redo all my teams just because I wanna do something a little different with 1 hero.

  3. Good to hear you are being cautious rather than rushing the return of Guild War! And thank you SO much for the generous rewards! I’m glad to become better friends with Hanus 🙂