[Notice] Future Update Direction Feedback

Dear Raiders,

While waiting for 2nd Chronicle, we wanted to hear your valuable opinions on the update direction of 1st Chronicle (current King’s Raid). If you have any suggestions regarding the future update of 1st Chronicle (current King’s Raid), please us know in the feedback and suggestion section on our official Discord.

Link: https://discord.gg/fjUZ4wdq62

Thank you.

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      1. Can be banned for no reason and there’s no ban appeal

  1. Please for God sake provide us with UW, UT, SW transfer tickets upto Valance. A lot of us are waiting with a 5* Hanus UW to trader it to Valance and a lot of A2 SW to transfer as well. You never gave us any transfer ticket upto Valance. Also its been too long you gave us any transfer ticket, last time it was in December. At least do this. But if you wanna really revive the game somewhat, can make any event re-run. Thank you.

  2. Is this for real? LMAO

    Why would you link discord in the first place? I’ll tell you why, this isn’t official feedback, otherwise you’d do your special Google Forms cheap shit you normally do. You literally ban any feedback you think is negative from discord. Karen mod is butt hurt over everything. Trying to revive a dead community. Just ride out the damn wave and stop trying to create new ones. lolololol

  3. What’s the point?
    There are a year of feedback about how You can keep the atention of the little player base and you ignore all

    A year of the new apoca and golem sucks
    Revert mana
    Héroe balance
    Asking for new events
    Fix the current arena ranking problems due lack of players

    Thats on the “oficial feedback section on the official discord” and you just ignore it

    Don’t to mention there are literally rules that if you give negative feedback is ban worth

  4. Why say only Karen mod? have the balls to say the fucking name, Shalice is a fucking karen and is simply banning everyone that doesn’t think like her, simple.

  5. You want a proper feedback?

    1. Sell TD
    2. close KR
    3. make KR2 a completely new game

    And MAYBE it will work. Right now you are just facing complete bankruptcy with a dead game and an incomplete add-on to a broken game.

  6. This is what happens when game devs goes “this is just the vocal minority” without realising that it’s the people that took the time to write in Forums and Discords servers are the ones that actually care about the game and wanted to see it succeed. The silent majority are silent for a reason, that reason being they dont care enough to cast their opinions.

  7. please add a good long event since we know gonna be awhile. like the Ophelia event, takes a month and get us a lot of good stuff we want/need. ya turning off new players cuz too hard to advance for a very long time now.