[Notice] Discontinuation of Live Service & Language Support for Vietnam Region

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We are deeply sorry to announce this news to the users of Vietnam who have been supporting our game from the grand launch of King’s Raid.

Although we have made our best efforts to provide the best service, the continuous service provision in Vietnam has become impossible, and as of March 14th 2022, the provision of game services in Vietnam will be terminated. In-game Vietnamese language support will be discontinued after March 22nd update.

Please check the below details regarding the termination of Vietnam region service:

Service Terminated Country : Vietnam

Service Termination Date : March 14th 00:00, 2022 (UTC+7)

Schedule to stop distributing market apps
:: Galaxy Store / Apple App Store – March 14th 00:00, 2022 (UTC+7)
:: Google Play Store – February 17th 00:00, 2022 (UTC+7)

※ In the case of Google Play Store, app download will be suspended from February 17th due to local law on the management, provision and use of Internet services and online information.
※ We may ask the AOS users in Vietnam to use the Galaxy Store / x86 APK if downloading from Google Play Store is unavailable.

※ Download/Installation will not be available in all app stores in Vietnam after the above date.
※ Margin of errors may occur in the actual distribution suspension, depending on the law and the time it takes to reflect the app distribution suspension measures in the store.

Refund guide

:: Refunds are possible for products that have not been used/opened within 7 days from the date of payment until the service termination date. Please submit a refund request through the below e-mail addresses:

:: Please note that refund requests can only be made until March 21st after the service is terminated.

Account Info
:: Active King’s Raid account will not be deleted even if the Vietnam service is terminated.
:: If you wish to withdraw your account, please proceed through the application for withdrawal before the service termination date.

(Added at Feburary 11th, 13:10 UTC)
※ Please note that even though download will not be available in all app stores in Vietnam due to local law on the management, provision and use of Internet services and online information, users could still access the game by modifying VPN settings.

We are very sorry and regretful to our Vietnamese users who loved King’s Raid as the service for Vietnam was unfortunately terminated.

Although it is currently impossible to provide continuous service, we will do our best to resume the service by finding various ways such as publishing local service in Vietnam in the future. If there is any progress in this regard, we will inform our users as soon as possible.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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      1. There’s no Vietnamese server, only Asia, though. This means that the one who plays from Vietnam won’t be able to access the game anymore if I read it correctly. Which would be a big deal to a somewhat big community in Asia server.

      1. indo is using asia server bruh. and using english languange.. so why u said we not supported.. LMAO

      1. Твоя сказала что ты гей, и моя мама может не переживать

  1. The end is near. “They are not coming”
    All this discontinuation does not bode well for the future updates and KR2.

    For once atleast be honest with the players what the state of the game is. Like really tell if your able to release KR2. Its been almost a year and nothing to show for KR2 other than a character preview and a very short battle

  2. Poor white Knight Nyugen Hoang. Even whiteknighting Vespa could not save his main language from being nuked from the game. Oh poor boy.

    And lol, if this isn’t already enough fundamental proof that Vespa is having major internal issues then I don’t know what is.

    All their empty af patches, the removal of translations, the complete stop to their stock trading all boil down to one thing:


      1. no, withdraw account means to end your license agreement and have your account closed

  3. Vespa, can you make an offline version of the game? This way we can at least enjoy the game if it has to shut down. Bandai Namco did this for Sword Art Online Memory Defrag (although it was a stripped down version with only a handful of characters). There are far less characters in King’s Raid, so hopefully this can be done.

  4. Hahahaha how does it feel to be backstabbed our dear white knight faggot Nguyen? Love how the developers repaid your dumb faith. Isn’t irony just the sweetest? Give us your best comeback won’t you? Or is it Vespa’s cum dripping down your back side 😘 Puta ina mo my faggot nigga

  5. Why are you have to dissapointed me many times, why vespa, the players are leaving your game and King’s Raid is dying slowly, i put so many trust on you and this is the thing i get?
    I have played this game for 4 years, 4 FUCKING YEARS !!!!, and i know this game is already dead in since the middle of 2021, but i still supporting you guys until now, why you have to betray my trust from times to times
    You said this game is build with love and you will listened to the players, but you didn’t, you said you will balance all the heroes and game content, but you don’t, but i’m not even mad at you because balancing is not an easy thing to do, but you guys can atleast done it to a few heroes with those shitty patch you release in every month till that KR2 shit is release
    Beside that, you are release more costume, and increase the reward for some content, but who gives a shit, many times we complain about no event from the january update till now, but you just ignore that ? Don’t play dumb with me, i know you are listenning but for some reason, you just can’t release some event and balancing the heroes, and you can’t even tell us about that ?
    I’ll continue to support this game because my love for king’s raid is still big as hell, but i don’t think i can counting on you guys anymore, if the KR2 shit you promise not good as us expect or atleast as i expect, then you better watch out because a huge storm is coming and it gonna collapse you all

    1. You can still play King’s Raid.

      Account Info
      :: Active King’s Raid account will not be deleted even if the Vietnam service is terminated.

      Vietnamese players only lose Live Service & Language Support. Not a big deal if you can read English and are F2P players.

  6. So sad. I have been playing this game for 3 years til now. Now we VNs cant access to the game in a proper way anymore. And how about my investment in real money for the game items? It gabage now , isnt it?
    Im so disappointed with Vespa.
    Good luck everyone on Asia Server.