[Notice] Announcement regarding bans due to the issues on May 25th (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

After the updates on May 25th, we have encountered an issue in which some Raiders have obtained large amounts of rewards through Costumes from ‘Kasel’s Letter’ & ‘Seria’s Free Costume’.

After checking the issue, we had to fix this issue from the game immediately, and at the same time, we had to take measures in accordance with our operation policy.

For Raiders, who have received bans for their accounts, please contact us through our customer center ‘cs_en@vespainc.oqupie.com’ for more inquiries about how banned accounts can be activated once again.

※ We will not be able to help Raiders who have abused the issues above excessively.

※ We will not be able to restore rewards that have not been received during the ban period.

In order to avoid similar issues in the near future, we will continue to monitor the game and we will take measures in accordance with our operation policy.

We promise we will continue to work harder to provide a stable and enjoyable gaming environment for all Raiders.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

25 thoughts on “[Notice] Announcement regarding bans due to the issues on May 25th (Tue)”

  1. KEK, people getting rekt because of your dumb system. FIX YOUR GAME.

    1. Nah… Just go hard on those abusers (ESP those who did it more than 10 times). They DESERVE NO SYMPATHY. Theres no dumb players but only smart players who abuses yr system.

  2. wad about the missing mail rewards from Spending Rubies Event and Isaiah Progression events.?

  3. I hope you only give reconsideration for players that have a couple of tickets 2-3, those that have more than 3 deserve the ban. They know what they are doing and now they complain. Yes, the game got bug but that doesn’t mean you will exploit it.

    I fully agree with this move by Vespa.

    1. No, the game has many bugs. Are we going to be punished whenever Vespa messes up and we get anything out of it? Sounds cringe. You’re cringe.

      1. yeah, you’re gonna get banned for overly exploiting something that it clearly a bug. The bugs existing is obviously vespa’s fault, but if you fail to understand how grabbing thousands in freebies that are meant to be one one-off is against ToS, I’ve little hope for you in life.

      2. It is clearly stated in the operation policy.( i doubt actually anyone gives it a read anyways)

        If you abuse, you are clearly ready to face the consequences.
        Manage to get away? Lucky for you
        Got ban? Don’t cry and make up excuses.

  4. Honestly, this was your fuck up. The game already has many, many hugs out the ass that people are abusing. One of the more commonly known ones is what is keeping Mirianne relevent btw. Are you going to ban people that are using A2 Mirianne next?

    1. Lmao. Ppl who were banned for claiming reward less than 5 times should be unbanned but If you claimed the reward more than 5 times, you deserve a very long ban because you are deliberately abusing a bug. There’s no place for your kind.

      1. “5 times” It’s too much expecific. Are you got banned because you abused 5 times?

    2. Imagine people taking advantage of people’s fuck up and then use it as an excuse to blame them.

      Utter scum. Worst than those DLK, RC abusers in arena.

      Its true that its was vespa’s fuck up. So does this makes abusers more fucked up than vespa? Well at least vespa is apologetic and gave us something in return.

  5. If only you could make the same kind of post and explain how some big fat whales who deleted their accounts 5-6 months ago, got their account back despite your so called “policy” saying accounts can’t be recovered after a week or so post deletion.

    Good job Vestard

  6. welp i warn yall never purchase anything from this company youll get banned for there scr&w up. Let’s be honest they aint gonna do ()E* for those that might be innocent.

    1. I accidentally claimed the reward 10 times because lag after realizing it was in my inventory already. I am innocent you dog. Asian dog

      1. Kek.. and you opened it despite it being in yr inventory. Tasty free rubies for 5* items must be nice.

        Pls ban this dude.

  7. That is why you guys need to read the terms and conditions of every game. YES, there are a lot of bugs, but it is our responsibility to notify them NOT TO ABUSE IT. If you are a player with brains, abusing a bug is not on your menu.

  8. Greedy abuser. I hope Vespa doesn’t give you guys a chance and permanent ban all you cheater. idiots.

  9. It’s really funny see people blaming Vespa because of their own fault.

    1. Player found a way to cheat or abuse bug but they cry when they got banned.

      As much as i want to point out Vespa incompetence with bug fixes, i think those abusers deserved the ban.

      Guess those players didnt learn a thing from LoH shop bug abuse or guild raid abuse. Kekw.

  10. Thank you for always being so kind and considerate to us players. I hope that Vespa’s operation policy will be upheld and that things turn out okay for everyone!