[Notice] Additional Announcements regarding the event ‘Hero’s Inn Party Event!’

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to inform you that we have encountered and fixed the event ‘Hero’s Inn Party!’

Please note that the issue has been fixed and the event has been opened once again at 04:52 [KST]. You will be able to obtain the rewards of the event when the missions of the event are completed.

The event will be held from September 21st to 27th, and you will be able to clear the missions without further issues.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Hey there,

    The Hero’s Inn event is running right now, but when we claimed our rewards, we only get 100 ether each. I’m aware that you guys shortened the duration, but is the event still supposed to give 100 ether?

  2. Lets talk about me… Lets talk about the 6 foot 8 frame, the 37 inch vertical leap, the black steel that drips down my back AKA the bullet proof mullet, the Google prototype scopes with built in LCD LED 1080p 3D Sony technology, the Ethiopian poisonous caterpillar AKA slick daddy. Lets talk about the cabinets right behind me that go 40 feet deep into the wall that houses the other 95 percent of my trophies, the awards, the certificates all claiming first place, right? Let me give you a little inside glimpse into the hotshot video gaming lifestyle of the two-time international video gaming superstar. Because that’s what this channels about, that’s what this domains about, that’s what this society is about. You’re looking at the face of Vespa and god damn Vespa is lucky

  3. Oh for fucks sake, first we got like 700ethers a day for 7 days, then they changed it to 100 ethere a day for 56 days, now 100 ethers a day for 7 fucking days???? What the fuck vespa the fuck you so greedy? Now I’m regret not using cheat to get shitton of ether without effort thinking that vespa will give some good shit for that fucking giant bug

      1. lol those abusers aren’t banned, there’s still level 50 accounts running around with 300k gold ethers buddy, and innocent people got banned instead

  4. you are kidding. right? vespa WTH is this? from 700 daily gold ether to 5600 gold ether in 4 weeks, and now total 700 gold ether total in this event.. Damn i never saw this in any game. i have learned my lesson.. never get your hopes high in this game.

  5. Vespa cleared up the misunderstanding from their first post, and made it very clear how the event would work across EIGHT weeks, not FOUR weeks.

    You’re either incapable of reading or you’re intentionally leaving out details and/or twisting words just so you have a reason to be angry with Vespa.

    Either or, you’ve made yourself out to look moronic. Grow up.