[Notice] Actions Regarding Some Runes of Blasphemy effects being Applied Excessively

Greetings Raiders,

GM Ophelia at your service.

As we notified before, some Runes of Blasphemy effects being applied excessively will be fixed during March 24th temporary maintenance. After the fix, Raiders who wish to recover the items used to make affected Runes of Blasphemy can submit a ticket. Please refer to the information below.

>> [Notice] Regarding Certain Rune of Blasphemy Effects being Applied Excessively [LINK]

In addition, some contents were not contested fairly due to issues with Runes of Blasphemy, and records of the contents below will be adjusted when the issues are corrected.

  • Records of the contents to be adjusted: Guild Conquest, World Raid Boss: Mountain Fortress, League of Victory, League of Honor, Guild War
  • Adjustment Details:

Guild Conquest: Main Season 6, 7 accumulated DMG reset

World Raid Boss: Mountain Fortress: March 21th ~ 24th [UTC] accumulated DMG reset
America Server (UTC -5): March 20th 10:00 ~ March 23rd 10:00
EU Server (UTC +1): March 20th 16:00 ~ March 23rd 16:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): March 20th 22:00 ~ March 23rd 22:00

League of Victory: March 21st ~ March 24th [Server Time] accumulated arena score reset

League of Honor: Main season reset

Guild War: March 10th ~ March 24th [UTC] accumulated guild war score reset
America Server (UTC -5): March 9th 10:00 ~ March 23rd 10:00
EU Server (UTC +1): March 9th 16:00 ~ March 23rd 16:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): March 9th 22:00 ~ March 23rd 22:00

Please check the reset period until the problems are fixed for participation of above contents.

  • Eligible Players: All the Raiders playing KING’s RAID
  • Rewards: Mysterious Rune: Legendary x 10, Rune of Void: Doh, Laz, Geb, Oth, Ans x 1 each, Stamina Potion x 200
  • Rewards Receiving Period: March 24th [After Maintenance] ~ March 31st 14:59 [UTC]

As a token of our apology, rewards mentioned above will be sent to all the Raiders. As an additional compensation for the inconvenience caused by resetting the records of competitive content, data will be extracted based on the weekly/repeat compensation of each content before the release of the Rune of Blasphemy and the same rewards will be sent via mail.

  • Ex) Challgener Tier reward will be sent if you received Challenger tier reward before the release of Rune of Blasphemy
  • If you received Rank 1 Guild Conquest rewards before the Rune of Blasphemy release, you will be rewarded with the same rewards.

For smooth content record adjustments, some content will be temporarily suspended from March 23rd 15:00 [UTC].
America Server (UTC -5): March 23rd 10:00
EU Server (UTC +1):  March 23rd 16:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): March 23rd 22:00

More details will be announced later through the temporary maintenance notice.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the Raiders due to the newly added Rune of Blasphemy.

※ We will recover the Rubies spent on tickets after the start of the League of Victory on Monday until this notice is announced. Please submit an inquiry to the Email below.


Sincerely Yours,

GM Ophelia

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  1. Trash rewards for content that has been impacted for 2 weeks

    Just DELETE the damn runes from the game. Everyone hates the rune update.

    More and more players are leaving the game each day due to your lack of communication and the fact that you implement stuff without proper testing.

  2. Fuck your game
    Took 2 weeks to address.. AFTER whales started quitting your game. You go dark for important matters. Stop caring about Time Defenders and other crap games. Sooner or later your player base is going to be gone and your reputation is 100% gone. Game is dead, vespa is trash. Fuck this game

  3. Those rewards won’t soften the blow that your game had taken towards its playerbase. If you had just listened to the outcry and opinions things would’ve never gotten so out hand and so out of touch.

    At this point in time even the big spender whales have grown tired of all the broken promises and are joining the mass exodus

  4. I really wish you had a better management. I enjoyed the game, the character, the gameplay and I don’t think the graphic need an update (called KR2). but tbh this is the worst game I’ve ever played client wise, the game is way too buggy and unstable thus really affect the experience, and it’s been going since forever. but I stayed and endured all of it,until rune update came out.

  5. So let’s do a little rundown.

    People were starving for any form of new content.

    You decided to allocate your resources on a part of the game that’s probably the least problematic balance-wise.

    You implemented a new system that’s basically the same except it made things HARDER. A reverse-quality-of-life update.

    With the new system, you introduced a new mechanic that broke your game.

    In 2 weeks, you lost full guilds, the last few remaining content creators, EVERYONE OF THE MODS/GUIDE MAKERS IN THE DISCORD SERVER, and hundreds more when people were BEGGING for an emergency maintenance. 2 weeks, it took you.

    And this is all you have to say?

    Congratulations on killing your game.