[Notice] New Season King’s CRaiders Wanted!

You always knew that you had it in you, it’s time to bring out the creator sense that lies in you!

The wait is over! Prepare your mouse, clear your voice, adjust your camera and be ready to dive in as KING’s RAID proudly announce the new season of our video content creator program : King’s CRaider!

Anyone who loves KING’s RAID and/or creating content can enter the program!

Anyone who wants to show their KING’s RAID swag to the community by creating entertaining content and guiding other Raiders with helpful information about KING’s RAID is mostly appreciated and welcomed!

텍스트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Participating in creating KING’s RAID contents and promoting KING’s RAID on YouTube or Twitch Channel.

1. A minimum of 2 KING’s RAID related video/stream content is required during the period.
2. The minimum length requirement for each video/stream is 5 minutes.
3. Each video/stream must be related with KING’s RAID.
4. Video/stream content created during the period will only be counted.
5. If the content is created by using mainly existing video clips from the KING’s RAID YouTube Channel, the participation will be deemed non-eligible.
6. The channel where your videos are uploaded should be opened to others(able to view).
7. The content should be personal and original. Any Content that infringes the right of someone else by stealing, copying or using intellectual property without the agreement of the concerned party will be immediately excluded from the event and Vespa will not be held liable if you breach any rights of a third party.
8. The content should Not infringe any law (racism, sexual content, …) or offend the viewers in any way of manner. Any participation failing to comply with this rule will be deemed non-eligible

*A specific number of subscribers or views are not required to participate in this program.

[Program Schedule]

*Application & Activity Period*
– March 2nd 00:00 PST ~ March 29th 23:59 PDT
– Application Form: [Application Link]
– You can start creating videos and upload them on your channel as soon as you apply

*New Season King’s CRaider Announcement – Within April 2021

– To be efficient, there will be no Preliminary Period & Voting Period for this season
– Every participant will be a King’s CRaider Nominee and all content will be reviewed
– The new season King’s CRaiders will be chosen by the KING’s RAID team

– Participants who satisfy the requirements
: For each video made, 1,000 Ruby will be rewarded. ( Min 2,000 Ruby – Max 5,000 Ruby )
– Selected King’s CRaiders
: KING’s RAID Art Book and in-game items will be rewarded to congratulate!
: Receive regular monthly support to encourage creating high-quality video content
: King’s CRaiders’ video will be featured(uploaded) on the KING’s RAID Official YouTube Channel for other raiders to view. If you stream, please make sure to leave a video on YouTube.
: King’s CRaiders’ Stream, Broadcast or Event schedule may be posted on the official KING’s RAID community.
: King’s CRaiders’ may be invited to take part in official events as a special guest!

We know you are an amazing community with great idea and talent!

We are looking forward to your participation and expect to see a rising star King’s CRaider in the near future!

12 thoughts on “[Notice] New Season King’s CRaiders Wanted!”

    1. outro mentecapto que não sabes o que diz, essas crianças kkkk

  1. Congrats. It’s time for Dev Team to learn your game from Raider.
    BTW, Have you tested Estella before launching her next week? 😛

    1. The moment they do that they’ll have tons of bas reviews mentioning about how poor the game optimisation is.

  2. Kings raid content is so lacking and non-engaging nowadays. Pales in comparison to other games on market and have still tons of issues (game optimisation, balance etc)…

    The empty patches mean there’s nothing exciting, even for content creators there’s a drought of things to make videos about.

    I doubt you will be able to find many content creators these days lol. 4 years too late Vespa. Should have done this in your first year where the game was at its peak.

    1. cala a sua boca seu mentecapto, tu não sabe nem o que estais dizendo, e se fosse você no lugar deles não faria nem a metade, arigó filhote de égua

      1. Right back at you. How about you “shut up” and speak English. This is EN community not Portugese community.

        Also the OP is speaking facts. King’s Raid glory days are long over. Their first year was their very best, with a team that cared greatly about their players feelings and a team that cared about BALANCING. Balance patches were regular. An amazing first anniversary. Many memorable content creators like QXGames, Router, Mogawty, K-Gaming etc…

        Then all hell broke out. And now? The game is spiralling downwards. With greater competition and games out there such as Genshin, King’s Raid profits have been threatened and dwindling faster ever since. They currently depend heavily on their JP whales for their profits.

        Their generosity now is just to try keep their remaining playerbase. Too bad many left after their inability to balance, no nerf-policy, refusal to optimise game, no communication and endless waves of cash grab packages. Facts are facts. Anyone with a the simple ability to type can search up their stocks on Google or Bloomberg and we can see they aren’t doing very well, sadly.