[Maintenance Complete] March 10rd (Thu), 2022

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Ophelia.

We’d like to inform you that maintenance has been completed.

Please read the details below for more information about the maintenance.

[Maintenance Details]

  • March 10th (Thu) Update Details

▶ Divine Punishment Raid reformed
▶ Rune of Divine Punishment Added
▶ Battle System reformed
▶ Fixed an issue where some texts were showing ‘Petrify’ instead of ‘Silence’

Please note that you will be able to access the game, and once again, we’d like to apologize for any trouble caused.

We will make our best efforts to provide a stable and enjoyable game for everyone.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

GM Ophelia

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  1. Did you fix the WB crash? I stopped playing on PC because of the exact same problem – the app would just crash when I started the WB battle. Now the same “feature” has come to my phone and you know what? I DON’T NEED IT. Fix it ASAP. Tonight I’ll do the WB and if it crashes again, I’ll quit this idiotic game for good!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bugs Raid
    The changes you made, made apocalypse dungeon even harder. The removal of solo time diminish a lot of players team performance.

    Do you realize that you made the game harder to get into for new players? Majority of the game are outdated then the only new contents for the game must have a very precise team anf gears. Who would play a game that your only goal is to finish apocalypse to catch up. I understand the apocalypse is end game content, but lets be honest KR doesn’t have anything to offer in terms of content for new and old players alike.

    You guys literally made changes on contents that no one asked for. This is your idea of “listening to players” I’ll give you about 2 months then you’ll probably announce game shut down. KR2 won’t happen. Your performance for this game shows that won’t happen.

  3. Vespa – the changes to solo time made the balance shift quite a bit. Along with the mana mechanics in dp raid now. No one asked for minimum penalties on apoc. I cannot imagine anyone having wanted the mana mechanics. In this case apoc was more balanced beforehand these changes. The dps over most fights has dropped a good 30-50% for a lot of players. Bottom line. Divine punishment Apoc already had enough hoops to jump through and you added more. It might be a good idea to readjust things in coming patches. Removal of the mana mechanic. And rescaling of boss hp or something to match the changes in dps from solo time removal. There was not even a reason given for the man a mechanic….

    Still holding off on spending till balance isn’t fixed outside of dp raids. This is just another bad road bump in my opinion. It almost seems like you are shifting difficulty in an attempt to have people spend more. A lot of changes have made no sense. For instance you needed story content to the ground and adjusted td/dragon/field raids to be stupid easy. Then you put out divine punishment which was already slightly above normal difficulty. Now you are tweaking divine punishment raids to be ridiculous even for player with the resources and means. On top of that. You buffed a hand full of characters to be way above the others then stopped to adjust the game mechanics instead. So we already have offset character balance and it is only going to show with changes to the game mechanics. The no nerf policy was probably one of the most detrimental moves made.

  4. welp this update didnt provide much of an improvement. Felt like a downgrade. I decided to give Kings Raid a chance after returning from Genshin Impact. Guess Kings raid only gets worst. I should spend my time and money elsewhere

  5. Vespa – after playing the new update for a few hours. I come to the realization that this is not easier than it was nor is it better. You said in one post that the introduction of karma dungeon would help those who have not cleared apoc to do so. Now you make it so apoc is not doable with no penalties. On top of that apoc is way different after solo time removal. To top it off you reduced the amount of apoc tear shards from clears for the artifact. So those who had not 5* before changes are going to take forever. This sets a wedge in those who had it easy off the bat and have a great artifact for gc3 while punishing those who did not farm it before hand. This is bad