[Notice] Misleading information regarding Hero Balance Adjustments

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to inform you that incorrect information was announced through some of the market descriptions through the update on April 27th (Tue).

At first, we have decided to make balance adjustments to Shamilla, Cleo, Kasel, May (NPC), and Nicky (NPC) for this month of April.

After several tough decisions, we have decided to make balance adjustments to Shamilla & Cleo through the updates on April 27th. However,as we were making changes to the market descriptions, we realized that the descriptions were announced with the incorrect information.

We’d like to apologize for the confusion this may have caused. Please note that we’re continuously checking Heroes Kasel, May (NPC), and Nicky (NPC) for further balance adjustments.

We will make sure to make the announcements through our GM Notes, and most importantly, we will listen to the opinions and suggestions of our Raiders when we’re making our final decisions.

Please be reminded that there may be delays in fixes as some of the market updates take a certain amount of time.

We thank you for your understanding and we’d like to apologize once again for the confusion this may have caused.

We will make our best efforts to avoid similar issues in the near future.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. yO Where WEre THE pvp MAIns wHEN THe WB rEwArdS goT bUfFEd diD We PVP mAIns
    coMPlAIn abouT BEINg ForCeD TO Do WB?
    hoW ABoUt tm
    And tRialS
    AnD SHAK?
    yOu thiNK its EaSy foR A pvP MAiN tO Do THOSe?

    1. Not one of those people who wants justice for pve mains or whatever, but to be fair, in this game you can completely ignore pvp stuffs if you wanna be a pve guy, but if you’re a pvp guy, you still have to do pve

  2. I mean those 3 heroes need it especially the NPCs May and Nicky. Hopefully they are the next group of heroes that you do buff even if it isn’t this patch specifically. Don’t give up on them.

      1. I don’t have him even a0 but I still want him to be buffed. Because he needs a buff. And don’t forget,you do the same thing for the heroes u like/have invested into. So Don’t assume you’ve any moral high ground. Go back to using your meta heros and get a kick out of that,no one gives a F.

      2. @truthseeker5214

        i dun give a F abt your theo as well.

        Main purpose is to buff totally irrelevant heroes like yanne, nicky, kasel and may.

        Shamila buffs were deserving. Nt everyone is here to lick up to yr favoriticism. Yeah man.. yanne is definitely stronger than theo.

  3. With the long queue of heroes that need buff, do you think 2 hero balance is enough ? what is wrong with 3 heroes balance every months like before? Slacking off alr ?

  4. it’s great to know May is getting a buff finally, being an NPC making hero a very high investment but she has no place at all in the current meta, she should do better than the normal heroes considering how hard it is to build an NPC

  5. Thank god May is on there.

    But WTF Kasel? He’s in a much better position than most.

    What about Yanne & Dimael? Outdated and no updates for years. Dimael got ONE change in the history of King’s Raid.

    Or for the love of god, FINISH redoing the November meme balance.

    You going to leave Crow mains with their 1.8% buff?
    Leave Theo users with simply a mana block removal?
    Leave Chrisha with a extra second silence?
    List goes on…


  6. well.. I’m happy for the buffed heroes. Looking forward to the incoming ones tho!
    but I’m also excited whenever my main’s buffs are coming.. kekw
    smooth update overall, so gg.

  7. REAL and NOT meme Theo buff when?

    He is outclassed by his carbon-copy female counterpart called ‘Kirze’ who does 5x his DMG. Kirze also has increased DMG to non-hero enemies and increased boss DMG. Also equally high amounts of CC like Theo, better unique treasures that aren’t meme and so on…

    The last (meme November) change to Theo simply removed his mana-block and increased his S2 buff duration by 5 seconds. And lol that was only to the buff, the amp on S2 however stayed at 10 seconds.
    Theo still has meme UTs, trash T5D (requires full mana), terrible T3 perks (only S4L and maybe S2D is good) and is highly dependant on RNG S4 for DMG. He also has FLAT ATK buffs in 2021 and tons of ATK SPD from his UW but you keep giving him attack speed on his unique treasures. Just why?

    This is the hero who is sold as the Transcendent of Lightning, single-handedly defeated World Boss 1 and clashed on equal terms with Lucikiel. Also beat up other bosses like Malduk. This is false advertising at its finest.

    For those people who think he is OP in PvP, clearly they forgot to bring a dispeller (which is mandatory in PvP these days). Theo’s DMG after getting dispelled is nothing and he is nowhere top-tier. Also, NOBODY wants him to be good in PvP. He is a PvE hero through and through. But he needs like triple the investment to work there.

    So many misconceptions about him are going around because people just look at try-hard Theo users who have max investment in supports to make him perform like so. The real reason people invest in him is for his lore with Jane and because they like his character, NOT because he is strong in the game.

    Please reconsider redoing Theo’s buff.

    Else he will always be carried by Jane.
    Theo is the real Princess of the Grey Republic. Jane is the true Knight of Loyalty.

  8. Really disappointed to see Vespa move onto other heroes like Kasel instead of fix heroes that really need them (Yanne) and fixing other meme November heroes.

    I have waited more than half a year for a real Crow and Theo change but I guess it won’t ever come.

    Not when Vespa priorities are very questionable.

  9. Please do better on balance, you need to have a balance patch every month in order to catch up with the number of heroes in game right now. You’ll likely release another hero next month that will probably be another meta hero. The more heroes you release, the faster older heroes become irrelevant becuase the balance patch is slow. I understand that in order to prevent another meme buffs you have to check the heroes a lot more in order to feed the need of most players waiting for the balance, but at the same time I’m thinking whats the point of all other heroes in the game if they can’t be used. Sure all heroes can perform better with proper investment but meta heroes perform better and with much ease compare to majority of the heroes. If you are just gonna give us another transfer ticket in the future, I suggest you just delete the old heroes cause its basically saying “we can’t do anything about your old hero, here’s a transfer ticket so your account can be relevant again”