[Notice] Announcements & measures regarding the issue with the Additional Skill from Technomagic Gears

Greetings Raiders,

This is KING’s RAID PD Edge.

We’d like to inform all Raiders that we have checked the issue in which the DMG of the ally Heroes is increased abnormally when Isaiah equips a Technomagic Gear with the Additional Skill ‘‘Level of [All Skills] +5’. We will be explaining in more details about this issue and the measures we will be taking.

KING’s RAID Heroes have 3 Skill slots in which they’re used for Active Skills, and Passive Skills that are automatically activated/applied within battles.

For some of the Heroes, you can change the state/mode and possess some skills additionally. Skills possessed by all Heroes can be checked through the [Skill] tab.

As these skills are categorized as ‘skills’, the Additional Skill effect ‘Level of [All Skills] +5’ could be applied. In other words, when equipping the Gear, the levels of all skills were increased.

However, some of the effects that were not categorized as skills such as Unique Weapons/Treasures/ Transcendence Attributes were affected by the Additional Skill effect, causing them to create abnormal DMG in battles. This is the reason why the DMG was shown abnormally high for ally Heroes when used with Isaiah.

The boost of other effects besides the active/passive skills of the Heroes was not intentional. There are Heroes who are affected by these effects and also those who are not affected at all. For this reason, we are in the process of fixing this issue.

However, we need to make further investigations on what Heroes will be affected by the fixes, and we also need to check the overall functions in order to prevent issues after the fixes. We are expecting to implement the fixes by August, and we will make our best efforts to implement the fixes as soon as possible,

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Due to this issue, we are planning to distribute the rewards below to all Raiders.

– Reward Distribution: To all Raiders playing KING’s RAID

– Rewards: Technomagic Gear Ticket (1 Additional Skill) x 2, Technomagic Skill Reforge Ticket x 50, Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket (~Isaiah)

– Date of when Rewards can be collected:

  • Technomagic Gear Ticket (1 Additional Skill) x 2, Technomagic Skill Reforge Ticket x 50
    • After the announcement on July 13th ~ July 19th 23:59 [KST]
  • Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket (~Isaiah)
    • After the updates on July 20th ~ July 26th 23:59 [KST]
  • For those Raiders who have used the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket on Heroes that were not included in the selection range on the Transfer Ticket, will not be receiving ‘Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket (~Isaiah)’.
  • However, we will be sending the item ‘Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket (~Isaiah)’ after the updates on July 20th as we will need to create this item for distribution.

Additionally, we’d like to mention about the issue in which the ‘Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket’ could be used on new Heroes, and also about the issue in which some Raiders have used this Transfer Ticket on New Heroes.

We have been extracting and restoring the data of Raiders who have used the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket on Heroes that were not included in the selection range (new Heroes). However due to several difficulties with the additional enhancement/advancement of the items before the transfer and issues with restoration, we were not able to finish the restoration completely.

Thus, we will not be distributing the item ‘Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket (~Isaiah)’ to Raiders who are included in the list of Raiders for restoration (Raiders who have used the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket on new Heroes), and we will not be making the restorations back to the point where the Soul Weapon Transfer Tickets were not used.

We apologize once again for the trouble, and we will keep working hard to provide a stable and enjoyable gaming environment for everyone.

Thank you.

PD Edge

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    1. if miita and lunate were aboosing the bug then tell me why they are not rank 1 rn? why is it that almost everyone on top 10 global on wb are names that just came outta nowhere? its nice to theory craft, but without evidence ur just a plain hater with a mountainous amount of jealousy.

  1. @Gremory,

    What about the “fair” game play issue? A certain guild or some players abused this bug so that they would hav a head start over other players in guild conquest.

    Not like we actually care abt those who did in world boss since the rewards are bad to begin with, can you investigate the abnormal scores abused by others in guild conquest?

    1. ^ I thought that vespa had a serious approach to bug abusers.

      What about those seria costume bug abusers/and coco who abused the cash shop bug? Doesn’t seem fair for them at all.

      I hope you would do something about it too.. 1 good approach i ll personally recommend is not crediting the soul weapon transfer (~isaiah) to players who abused the bug.

  2. Can you please release the list of abusers regarding this issue?

    A certain Karen CR Raider that goes by the name of “Shalice” has used this bug as an opportunity to accuse other top guilds of abusing the Isaiah bug.

    Top Korean and Japanese guilds have been under scrutiny due to Shal’s words. Some of them have received hate and backlash from her blind fans who simply listen to her due to her influence as a CR Raider. They do not want to see the other side of the story and have been accusing them on Twitter and Naver Cafe.

    To clear all suspicions, doubt and to avoid further conflict in the community, it would be wise to release a full list of abusers or at least check all top guilds to see if they have indeed abused this bug during the last season.

    As always, innocent until proven guilty.
    Do not use your power and influence to spread misinformation and lies that victimise other guilds and Raiders. It is wrong.

  3. Thank you for the actions. I would like to call out the buffing of heroes promised by the game, so far all buff heroes were satisfactory, but isn’t it getting so slow? from 3 before now 2, and like monthly or every other monthly after one another. Many players are hopeful for their old heroes to get adjusted where they can be used well in new contents of the game.
    That’s all. BUFF DIMAEL kekw <3

  4. This is not good enough. Both bug abusers and non-bug abusers get the compensation.

    Need I also remind you that thanks to CR Raider Shal poor words choice, her words have started a wildfire in the community and a war between top guilds and her fans.

    I find it horrifying that someone with such influence is victimising top guilds WITHOUT evidence and proof. She does not even sound remotely “sorry” and said she is right to hold her suspicions because Khaos lost #1.

    Worse, is the fact you are ignoring requests to release a full list of raiders who exploited this bug. This is damaging the community. People have been accused left right and centre because of this.

  5. You need sort out the issue with Shal causing a controversy with her words and starting drama across servers and top guild.

    This compensation is not enough when many players have been victimised and hurt due to her words and Khaos accusations.

      1. Shal is the biggest Karen in this game. Makes big deal out of everything. Well, no surprise since this was clear since her PLUG café days, where she argued with everyone daily. Also couldn’t take any heat and argued with those who even slightly disagree with her.

        Now she using her influence to accuse several guilds of bug abuse. Just amazing 👏

        Imagine using your power to start a witch hunt.

        Also imagine saying you “didn’t mention any names” and “didn’t publicly target anyone” but then goes on to mention in the comments section a Japanese guild and also mention how her guild lost and “dropped to 2nd place”, implying the unfair/cheating players were from the #1 Korean guild (Hall of Fame). Sure, totally not “public” and name shaming. Being a CR Raiders means she is a public figure and she posted this on her YouTube channel no less, A PUBLIC platform.

        I thought she was over her PLUG days but I guess not. Karens will always be Karens.

        I applaud her for her community work, but her lack of care with her words on multiple occasion really goes to show she hasn’t changed.
        using her influence she started a witch hunt multiple times on the past: 1) for her Galgoria guide loss and now 2) she witch hunt top guilds by accusing them with no evidence of bug abuse. It’s not right.

      2. Those guilds that you protect have too huge a gap in damage, even from average guilds. We are in the top 50, they beat four times more. What is the magic of the server, the buf of pets?

  6. Would love to get a clarification from Vespa so people wont be surprised.

    Soul Weapon Transfer ticket ( ~Isaiah ) works like the one Shakmeh got before or like the regular sw trans ticket?

  7. Fix Esker bug when? Or buff Esker!!!
    Not like he’s good anymore in GC when Hanus/Cleo/Erze exists.

    Also buff Zafir when?
    Zafir is also one of the original GC3 DPS. He deserves better!
    Now Zafir has just reverted to Sky Trial tank and extremely rare pick in LoH.

  8. Your CR Raider (Shal) and her guild Khaos started a controversy because of their accusations of bug abuse towards two major guilds.

    The least you can do to prove that Khaos were just sore losers and that the accused guilds have been falsely accused/are innocent is by releasing a statement or list of names that show the bug abusers.

    1. Well…it does seem to me khaos is a sore loser. But what do expect a sore loser to stand up against cheaters in guild conquest.

      If the top few ranks in korea server didnt hesitate to abuse the bug to climb in world boss in their own server, i think it does the same for hall of fame for gc.

      Khaos did do a video to showcase their highest score. Hall of fame didnt do a video apart from showcasing a bunch of screenshots of isaiah gear on naver which could be easily rigged instead of a video run.

      I think at this point, khaos holds mre concrete standing than hall of fame. Since their denial is not even justified.

      1. Sharing information is never an obligation and you think Shal is more credible because she makes videos? What dichotomous thinking you have.

        Hall of Fame has already issued a statement that they are happy for Vespa to do a internal investigation and conduct an equipment check regarding this Isaiah bug if this will clear them of all suspicions, doubt and misinformation that’s been going around.

        As the saying goes, one is always innocent until proven guilty. What Shal wrote was the prime example of “Guilty before proven innocent”.

        Shal’s action are wrong for starting a witch hunt and causing players to go into Japanese discord and Naver Cade sending bullying and harassments directed at top guilds.

      2. The hell you saying cause Shal makes videos you believe her more?? First of all, she is doing those videos becuase she’s benefiting from them, she gets sponsor from those videos. She gets money out of it, not that its wrong but the way you put it is like “i trust Shal cause she makes videos”.
        Not all players has to make videos. Also to the point your saying the other guild denial is not even justified?? So accusing other guilds without an evidence is justified?? To that point you lose all credibility on your comment.

      3. I would say both are nt credible. All HoF did is jus putting their words into action (hows that gonna prove yr innocence?)

        To begin, HoF isnt even credible before you even type that whole wall of text. You can add another 1000 words to your text, with no evidence, yr replies holds no value.

        At this point, we should just wait for the reports to be out.

  9. Disgusting. Is this your way to not ban your big whales? Since you found out your biggest whale Miitaa has also abused this bug?

    As usual, money over everything. Your business runs on poor ethics. Lack of morality.

  10. Lol your CR Raider Shalice started a WITCH HUNT towards members of other top guilds (thanks to her influence), and this is all you do? You really don’t care for your community at all.

    Just remove TM skills + 5 from the game else people will abuse it for the first few rounds of next season.

  11. @GM Gremory @PDEdge
    Pls make a statement about the accusations of one of your Craiders Shal. Her statement alone cause confusion and hate towards other players without having any evidence to back it up. As a Craider her actions should be investigated as well, their main objective is to promote the game and have a community that helps players but instead she instigated hate towards players without any proof. Yes, the bug is widespread but that doesn’t give her the right to accused guilds just because they lost the #1 rank. The more you stay quiet about this issue the more people would believe her accusations without any basis and as you can see on early comments, her supporters are downright promoting bullying, this will hurt your game more than you think just because of 1 baseless accusation.

    1. Shal and her guild have started drama on multiple occasions. They started a witch hunt towards people on America, Europe and Asia server since she lost the Galgoria guide.

      Her posts also one of the reason why GM Orvel quit.

      Just another occasion where she starts a witch hunt with her words. This time it’s towards members of top guilds.

      I find it disgusting how she abuse her power and is starting witch hunts because of her words.

  12. So that explanation was very long and wordy. The point was simple: Vespa doesn’t understand what is going on and will not be taking action just yet.

    A lot has been going wrong with this game and its production lately so the least you could do is get directly to the point in a situation like this. And I place special emphasis on this since you currently intend on leaving this thing UNTOUCHED.

    Many players all agree that using the +5TM skill in a manner ITS WAS NOT INTENDED TO WORK on Isaiah is a form of unfair advantage. However, equipping a piece of TM gear to a hero and using her in game content is not cheating. That’s an integral part in how the game works. As a result, players are free to use this unfair advantage over other players to create an unbalanced playing field.

    Rewards such as SW xfer, TM skill selectors are things that we all work towards and look forward to. We should not have to get those items this way. It is essentially a pacifier to make us quiet. People have been asking for those quite some time now and all we got were rng events that were met with no real system of reward.

    This is very disappointing. I do not see anything positive at this point.

  13. Shalice’s words have created a environment for bullying and harassment.

    I am part of 2 Japanese guild discord’s (I play in JP server) and saw multiple English-speaking players joining the discord server and sending harassing messages towards members of Japanese guilds such as “abuser”, “cheater”, “disgusting” etc. Some of them even used Google translate to send poorly translated threatening messages in Japanese. The discord server owner had to temporarily set the server to private because of this.

    This has to stop. Period.

    Please do something about this as her words have caused huge discrimination and even racism towards Japanese and Korean guilds.

  14. Khaos be starting chaos indeed.

    Starting harassment towards Japanese and Korean guilds due to the CR raider Shalice.

    Commendable! What skill they have for starting drama!

  15. Vespa, you also need to fix your forum. Can you see that there’s someone (or a group) who intentionally targeted one of your CRaiders who only wanted to aim for a fair play being harassed by a bitter sore loser who keeps calling her Karen and make baseless accusation? He or They make anonymous comments with many name and emails in this kind of post and even claim that they are from Japan while this guy is probably from other side of the country – or even worst they are the one bullying them and point their finger at her.

    And for those who read this. Please go to Shal’s Community post and judge for yourself what kind of person she is.

    I believe a person who encourage a positive environment like this aren’t a try hard like the sore loser with no achievement in this comment section. If anything this sore loser is probably a fanboy of specific twitch streamer who used to be your CRaiders and masturbate Live.

    1. so you honestly think it’s ok despite the fact she started a witch hunt and caused players on Twitter to be tagged with harassing and bullying comments like “f*ck you assholes”, “dirty f***ing abusers” and “massive ego name have to exploit a bug… to be number 1”?

      Maybe issue a full apology? This isn’t the first time she stirred controversy

      oh and some low lives even DMed people in Discord.

      this is all getting out of hand and a simple full apology will be enough.

      the damage to the community is immense and it hurt players from both sides of the globe.

      1. Its amusing looking how PDEdge tore the communities of different region apart with a simple bug.

      2. the damage to the community is immense and it hurt players from both sides of the globe.
        Not because of someone else’s words, but due to the fact that she remains silent and did not publish information that is extremely unprofitable.
        If you publish by excluding whales from the list, then in the next season everything will become clear when the whales do not stretch the bar set by the bug. Then the reputation will end.
        If you publish a list of whales, then they will need to be banned according to the license agreement, which will lead to large financial losses.
        Although due to such a pause, the reputation of the Vespa has already sunk

        PS English is not my native language, all the sins of the narrative lie on Google

    2. I read Shal community post. While reporting the bug is commendable, the part where she said they drop to rank 2 basically pointing out whoever guild is at 1 abused the bug without any evidence. While she didn’t mention any guild names on the main post, any person can put through the meaning of her words they drop to rank 2. Also she’s a Craider she should lead by example for all players and yet she stirs drama and hate for the community, a person like that shouldn’t be allowed to be a representative of the game to the players.

      There are many ways to handle the bug they discovered, email to customer supports or just the community post that is just tackling the bug and didn’t add any extra layers into it. I mean how old is she? She’s old enough to see that her post will cost a commotion. She should be more responsible on her community post.

      1. Exactly. Shal is 33/34 years old and she can’t even write with one ounce of respect? As a public figure I’m very disappointed in her time despite being a person who enjoys watching her videos.

        She said she tried to avoid giving any names, but the irony is she DOES exactly the opposite of that. She proceeds to target Axia7 in response to Japanese comment and also implied Hall of Fame was abusing this bug as well by saying her guild dropped from #1 to #2.

        The worst part is how she thinks this can be easily brushed aside by dropping her discord ID in the comments for further contact. Also, why should the victimised guilds be the one contacting Shalice? It should be Shalice messaging them to apologise; as she was the one who started the commotion.

        Most of the guilds and guild members that have been bullied and harassed because of her statements can’t even speak English so why would they bother to message her? It’s better to issue a full apology about this statement. I’ve seen multiple harassment posts on Twitter and Naver cafe today, and I’m saddened that some player say they got some in discord too.

        as other commentators in this post mentioned before, this is just one incident of many where Shalice offended and hurt raiders with her words….
        honestly I am very disappointed in Shalice even as a regular watcher of her videos.

    3. Friend, i don’t mean any disrespect but i read her you-tube post as regular watcher of her vids. with much honesty, i also got the msg that Shalice was directing it at rank 1 (HoF) because she said her guild will not ranked 2 for not this Isaiah bug exists. shal also say there no purpose for videos if these dishonest player are the ones she is compete against. it’s a indirect but yet very direct aim at hall of fame…. Idk how you read it but thats how i read her post.

      if I didn’t read hall of fame speech, i would believed Shalice words to be fact and truth…

      no disrespect to Shal but as youtuber and cr raiders she should known that her words can be taken as literal and can invite bullying towards other guild parties.

      even though everyone have their own suspicions, it’s not right to voice these out on public platform since it cause problem for the affected. in court, you need facts and evidence, the verdict is not up to speculation! kindly, i pray she more careful in future & sorry my poor english, is not first language lol

  16. As much as i’m happy to receive compensation, but as a player who hasn’t knew about the bug since yesterday, i find it very appalling that vespa is just blindly compensating every1 and just sweeping the dirt under the floor mat afterwards.

    If vespa is claiming that they listen to player’s opinion and input, then i feel the most important thing that needs to be done here is to investigate and clarify the accusation made by 1 of your CR raiders Shalice towards the japanese and korean top guilds. Easy for words to be thrown out like that, no difference from you people at vespa just giving out blind compensation like that. You’re not fixing the problem. Period.

    I hope to see more action from Vespa’s side to sort this bug and abuse accusation. both parties accuser and accused won’t be in such a situation if not for this bug existing and kept secret.

  17. it is truly SICKENING that some disgusting korean dogSHIT guild that i will not be naming such as Hall Of Lame would abuse those kind of bugs for MONTHS in secret for guild conquest point,knocking my queen’s shal guild out of their well deserved TOP 1 GC spot, im shaking and crying and cumming a little bit right now and idk what to do, ive been following my queen shal for over a year now and i cant believe that some people would do that, i trust in Mr Edge ability to punish those TRASH KR ABUSERS accordingly by permabanning EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HALL OF LAME members.

    (ps : special thanks to my queen shal for sponsoring this message, your support is greatly appreciated my queen.)

  18. You know what is hilarious, Shalice was blaming losing rank 1 due to LINE pets initially but the moment Isaiah bug was found out she found a new reason. And she jumped on that reason to attack #1 guild for being bug abusers. All without solid proof.

    She said she didn’t directly attack anyone but dude, you said your guild (Khaos) lost to #1 and dropped to rank #2 because of this bug. This IS a exactly a DIRECT attack towards rank #1.

    What’s next to blame? Shalice and her guild Khaos going to blame their loss on A3 when it’s released?

    People really don’t realise the power of their words and how it can hurt people… How lowly for a CR Raider to do this.

  19. Tbh, if what you’re allbsaying is true about Shal, maybe they should face the same penalty as the accused? I cant be the only person out there tired of randos making wild accusations and getting away scot free after it was determined they were lying. All because of misplaced jealousy or whatever. I think the accuser should face the exact same consequences the accused would have gotten if the accused was found out to have done what they were accused of.

    1. u can checks it, jp and kr guilds getting hate on twitter, naverr and discord,

      but ye i agree the accuser (Shalice and Khaos) should also face punish for start the uproar and be checked for their innocence regarding this bug…

      they start this war and now it’s descent to american players directing racist/racially-targetted attacks to korean/japanese… even direct harassing attacks on social media… not cool at all hmm

      if she didn’t make such statements to directly accuse them of being cheaters and attack no.1 and no.3 guild then this uproar across multiple communities won’t exist
      i mean jealously is toxic. but use ur influence to encourage your supporters to believe what u said is the definitive truth is also toxic and terrible…

  20. This war is really funny. WHO WILL WIN AT THE END ?
    First side : The fat american, eating and eating more burgers, paying dollars for LINE PET and claiming “we don’t have PET” LOL
    Second side : The Asian people, only good for martial art originally or WORK LIKE a slave who are more rich than cresus himself.
    I’m enjoying the bloodbath so much.

  21. such bitter losers…: “we dropped second place as a consequence” and it make me wonder what purpose I share videos if cheaters are the “kind of players we play against”
    > Not direct attack???

    real cant belive my eyes when I learn some american even go as far to join jp discords and korea forum to send hateful and attacking msgs??!?

    rly wtf, vespa… u going to turn blind eye when the damage to community is done bc of ur error and a bitter losing guild using this to accuse guilds?

    vespa srsly…??
    Well thnx for the ticket and rewards but im gutted and disappoint u think u can just call it a day like dis ¥€$PA…
    idk wayyyy too many issue this year, u really need better management team jst my opinion

  22. Idk if you guys are aware but in the repositorium reroll chances it says that when rerolling with rubies there’s a 0% chance to get bronze mimic and you still can when rerolling with rubies. Can you please correct this cause it would suck to know if people are losing rubies to this thinking that they have better chances when it’s not really true.

  23. really i so disappoint with Shalice this time, i watch her videos but i honestly also thought that Hof abuse this bug from her comments.. as she imply her guild will not “rank 2 as a consequence” if not for this bug……
    i think shal should aware that as a you-tuber & cr raiders her words can make ppl believe whatever she say, it be true.

    it’s wise to tell your cr raider 2 be careful in future because this has cause huge dmg to both party. the amount of hate and even racism i saw on Twitter, Naver, discord bc of this issue is real insane… it not right to accuse player no evidence, in court evidence and facts must be give first, the result its not down to speculation!

    sorry my poor English, not my first language as i am romanian.

    1. Honestly, they should stop this Craiders thing. Its does not bring any positive effects on the community. It also gave them ego that whatever they say is right. Not all of them but most of them are like this. Shal should be strip on her position as Craider, she doesn’t deserve it

  24. Dunno why people are blaming and calling out Koreans for cheating, if anything it’s a known fact that in the gaming scene, Koreans are one of the most serious and competitive countries. They punish any form of malpractice heavily. E-Sports in particular started and became popularised from their country and it’s pretty much part of their ethical code to not cheat. KR e-sports industry is huge and they are very hardcore in big games like LoL as well.

    Not saying this means they WON’T cheat, but as others are saying, a known public figure should not accuse someone without evidence as it only fuels drama.

    As for Japan… they are well full of whales I guess XD

    1. Bruh, idk which planet u r frm and somehw landed on earth.

      Open yr eyes wide.. Every top 10 is cheating on Korea, Japan, Asia, Europe and America server for WB.

      Competitive and Serious? Of course, till to the point you had to abuse a bug which you cant even cash to win.

      They ll punish any malpractice heavily? Ethical code to not cheat? Errr you jus need to be a big group with loads of money to make the company to bend over.

      1. The OP was talking about GC bro not WB….

        that much was quite obvious if u read his post as he made mention of how a public figure started guild drama/guild fiasco through their accusations. The ‘public figure’ in this case is CR raider Shal.

  25. Personally I don’t think it’s unbelievable that HOF can score 3.9Q without the bug. It’s HOF we’re talking about. These guys have been at the top of the game for the longest time, and they are so dedicated to the game it’s not surprising if they reshuffled things around and optimised like crazy to achieve that score.

    I hope that HOF members do not get discouraged by the insults and accusations being hurled their way. The GC scores will speak for itself anyway when the bug is fixed.

  26. lol Khaos and Shal deserve this backlash. They have no idea what power they have behind their words, to abuse your influence and then cause a whole army of your fans to go bully koreans and japanese guilds all because of YOUR SUSPICIONS (despite no factual evidence) is a HUGE NEW LOW.

    It’s karma.

    Absolutely astonishing.