11 thoughts on “[Event] Special On-Time / Hot-Time & Attendance Event for May”

  1. Can vespa start considering QoL (quality of life) updates into the game after all the necessary fixes (GC3 lag)?

    1) Reduction of amount of stockade runs with increased of rewards
    2) Dispatch Eclipse (IDK man a single eclipse takes too much time, from optimizing gears for 10 teams, to repeating a team for 30~70+ stages for 10 times)
    3) Enable ruby flask to work for dispatch teams.
    4) Increased stamina consumption with increased rewards for juno/future farming events? (maybe a 10x consumption increase for stamina and 10x rewards boost per run to lighten the load?) As a mobile game, players are forced to farm the game in the “PC style” for hours. Are you guys trying to mine for bitcoins or something? 🙁

    Pretty sure that there is alot more other areas of improvements as well and other players can list them out.. Maybe you can do a survey like you did recently and ask for opinion again

    1. 1. just do the stockades you want? takes like 3 mins a day
      2. you can use multiple eclipse tickets in one run also you can have a gear preset for eclipse so you only need to setup gear / perks once
      3. you don’t really get enough ruby flasks for this to ever matter
      4. actually a good idea but they probably have a metric for the amount of time spent each day for players which they show to investors / company holders so they probably wouldn’t do this

      1. I mean still it doesn’t hurt right?

    2. About eclipse. … Its not like u have to do this in daily basis and there is no way to shorten it i think … Ruby flask in dispatch is also bad …there should be some benefits for people who stay online for house for farming tm gears so there should be some privilege for them i.e ruby flask + some event benefits..

  2. I think I didn’t get the reward on the second day of event 3, who else has the same problem?

  3. Haha! When I saw “May”, I was thinking of our beloved Hero, not the month!

  4. I completely forgot about this and had to google “Special Attendance Event Rewards for May” to find this post again, thank you