[Maintenance Notice] February 24th (Thu), 2022 (Updated at 2/22 07:05 UTC)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the details on the upcoming maintenance on February 24th (Thu).

(We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that the original schdule was not available)

Please note that you will not be able to access the game during the maintenance.

Also, please be reminded that you will be able to check the details of the update through the Patch Notes that will be posted after the start of the maintenance.

[Maintenance Schedule]

Duration: February 24th (Thu) 00:00 ~ 23:00 UTC (5 hours)

America Server (UTC -5): February 23rd (Wed) 19:00 ~ February 24th (Thu) 00:00
EU Server (UTC +1): February 24th (Thu) 01:00 ~ 06:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): February 24th (Thu) 07:00 ~ 12:00

** Divine Punishment Raid will be temporarily closed from February 21st (Mon) 00:00 until February 24th maintenance due to preparation of content reorganization.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Kakahiya, sobra.

    Mga pinoy pala na mababaho ang bibig ang mga “regular” na nagpopost ng mga reklamo dito.

    Yung mga linyang “why vespa?” “why you lied” “that’s why your game is dead”.

    Karamihan, pinoy pala ang nag-uudyok ng mga ganitong klaseng panimulang diskurso.

    Parang mga hayop…

    Tapos magsasambit pa nang “vietnam is ANIMAL language” ukol sa kamakailang pagtigil ng suporta sa nasabing wika.

    Parang ano lang… hayop na di nakikita ang totoong repleksyon sa salamin.

    Kakahiya, sobra.

    1. Pinag sasabi mo. Google translate ata message mo. Lalim ng tagalog ahh.. Wala pinoy ang magsasalita ng ganyan sa comment. Nahihiya ka? Pakialam namin. Attention seeker

    2. It’s a shame, too much.

      It’s a shambles that the “regulars” who post complaints about it.

      The lines “why vespa?” “why you lied” “that’s why your game is dead”.

      Mostly, it’s a good thing to be able to trigger these kinds of initial discourses.

      Like animals…

      Then there’s the “vietnam is ANIMAL language” about the recent decline in support in the language.

      It’s like what… The real reflection on the glass is invisible.

      It’s a shame, too much.

  2. Please fix your servers, in LoV when you keep trying to use skills to no avail then you lose and get “disconnected from server” error wth? My connection is very fast and very stable and the ping is low so the only explanation is your server is so damn slow, this is frustrating even if this happens only once every 100 battles this is not acceptable, to lose to opponents I’d normally never lose to and have +1 lose to my record because you are too lazy to check and properly maintain your servers…

    1. They already know about these pvp issues and they were addressed in the middle of last year in one of their Dev Notes and sadly it will be fixed (at least for what they promised) after KR2 release

      1. I never missed a developers note but I don’t remember them talking about this so it must be my memory, I’m glad they are aware of the problem and at least have the intentions to work on solving it even if it was after KR2 release, I hope all the server related issues would be solved, thank you for letting me know about this <3

  3. Please fix the Transcend perk page issue. After the last update I bought a fourth page for my Valance and Estelle. Now they’re unusable in GR, WB (as far as I know)… and many of the people in my guild have reported the same. I already reported it via email, but your rep only said they’d relay my report to the dev team of the ‘possible’ cause of the bug.

    I bought a 4th TP page for another hero I never use, and it all of a sudden I get 2 error screens which say I’ve got bad network and inconsistent data. But when I use heroes who have 3 or less tp pages… no problems. So don’t tell me it’s a hypothetical cause. This is game breaking. Normally there’d have been an emergency maintenance by now, but the issue has been left totally unaddressed. Just horrible…