[Maintenance Complete] February 2nd, 2021

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform you all that scheduled maintenance has been completed.

You will now be able to access to KING’s RAID.

[Maintenance Schedule]

Duration: 9 hour(s)

▶ America Server (UTC -5): February 1st (Mon) 20:00 ~ 2nd (Tue) 05:00
▶ EU Server (UTC +1): February 2nd (Tue) 02:00 ~ 11:00
▶ Asia Server (UTC +7): February 2nd (Tue) 08:00 ~ 17:00

Here is a list of the new content available after the maintenance:

▶ Special Event – Spring Festival Dungeon
▶ Stages will be added to the Technomagic Kingdom Raids
▶ Rewards of the 28-Day Attendance board will be changed
▶ Improvements made to Beginner Raiders/Returning Raiders Jumping Order
▶ Episodes will be added to Piece of Memory
▶ Account linking will be available with Twitter / LINE
▶ Bug Fixes

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

8 thoughts on “[Maintenance Complete] February 2nd, 2021”

  1. game crash every 10 min on my bluestack..also i did instal apk for app player.why always like this every update ,there is always something not right/

    1. So it’s not just mobiles having issue with this game being too demanding on battery life with all these no-dispatch function stamina drain event. Even emulators having issue with this game.

      At this rate less and less players going to play this game if no REAL solutions made.

  2. Thank you GM Gremory!! I’m looking forward to enjoying this new patch 🙂