[Maintenance Notice] November 23rd (Tue), 2021 (Updated on November 16th (Tue) 21:50 [PST])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the details on the upcoming maintenance on November 23rd (Tue).

Please note that you will not be able to access the game during the maintenance.

Also, please be reminded that you will be able to check the details of the update through the Patch Notes that will be posted after the start of the maintenance.

[Maintenance Schedule]

Duration: 6 hour(s)

America Server (UTC -5): Nov 22nd (Mon) 19:00 ~ Nov 23rd (Tue) 01:00
EU Server (UTC +1): Nov 23rd (Tue) 01:00 ~ 07:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): November 23rd (Tue) 07:00 ~ 13:00

Thank you.

GM Gremory

“[Maintenance Notice] November 23rd (Tue), 2021 (Updated on November 16th (Tue) 21:50 [PST])”에 관한 5개의 댓글

    1. What’s your problem exactly? they are humans too…
      does they need your permission before they change their working hours?
      it’s not even like they suddenly changed it, the time is announced a whole week beforehand

  1. Why am I even confused by maintenance times being incorrect anymore? I should understand by now that any update time that says the next day should mean I need to log in quick and grab my loot before maintenance hits my time of day.
    I’m gonna blame it on being sick, and not my own poor brain </3

  2. the current maintenance schedule is not good for american server players.
    if the next maintenance on the 30th, players on the asia server will get 8x daily events while the american server only 7x

  3. Actually what timezone does this game and the website even run off of?
    It’s saying Virginia Time for American server ingame maintenance time, and that’s 2-3 hours ahead of my time zone I think.
    This website is different though, as it’s already Tuesday morning/early afternoon on this, even though it’s still Monday the 22nd of November for most of NA users idek.