[Maintenance Extension] April 15th (Thu), 2021

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re sorry to inform you that maintenance has been extended due to unexpected circumstances.

Please check the details below for more information.

[Maintenance Schedule]

Duration: 7 hour(s)

▶ America Server (UTC -4): April 14th (Wed) 14:00 ~ 21:00

▶ EU Server (UTC +2): April 14th (Wed) 20:00 ~ April 15th (Thu) 03:00

▶ Asia Server (UTC +7): April 15th (Thu) 01:00 ~ 08:00

※ Rewards will be announced when maintenance is completed.

※ We will be opening the game as soon as the maintenance is completed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

GM Gremory

32 thoughts on “[Maintenance Extension] April 15th (Thu), 2021”

  1. HAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA Extended. yup, if you didn’t play today, sorry bro. There goes your streak.


      Where are those losers from the last post I wonder , I bet those guys be loving the 11HOUR maintenance 😂

      1. Maintenance 4 hours then extended by 3 hours, it’s 7 hours in total not 11 hours.

    1. Yeah, i was hope it last for eternity.

      My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined……

  2. DEAD GAME which was only played by BRAIN DEAD PLAYERS ??


  3. Screw your 300 rubies. I’d rather not have them.

    Screw your incompetent Devs as well for breaking my 1021 day login streak.


  4. Extend the new event that require us to hit guild raid or reduce the requirement for the last reward from 12 days to 10.

    Also when will you ever test your game?

  5. People think updating a live game is easy, yet they never coded anything nor worked for a big company that do it.

    1. GO fuck yourself

      They don’t know how to code shit , what is your point??? I should know how to code for them??? Giving them all this money for a broken game ain’t enough???

    2. You clearly haven’t worked in a big company either then, right? Because if you did you’d know that any dev worth their salt has test servers where they roll this kind of shit out and can EASILY spot this kind of major issue. Stop being an apologist, vespa fucked up and they should be ashamed that such a major issue was allowed to go into live servers.

      1. I work for one of the biggest code company in France. Code isn’t like magic. It’s not because test is good that it’s going to work everywhere. This game is free and they’re doing all they can to make it work. Even a company like Riot Games has issues within their games. King’s raid is a big game which requires a lot of effort and sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

    3. Why are you supporting them? It is their job to code this game and it barely even works most of the time. Fkn white knights smh.

      1. You clearly never worked in your life and you are probably 14. Don’t talk to me unless you’ve got some brain.

  6. I literally just got back into this game after years of not playing. I haven’t even been able to play for a week and there’s already been 2 extremely long maintenance periods. Very disappointing, especially since I’m sure the compensation will be lackluster too :/

    1. I’m so happy actually uk ! GIve me a break from playing this cancerass piece of shiit game !!! BRAINDEAD PIECE OF SHIT DEVS DOING 11 HOUR MAINTENANCE ON A GAME THAT FEELS LIKE IT’S RUNNING ON ENGINE FROM 2000s .!.

  7. Keep up the good work devs! Hope the maintenance end soon and if it doesn’t hope all goes well at the end! Cheers and keep up the good work!

    1. Stop creating alts to whiteknight Vespa on here James. You’re embarassing.

    1. Stop creating fake accounts to troll me! I AM THE REAL THING !! I am SHREWMIMI