[Maintenance Complete] February 19th (Fri), 2021

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform that scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Please check the details below for more information about today’s maintenance.

[Maintenance Details]

▶ The following issues have been fixed through this maintenance

– Fixed the issue in which the stage was cleared immediately when trying to Transcend Hero Glenwys (occurs even when the battle is not cleared)

– Fixed the issue in which Xerah’s Weapon from the ‘World-Devouring Darkness Xerah’ costume appeared to be different from the costume illustration.

– Fixed the issue in which a bug was found on Hero Xerah when playing the motions for [Animation] > [Agonized].

– (Android only) Fixed the issue in which Hero Kasel’s modeling appeared when obtaining the Hero ‘Dark Lord Kasel’

– Fixed the issue in which the number of daily charged Entry Tickets & total number of Entry Tickets of ‘Shakmeh’s Helm Decoration’ were shown incorrectly when touching [Portal > Shakmeh].

– Fixed the issue in which [Tree of Sin] couldn’t be attacked when using Roi’s Blade Claw (3rd Skill) in the [Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh] Dungeon.

▶ Adjustments have been made to the DMG of Hero Shakmeh’s ‘Advent of Despair’ (3rd Skill)

– The DMG of the skill ‘Advent of Despair’ in the PvP contents appeared to be higher than what was intended. Through this maintenance, the skill DMG will be decreased by 70% than what it used to be.

Shakmeh’s passive skill and Transcendence Perk are the factors that build up a high HP for the Hero. This Hero can heal allies and attack enemies equal to a certain percentage of self’s Max HP.

However, when Shakmeh was built up by focusing on his ATK, we realized that he was making excessive DMG in the PvP contents. Due to this reason, we have decided to make adjustments to the skill ‘Advent of Despair’ in order to prevent the Hero from affecting the PvP contents.

Besides the adjustments we have made to the DMG of the skill, no additional changes have been made to the Hero. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and confusion this may have caused.

For this reason, we will be distributing ‘Unique Treasure Awakening Transfer Ticket x 1’ to Raiders who want to transfer the Awakening Phase of the item ‘Scroll of Royalty’.

▶ Compensation will be given out to the following Raiders: Raiders who have awakened the item ‘Scroll of Royalty’ (Unique Treasure 3rd Skill) after the maintenance on February 16th (Tue) ~ Before the temporary maintenance on February 19th (Fri)

▶ How to receive the compensation: Send 1:1 inquiry to cs_en@vespainteractive.com

▶ Inquiries will be accepted within the following period: February 19th (Fri) ~ February 28th (Sun)

▶ Reward Distribution: The item will be distributed during the maintenance on March 9th (Tue) to the Mailbox

▶ Solutions

:: 1~5 Awakening: We will be distributing ‘Unique Treasure Awakening Transfer Ticket x 1’ that can only be used on the item ‘Scroll of Royalty’ (Unique Treasure 3rd Skill)

※ Please note that the Unique Treasure Awakening Transfer Ticket that we will be giving out can only be used on the Unique Treasure ‘Scroll of Royalty’.

Additionally, we will be sending an ‘Unique Treasure Ticket x 1’ to all Raiders during the maintenance on March 9th (Tue) as a compensation to the inconvenience caused for the adjustments of Shakmeh’s skill.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment caused. We promise we will try harder to provide a more stable gaming environment to all Raiders.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

29 thoughts on “[Maintenance Complete] February 19th (Fri), 2021”

  1. this is load of bull its not our fault you didnt test it out before releasing shakmeh. I demand full refund for package and skin.

  2. This dumbskulls dont even test stuff before release and when they decide to “fix” something they allways end up trashing the skill , they make a ignore def ut just because its “fashion” for units to have ignore defense nowadays , they make a Nerf when they dont even know what the problem is, the problem was that the NH dmg layer of S3 was activating inside PvP wich instead of 100% of the dmg , was causing S3 to do 200% of the damage , Now this dumbskulls decide to make a 70% Nerf to the BASE skill dmg (no Nerf policy remenber ?) , So just a fast example on how this shit going to affect shak S3 , the 100% base dmg Now is 30% base dmg (100-70=30) , Now what Will happen on PvE? Yes you got that right the NH dmg layer Will proc Over the 30% normal dmg , so shak Will BE doing 60% dmg on PvE instead of 200% , and what does this means ? YES a 140% dmg reduction to the skill itself , THIS WASNT A FIX , THIS WAS A NERF , since you have time to Nerf things i Will hereby give something for you to Nerf , sorry to “fix” , starting with nia S3 and naila S3 , and you know who? Your favourite poison Lady Lorraine , and who also ? Oh yes pansi S3

    1. What a Pathetic, calling for a nerf of other heroes coz his hero got nerfed... says:

      oh someone is hurt badly
      Cry louder I can’t hear you

      1. Dude y not go back to the basement u r living in and stay quite.

  3. Dear Vespa, Roi’s Blade Claw still cannot hit the tree of sins in Big Shak. Only ‘hack’ can hit the trees when he use Blade Claw.

    Can you check?

    1. Holy is this true? Looks like another emergency maintenance incoming KEK

      Why do they never test themselves and only let their own players test… this goes beyond me.

  4. Fucking Sean like gm on pirate mmo server, who creates benefits for his character.Sean playing gay-bruiser deck and ruining burst deck players experience by nerfing them with helms,rdiance,kibera,ff,dlk,rc but when appears hero that kicks that fucking bruiser teams nerf it immediately.

  5. Lol, even your JP whales are not happy with the compensation for the Shakmeh nerfs. Take a look on Twitter.

    You can see many m Japan server players who have invested in Shakmeh’s UW/SW are disappointed the compensation is ONLY tied to his UT3.

    Vespa did a big oppsie this time.
    If you TEST things first BEFORE implement on live servers you would not be in this situation.

    Instead, you used your own consumers to test. Here is the repercussions and karma.

    1. No UW and Soul weapon transfer? WTF? I invested so much for him to be dps, wtf?

  6. Wow this is a scam. Impressive! What about his UW, his SW, ethers? A UT ticket wouldn’t cut it lmao. Some people wouldn’t even invest him in the first place if it is not S3. I’m just glad I didn’t fall for your scams because of your “marvelous” in the past.

  7. Foolish Nerf Ever.
    You should adjust Shak skill without any effect to PVE


  8. Completely insulting to people who spent on his skin, packs and whatever else. A single UT ticket and an S3 xfer ticket? Do you know how many ethers people invested? Or UW tickets?

    Will never touch a new hero again if this is the kind of ineptitude and compensation offered.

  9. Congratulation!!! You did a great job.
    You make old player who have been playing since game opened like me quit this game easier.

    Im done for this game.

  10. Lol everyone should look at Twitter, all the Japan server whale players are angry with this so-called “compensation”. Some are even saying they will file against Vespa if no real compensation is given.

    No refund for the rubies spent reforge Shakmeh SW/UTs. No compensation for awakening his UW/SW either.

    The backlash is deserved.

    Also Roi S3 still bugged in big Shak after this maintanence is laughable.

    1. Linking some posts to show how even your biggest JP whales are disappointed about the poor compensation:







      Also to think the compensation is given on the 9th of MARCH is running more salt onto the wound. Why should it take so long for you to compensate us?

  11. Dear Vespa,

    Naver, Kings Raid Official Community and Twitter is filled with posts about your inadequate “compensation”.

    Your compensation does NOT take into account the NUMEROUS reforge tickets spent on unique treasures. Your compensation also fails to account the RUBIES spent on reforging SW stats allocation.

    Furthermore, you do not compensate those who no longer which to have him after his nerfs because you do not offer a Unique Weapon nor Soulstone transfer ticket.

    This mistake or “bug” as you call it was CREATED by your lack of inadequacy to do proper testing. You released a half-finished product and sold it to us. Then you say that he was “not as intended” when players have already spent their money? Do you think we can stay silent with this pitiful compensation given?

    It’s not a matter that can be easily resolved by “take his UT3 transfer ticket and shut up”.

    Linking some posts to show how even your biggest JP whales are disappointed about the poor compensation:







    Finally, I wish to end by saying that you need to remember this is YOUR mistake for not testing first. You created the problem yourself so you should fix it and bear the losses. And as others have said already, you have countless times used your own PLAYERS to do the testing. This is NOT what we are paying for.

    Also for a maintanence that was supposed to resolve issues, to think I’m hearing from many players that Roi is STILL bugged is truly embarrassing and further disappointing.



  12. You should pay us instead of your QA team.
    Oh wait. Better prioritize that limited costumes first
    Better yet make an alternative version of each heroes and make limited costumes and make them op.

  13. Dear Vespa,

    I speak with many players thoughts in mind regarding your decision today. As of present, Naver Café, the Kings Raid Official Community and Twitter is filled with posts about your inadequate “compensation”.

    To put it simply, your compensation does NOT take into account the NUMEROUS reforge tickets spent on reforging Shakmeh’s unique treasures. Your compensation also fails to account the tens of thousands of RUBIES spent on SW stats reallocation.

    Additionally, you do not compensate those who no longer which to have Shakmeh (after his nerfs) because you do not offer a Unique Weapon nor Soulstone transfer ticket. I also question your long withheld “no-nerf policy” which saw you make extremely broken heroes like Pansirone ‘nerf-immune’.

    This mistake or “bug” as you would like to call it was CREATED by your inadequacy towards proper testing. You released a half-finished product (Shakmeh) and sold it to us. Then you dare to say he was “not as intended” when players have already spent their money? The result is we are left with something we didn’t get as advertised. Do you think we can stay silent with this pitiful compensation given?

    It’s not a matter that can be easily resolved by saying: “take his UT3 transfer ticket and shut up”.

    Furthermore, I again would like to remind you that this fiasco was created by your OWN mistakes. Since you birthed the problem, it is your essentially responsibility to remedy it in the fairest way possible, even if it means you are to suffer some losses.

    As many others are saying, had you tested first before selling your product you would not see this you not meet this backlash now.

    Finally, I would like to add that it is honestly beyond the scope of embarrassing to undergo such a lengthy maintenance when a major issue with the character ‘Roi’ persists. Must players be your personal testers every time? Though I suppose it’s not as embarrassing nor horrific as your “compensation”.

    Please reconsider your “compensation”. The compensation is very unrealistic and unjustified considering the facts that many players have spent countless items on Shakmeh beyond his UT3.
    Many players are considering not supporting your game further, should you stubbornly wish to continue handling the issue this way.


    Disappointed Player No.123

    1. So, let me get this straight… people invested in a tank… tank…. TANK and I’ll repeat it again… TANK… and hoped for a … damage dealer? O.O (wish you could make the Os bigger, because those are too small to show the surprise)

      And now that I’m done with repeating the obvious, let me ask this question… did you in all seriousness think that he’d be doing a lot of dmg? I’m just trying to see what’s people’s IQ here. Yes, there are tanks that can do some dmg, like Dosarta for instance, but it’s nowhere near what dealers do. So while it’s not surprising, that people could build a tank as a dealer, it’s also very foolish even for a second to think that he’d be an actual dealer. More so, when he was released, you could easily (unless you’re blind, in which case I apologize) see the numbers of his s3 and realize that they were actually really low for a “dmg skill”. It could seriously poke your eyes out, that’s how obvious the numbers were.

      I’m not defending Vespa’s compensation. I’m just going against the … that would be too rude to say, but I’m sure you get the gist of it.

      I’d love to see the nerf policy back already… but with how people reacted .. again…. we’d be stuck with broken heroes no matter what. The community is just digging the grave deeper.


      Mr. Obvious to the oblivious

      1. Have you ever heard of PvP? Maybe you haven’t but it is a large part of the game for lots of people and is why they invested in Shak as a dps. The fact that you don’t think he is a dps is irrelevant to the situation. Vespa released a hero and people spend real money to buy packages based on what they saw. Now Vespa have made a change without understanding the real issue and these peoples money has been wasted without any real compensation given. It is unacceptable and you shouldn’t be defending any aspect of it.

      2. Tank that ignores defense, and no, its S3 doesn’t have low numbers. btw Sonia is a Tank too in Wall Team, Lol.

    2. PvP… let me see…. oh yes, the content, where your characters could spit on someone and they’d die due to the insane amount of stats, that characters have. People thought that Scarlet had high dmg as well… oh. People thought that Shamilla had high dmg as well… oh. I don’t know why you’d think even for a second that PvP is a good example when it comes to dmg, I’m honestly baffled.
      Just because people thought that X character should have high dmg, doesn’t mean it does.
      I’ve fought the famous Sonias that people are oh so scared of… what can I say, doesn’t matter if you have 50m+ hp on the stats sheet, if you still get killed in a matter of seconds. Her dmg is also not high, what people get confused with is that she CCs your characters so you end up doing no dmg which in turn makes it look like she’s doing similar dmg to your dealer. But if she can’t stop your dealer from doing dmg, the difference is like night and day. Most players that fight her with a half decent dealer end up destroying her and in the end the dmg is like 200m to 10m. Her dmg is really low as well. So why did you even bring her up?

      And yes, his s3 has abysmal numbers and you’d have to be really blind not to see that. For it to do some decent dmg, he’d have to get 30 stacks before using it and by that time, the enemy team would either be dead already, or roll over you.

  14. Jesus Christ you people. You’re all the reason this fuckin community is forever toxic. Grow up and leave!

    1. Go shove ur cheep ass somewhere no one can it. People spent real hard earned money on him they wanted a physical sonia kinda of hero. Now they nerfed him so he can’t be what people invested in him to be. And what vespa gave them back? Absolutely nothing enough. Just ut3 transfer ticket. What about his uw and sw??

    2. Grew up today, will dump money into the stock market rather than this game.

  15. I think that Gremory’s SW is buggued. I did hundreds of TM runs in auto mode and she always casts her SW once. She never uses the remaining 7 uses