[Maintenance Complete] April 15th (Thu), 2021

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform you that maintenance has been completed.

Please read the details below for more information about the maintenance.

[Maintenance Details]

We have fixed the network connection issues that were encountered when accessing the Guild Conquest, Guild War, League of Honor and World Boss contents & delaying issues when accessing the portal.

The issues we have mentioned above have occurred due to an access error with the AWS server which was in charge of managing the global content data.

As soon as we encountered this issue, we have fixed it through this urgent maintenance. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused by the delay.

We will be rewarding all Raiders with the rewards below for the inconvenience. We promise we will work harder to prevent these issues from happening in the future.

– 1,000 Rubies

[Only Europe Server]
– Daily Mission Reward Box x1

※ You will be able to receive the rewards until April 15th (Thu) 23:59.

Please note that you will be able to access the game, and once again, we’d like to apologize for any trouble caused.

We will make our best efforts to provide a stable and enjoyable game for everyone.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

27 thoughts on “[Maintenance Complete] April 15th (Thu), 2021”

  1. 1000 rubies for this garbage mess. LOL. F you.
    Incompetent developers.

    Give me back my 1021 day login streak.

    Why should players have to pay the price for your own mistakes?
    Why should players have to pay the price for you NEVER testing your damn game since it started in 2017?
    Why should players have to test your game for you?

    1. incompetent player who didn’t log in during the other 17hrs the game was up for lmfaoooo

      1. People have a life and that includes going to work, family duties and studies.

        Just because you have no life, sit on your a55 all day or lie in bed doing nothing remotely useful, doesn’t mean others do the same. I spend my time wisely tyvm.

        Gtfo white knight.

      2. People have life.

        Played the same game for 1021 days straight.

        Doesnt seem to match up

      3. Not his fault. He spends the rest of his time on reddit farming karma.

    2. Dont cry lil baby. U can uninstall the game fking retard.

      1. U can eat a dick too 😳.

        Is this what u get off to? Mocking a guy that lost his streak of 3 years while u prolly couldn’t even be bothered to login to the game and only came out of this with nothing but rewards. Disgusting pieces of shit. Are all of u delusional or are u just mean ??? Did no1 think that maybe the guy was too busy/tired or whatever to login to the game earlier and still fucking dedicated time to login before the day ended to renew his streak only to be met with what ??? Nice fuck you by vespa ???


  2. Another day where Vespa screws up because they fail to TEST their own game before implement updates on live servers

    You had WEEKS to test GC3 before implementing the changes but clearly you didn’t.

    I don’t see any other game not testing throughly, I don’t see any other game having so many game-breaking bugs constantly and most of all, giving this terrible compensation.

    Truly one of a kind.

  3. The compensation is really disappointing. We had just experienced 7-hour long of inconvenience to receive only 1000 rubies.

    It seems to me that if the issue has no direct affect on the paying players, you will just compensate all of the players garbage worth of rubies. That move is very sus.

    I still love King’s Raid tho.

  4. You guys better improve the compensation or you’ll be forcing us to review bomb king’s raid in the playstore. we are not expecting humongous freebies but at least something more reasonable than just 1k freebies.

  5. Ya all can be happy to even get something, u dont pay to play this game so there is not really a need for a compensation

      1. Stop! You cannot be best trap! I am smallest dicklet biggest areola player! I am SHREWMIMI

  6. This kind of bullshit compensation is only worth for dogs, not human being.

    VESTARD threat their player base like a dog. Cant blame them because of those white knights are one.

    1. Stop insulting dogs u peace of shit human. The way you behave is probably worse then dogs and are a disgrace to all humans in general.

      1. @Godsel

        Stop pretending to be my guildie lol. You’re tainting his name.

  7. Wtf this 1000 rubies gibe us + ut and uw ticket for brocken guld atendense list!

  8. Pls make a post explaining the use of the conquest status. What’s the point of stalking other guilds damage?
    Also giving ranking on members damage is kinda useless to be honest. This feature doesn’t help in any way on conquest

  9. Congratulations on finishing it 🙂 AWS can be very tricky indeed!