[Maintenance Complete] July 20th (Tue), 2021 (Updated on July 23rd (Fri) 03:18 [PDT])

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform you that maintenance has been completed.

Please read the details below for more information about the maintenance.

[Maintenance Schedule]

Duration: 6 hour(s)

America Server (UTC -4): July 19th (Mon) 14:00 ~ 20:00
EU Server (UTC +2): July 19th (Mon) 20:00 ~ July 20th (Tue) 02:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): July 20th (Tue) 01:00 ~ 07:00

Here is the list of the new content available after the maintenance:

  • July 20th (Tue) Update Details

▶ 2021 Swimsuit Costumes (1st)

▶ League of Honor Regular Season 14 Open

▶ UI and Content Improvements within the game

※ Reward distribution regarding the issue with the Additional Skill in Technomagic Gears

1. Isaiah Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket Reward

– You will be able to collect this reward after the maintenance on July 20th (Tue) ~ until July 26th 23:59.

– Please note that for Raiders who have used their Soul Weapon Transfer Tickets on Heroes released after Gremory will be excluded from the list of Raiders who will be receiving the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket reward. We have distributed 2,100 Rubies + 1 All-In-One Special Summon x10 Ticket to Raiders whose rewards were not collected.

2. World Boss, League of Honor, League of Victory Rewards

– These rewards can be collected until July 25th 23:59.

※ We were planning to distribute the rewards by this week, however, the process of checking the overall data of our Raiders is taking more time than expected. Please note that the rewards will be distributed next week due to this delay. We apologize for this inconvenience and we ask for your patience and understanding.

We will make our best efforts to provide a stable and enjoyable game for everyone.

Thank you.

GM Gremory