[Maintenance Complete] February 23rd (Tue), 2021

텍스트, 식물이(가) 표시된 사진 자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform that scheduled maintenance has been completed.

You will now be able to access the game.

For more details, please check the information below.

[Maintenance Details]

The issue in which [Tree of Sin] can’t be attacked when using Roi’s Blade Claw (3rd Skill) in the [Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh] Dungeon has been fixed.


We have sent the rewards mentioned below to your Mailbox. For more details about the rewards we’ll be sending out, please check our previous post : [Link]

– Unique Weapon Awakening Transfer Ticket (Shakmeh) x 1

– Unique Treasure Awakening Transfer Ticket (Shakmeh) x 4

– Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket (Shakmeh) x 1

– Unique Weapon Ticket (Shakmeh) x 1

– Unique Treasure Ticket (Shakmeh) x 1

– Soul Weapon Rearrange Ticket x 50

– 100,000,000 Gold

– Reforge Tickets x 100

– 5,000 Rubies

※ Please note that only Hero Shakmeh’s Unique Gear can be used as a medium in the Shakmeh’s Awakening Transfer Ticket.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

“[Maintenance Complete] February 23rd (Tue), 2021”에 관한 11개의 댓글

  1. Fix magic vs physical disparity.
    Magic users are so scuffed thanks to your whole HQ biased towards physical.

    Fix WB3 physical amp (too high) for 11+ months!
    Why still silent on this issue???

    Give QOL fixes for MOBILE users. Example: dispatch/turbo Shakmeh and events with dispatch feature enabled.

    Fix your November meme balance patch (Crow, Theo, Viska, Chrisha, etc…).

    Fix your communication with players.

    Fix your game optimisation.

    These will be the greatest anniversary gift.

    1. The olny thing left to fix is ur life pal. I mean if they could they would fix most of these like qol and November heroes. However ur loser tears of magic vs physical the only fix for it is to grow up. They never told u to play one damage type and both sides have broken heroes. Unless u main yanne ur hero hero would have some use or other in different content. Broken heroes are meant to be generalists who will do great in most content, so u can have one of them and a specialist/hero u like rather than building 10 different heroes for each content.

    2. World boss is not a place for weaklings.. Asking for nerfs when you can wholeheartedly jus build a new team. And no one asked you to build a single magic/physical team if you wanna do word boss. Seriously you should gtfo world boss if you think its uncompetitive content. Just go fight your dragon raids

      idk why…but after looking at what you typed. I hope your crow/theo would never get buffed >:B Just move on with the other heroes.

    3. Damm..these crow & theo liars asking for mre buffs..

      Pretty sure with the recent adjustments, theo & crow are able to clear their own respective trial stage 10 and Big shak 9 now

      Its a balanced patch..nt a broken patch..anymore further buffs would make them new cancer heroes.

      1. ^ Well to be fair, magic teams have no chance of competing against physical teams in WB3 because of the overtuned amp. Even now the top magic team whale (Artemia DPS) only does like 1/4 of the top physical team score.

        Shakmeh’s release also makes magic teams even more scuffed in scoring content thanks to his broken amp (which also completely booted Loman). Meanwhile magic users still have no real good tanks for competitive content.

        Also, imagine even thinking Crow and Theo are “cancer heroes” when they are mediocre at best. KEK.
        Clearly you haven’t met true cancers like Dark Lord Kasel, Pansirone, Lorraine, Cain etc… maybe you’re playing Platinum Tier arena. Only way your comments would make sense.

        Also nobody does dragon raids these days, it’s been dead content for nearly 2 years.
        Talk about dragons, Yanne desperately need buffs or an overhaul like Roi did this patch. No clue why Vespa refuses to work on her.

      2. Crow didn’t even get buffed last time unless you think his meme +1.8% dmg increase to his S3 was a “buff”.
        Also Theo just had his dumb mana-block removed after 2 years (which shouldn’t have been there in the first place).

        Meme tier buffs. Same thing with Seria ones this patch.

        Also your comments are funny, it’s like saying Laudia needs buffs because she can’t do her trial 9 and Shak 10 unlike the former. But I’m sure most players agree she doesn’t need any buffs since she is still queen of WB1 as well as good in GC1, CR solo timed and TM raids.

        No logic in your writing.

      3. Hahahaa same context as pokemon. Brainded wanna main a pidgey and expect it to outperform a zapdos. Noone forced u to main theo btw

        Cmon man .. pretty sure only new or upcomin heroes will only take up the replace the new dpses in world boss.

        Old heroes? Re-work are probably just meant for them to perform decently in trials and shakmeh content. And the re-work seems fine to me. Obviously it seems that those players want their theo to replace laudia/kara/rc/pansi/mitra. Shakes head

    1. This ticket will swap the awakening level of the UW’s/UT’s
      as this tickets is meant for players who wants to transfer away from Shakmeh after the adjustments made to S3 it’s only normal for it to be limited to one side only otherwise people could’ve used it to do the opposite