[Maintenance Complete] August 17th (Tue), 2021

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform you that maintenance has been completed.

Please read the details below for more information about the maintenance.

[Maintenance Schedule]

Duration: 7 hour(s)

America Server (UTC -4): August 16th (Mon) 14:00 ~ 21:00
EU Server (UTC +2): August 16th (Mon) 20:00 ~ August 17th (Tue) 03:00
Asia Server (UTC +7): August 17th (Tue) 01:00 ~ 08:00

Here is the list of the new content available after the maintenance:

  • August 17th (Tue) Update Details

▶ Grand Opening! Orvel Water Park! (Re-run)
▶ Hero Balance Adjustments – Aselica & Laias
▶ 2021 Swimsuit Costumes (2nd)
▶ Addition of Hero Isaiah to the Hero’s Inn

We will make our best efforts to provide a stable and enjoyable game for everyone.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

9 thoughts on “[Maintenance Complete] August 17th (Tue), 2021”

  1. The game is insanely buggy at the moment.

    Missing 75% of graphics and icons

    Unlimited running Kasel when trying to enter WB screen.


  2. I’m just saying despite all the bugs, reforge tickets should not cost 250 a piece in the event shop for orvel water park.