[Event] League of Fortune Grand Opening Celebration – Lucky Ticket Event

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  1. you have no life if you can get the rewards… 5 tickets a day, but the tickets regen 1 every 10mins. yea, no life…. but what else are you gonna do when your city, not mine, is locked down and you can’t go anywhere?

  2. Vespa wants to destroy not only mobile phones but also players health by making them spend tickets every 50 mins just so they can enter this grand lottery or get some extra RNG mystical Cain fragments.

    No thanks. We have a life.

      1. @James/Male Estelle/White Knight

        Stop defending Vespa when they’ve failed to adhere to promises time and time again. They need to be criticised and have their mistakes pointed out to them; hero balancing, game optimisation, powercreep, damaging players phones despite this being a mobile game and now damaging players health. Not calling them out only invites further chaos and repeated mistakes.

        As for your comments… it’s weird. It’s repulsive. You’re really embarrassing James. Literally you’re the biggest white knight I’ve seen ever since PLUG died. You literally comment on every post with crazy optimism as if you’re the male version of Estelle herself…

        Also you are “forced” to play if you want the participation rewards. And you’re indirectly forced to destroy your own life if you want to gain bigger chances of winning in their RNG lottery.
        Btw, it gives me the creeps to see how you manage to always suck up to Vespa even when its a situation where they messed up terribly (e.g terrible quality balance patches that have no excuse, lack of game optimisation and QOL for mobile users, broken heroes etc…)

        Definitely real life male Estelle, my dude.

      2. James you are stupid. And your name is stupid too. I bet your father buy a milk and never comeback since now because he regret he was not using a condom before

      3. @Creepy white knight James fawning over everything Vespa does.

        I am so grateful for your compliments that I made a video to thank you!!!

  3. Honestly whoever approves content like this needs to be fired. Where is the fun in losing match after match because you get useless decks? And on top of that players are going to be rewarded based on their luck it seems. Smh vespa.

  4. OK, I’ll give you points for trying to add new content. But the execution for LoF is really, really bad.

    The teams vary way too much in effectiveness. Some are moderately strong. Some are totally useless. And there’s no way to control which one you get, so a player’s PvP skills are largely worthless. In other words, luck is going to decide who “wins” the season, not skill.

    This is compounded by the fact that you are giving a massive reward to the No. 1 player, and significantly less valuable rewards to No. 2 and 3, and then basically nothing to everyone else.

    What is the incentive for your players to engage in LoF? The return on investment is just not worth it. Most of us will probably just macro the 300 runs and call it a day. And that’s not how you want your players to approach new content, is it?

    Seriously, rethink this system. As it stands, it’s a fail.

    1. Looks like I own Vespa an apology. I misunderstood and thought it was ranking that determined who got the top rewards. Since it is just participation, my complaints about no factoring in skill is misplaced. Sorry about that, Vespa team.

  5. This game has thousands of players, but you’re only handing out 53 rewards in content that requires you have good luck… or no life. I don’t even… Most players will just do the bare minimum of participation runs and then never touch it again. There is no real point in perusing a reward you have no reasonable chance of getting.

    Maybe you should consider changing it to something more reasonable? Example: Top 10 should get Package 3, 11-100 should get Package 2, and 100 Package 1 draw rewards

    At least then it would feel like you have chance.

  6. LOF is trash, so trash.
    Even though I get a look-to-be-useful team, the opponents’ damage will always be higher.
    My balanced team got destroyed by a 4-healer team, and their highest dealer was Shea!
    What’s the purpose of the LOF anyway? You can’t set gears, transcendence perks, and more.
    People are doing this because of the event. When the event ends, this content will die for sure.

  7. LOF is literally trash RNG content. I had a 17 losing streak today and only won 3 battles in 20 tickets because I kept getting trash teams or running into people running Bau or FF/DLKasel combo.

    Also, as most people said, we can guarantee most players will stop queuing once they’ve done 300 battles.

    Worst content. If you ever bring this back it needs a major overhaul.

  8. The league of fortune is the most trash event i’ve ever seen. You rely nothing but luck. I know my luck is not good like u wish vespa * middle finger for you

    You get nothing but 4 assassin/mechanic without tank or shit hero like rodina, lewisia. But ur enemy got got nice composition. How the hell you win this u ffkin vespa??!! Atleast if you want to make it enjoyable, make it more fair u ffk.

    Remove npc hero like cain and ffkin meta hero