[Event] League of Fortune Lucky Ticket Event Results and Winner Announcement (Updated)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

The 1st session of the Lucky Ticket event has concluded.

We’d like to thank all Raiders for for playing the League of Fortune ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

So now, we will be announcing the Raiders who have collected the top number of Lucky Tickets (1st place ~ 3rd place).

We will also be announcing the Raiders who will be receiving the draw rewards of this event!

<Lucky Ticket Event – List of Winners>

<Asia Server>

<Europe Server>

<America Server>

– Go check the Orvel Foundation Day Packages: [Link]

We have sent the rewards for the 1st ~ 3rd place, and the draw rewards to your Mailbox. Make sure to check your Mailbox and receive your rewards before they expire!

Once again, we’d like to thank all Raiders for participating and we hope you participate in the second session of the event!

Thank you for participating and happy raiding!

GM Gremory

27 thoughts on “[Event] League of Fortune Lucky Ticket Event Results and Winner Announcement (Updated)”

  1. Ok so basically now for every ” interesting ” content ( not specifically this shitty pvp arena but like tm raid with stamina reduction and co ) if you have a computer with emu for KR and macro you are a winner… wasn t this a phonegame at first? Plz devs just take 2 more minutes or ask a child about your contents and event before doing them…

    1. I somewhat agree with you, it’s BS that an event with nice rewards can be macroed, but then Ig it’s also about St. Patricks day and Luck, so nothing to get so in a twist about.

  2. To be honest I’m surprised there isn’t more outrage about this whole event because I think it’s ridiculous. Vespa seems to have forgotten that this is a PHONE game and those of us who have a life couldn’t leave our phones on 24/7 to do LoF matches every 10 minutes. I imagine this event was a ploy to inflate the amount of time people are playing the game. Which would allow them to claim they have an active player base since they know players aren’t as interested in the game any more. I hope we never see an event like this again and instead have something that actually requires skill instead of luck.

  3. I won’t be playing lof anymore was in top 50 in lof before maintenance but still no rewards

  4. Let’s do some math here.

    How long will it take in order to get 2826 tickets?

    Each entry ticket takes 10 mins to recharge. Each win gives 2 lucky tickets and each loss gives 1 lucky ticket.

    If you lose all 100% of the matches, it will take (2826 tickets x 10mins) / (1440mins per day) = 19.625 days to get 2826 tickets.

    If you win 50% of the matches, you get 3 tickets every 2 wins (1.5 multiplier). It will take (2826 tickets x 10mins) / 1.5(1440 mins per day) = 13.083 days to get 2826 tickets.

    The event period was on for about 15 days.

    Mathematically, it is almost certain that a median player has a win rate of 50%.

    In conclusion, it is humanely impossible to manual play LOF non-stop for 13 to 15 days to get 2826 tickets with the assumption that the player never reaches 5/5 of entry tickets, since the entry tickets has to always be regenerating for the 13 to 15 days.

    Using common sense, there must be a system that is assisting the player to play LOF non-stop for 13 to 15 days to get 2826 tickets.

    Now we need to use common sense to determine if such a reward scheme from the event is ethical.

  5. you should have make the top 1-3 raffle from the tickets we got. More tickets = more chance to win. But you choose to pick the top tickets as a winner, which is really really bad because people are obviously using bot here. Oh well, it’s a nice content but you reward the player badly.

  6. Vespa, all win slots occupied by scriptusers,reconsider the results fairly

  7. Why am I not surprised that Vespa picked the worst possible way to actually pick winners, that guarantees script users and bot accounts will win rather than actual players? The devs have such a long history of poor planning that it really is to be expected at this point.

    Not everyone plays on a PC using scripts and bots, and it is absolutely ridiculous that the devs seem to expect everyone to do so.

    Winners should be repicked and all prizes should be given via raffle; one entry per player who participated win the League of Fortune. Use the tickets from something else; such as implementing a shop where we can trade them for something. That way everyone has a fair chance to win, and isn’t a guaranteed win for scripters and botters.

  8. I did tell you guys when this started that you’d have to no life this event…

  9. No life event LUL.

    Vespa be encouraging players to damage their own health and also break their devices to play their stupid event as usual

  10. is there another shad on the european server? I’m seeing a shad** but didn’t have any gift…

    1. It’s me, IGN: ShadowSilver, I got the reward and you didn’t

      Sucks to be you, boo hoo hoo LOSER!!! 😉

      1. Hey look who showed up! Sucks to be a no-lifer you mean @ShadowSilver!

        Why are you so proud of being a no life for this dumb event? 😂😂 Do such meaningless and trivial things make you happy? Man, you must be easily rather easy to please.

  11. This event is bullshit. Rewarding players who have a PC running 24/7 for 2 weeks.
    Thanks again Vespa…

  12. Sorry, but this must be a joke…?
    I have more tickets than even the top-placed Raiders on your list and I get NOTHING?
    And I am one of the few with 2500+ tickets who didn’t cheat in some way, so I feel even more betrayed. Can you look into it please? My Game-ID is 2387043 (Europe Server).
    Thank You!

    (also last time I didn’t get anything, when I registered for an event where everyone should have gotten something…)

    1. the season ended with the last Maintenance, you didn’t have more tickets then the winners at the time.
      the two seasons are also seperate, so any tickets earned before the season 2 starts aren’t counted towards season 2

      just cause you have 2500 right now didn’t mean you were a winner or got cheated out of anything

      1. Thanks for making this clear, I wasn’t completely sure about the point of time. I guess I wasn’t Top Three at that time, rather Top 10. So I am just unlucky as usual

  13. Absolutely outrageous, I can’t believe all of these botters actually won. I am heartbroken. The lack of care that this company shows to its dedicated players hurts my soul. I hope we receive a decent and fair compensations for the lack of integrity that Vespa had when creating this event and choosing its winners.

  14. The fact that this was a game of chance that catered to people who could no life it is completely laughable.