[Event] LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon Special Rewards Event

Greetings Raiders, 

This is GM Gremory 
On December 8th, the ‘Lil’ Raiders’ content was updated, and we opened a LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon event along with this content. 

We have found that ‘Random Ancient, Legendary Lil’ Raider Tickets’ were distributed as ‘guaranteed rewards’ when Legendary Lil’ Raiders were not summoned for 10 times from the item Normal/LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon. 

This issue has caused confusion to some Raiders as there were insufficient information about these time-limited Lil’ Raiders in the item description. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment. For the trouble this may have caused, we have prepared a LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon Special Rewards Event in which Raiders will be able to obtain Legendary LINE FRIENDS Raiders. 

We’d like to inform that all Raiders who have obtained Guaranteed Rewards through 1st, 2nd LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon, and also those who have obtained Guaranteed Rewards during the event period will be able to participate in this event. 

For more details regarding the event, please check the information below. 

▌LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon Special Rewards Event!

▶ Event Details 
– Event Period: After maintenance on December 8th (Tue), 2020 ~ March 2nd (Tue), 2021 23:59 [Local Server Time] 
– Event Participants: Raiders who have obtained ‘Guaranteed Rewards’ through [LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x10 (1st/2nd)] during the event period. 
– Details: We will be rewarding the same number of [Random Legendary Lil’ Raider Tickets (LINE FRIENDS)] as the number of ‘Guaranteed Rewards’ you obtain through [LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x10 (1st/2nd). 

– Reward Distribution: Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox after maintenance on March 9th (Tue). 

▶ How to participate 
1) ‘If a ‘Legendary Lil’ Raider’ does not appear when summoning through ‘LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x10’, the gauge of ‘Guaranteed Rewards’ increases by 1. 

2) You will obtain a [Random Ancient, Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket] when the ‘Guaranteed Rewards’ gauge is completed. 

3) If you obtain a [Random Ancient, Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket], we will be sending a [Random Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket (LINE FRIENDS)] to your Mailbox on the reward distribution date. 

– If you obtain 5 ‘Guaranteed Rewards’ through the [LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x10], 5 [Random Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket (LINE FRIENDS)] will be rewarded. (1:1 ratio) 

‘Random Legendary Lil’ Raider Ticket (LINE FRIENDS): Upon use, you can obtain by chance one of the 8 ‘LINE FRIENDS Raiders’. 

– Raiders who summon through [Lil’ Raider Summon x1/x10], [LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x1] are not counted for this event. 

– Please note rewards that are not received before March 31st (Wed) 23:59 will be expired. 

– Rewards that have not been received cannot be recovered or distributed. 

For Raiders who were not able to participate due to incomplete Guaranteed Rewards gauge, please note that the item ‘LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x10’ is available in the Special Shop. 

That was everything for our ‘LINE FRIENDS’ event. 

Hope you enjoy playing KING’s RAID. 

Thank you. 

GM Gremory 

1 thought on “[Event] LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon Special Rewards Event”

  1. Wow! Thank you for giving this to us. I never noticed that the guaranteed rewards weren’t distributed! Nor did I hear about it from anyone else. I appreciate receiving these in spite of it going seemingly unnoticed!