[Developer’s Note] Developer’s Note – December 2021 (Part 4)

Greetings everyone,

This is PD Jin from KING’s RAID.

Today, I will be delivering shortly about the details of our plans starting with the Lil’ Raider content.

We had two major concerns regarding our plans for the Lil’ Raider content. First of all, the Imprinted Stats from the Lil’ Raiders were effects that helped greatly in battles, but lacked connectivity with other contents within the game. Second, there were several limitations due to the collaboration of the LINE FRIENDS Raiders.

Like mentioned on our previous Developer’s Note, we are planning to delete all contents related to the Lil’ Raiders, including the Lil’ Raider House. Before proceeding with the deletion of the content, the sale of the Lil’ Raider products will be discontinued during the updates on January 11th. Moreover, the Lil’ Raiders that could be obtained as rewards at a low chance through the Guild Conquest or World Boss contents will be removed. We will also be deactivating the functions that were provided through the Lil’ Raider House. Please note that players will be able to use items such as Awakening Materials & Tickets for Legendary Lil’ Raiders before the actual deletion of the content.

Afterward, Lil’ Raiders will be available as pets in the game, and players will be able to change around the settings for pets through the Main Hero options. Pets will accompany Heroes throughout battles and field maps, however, they will not be participating in battles. (LINE FRIENDS Raiders will not be able to accompany Heroes in battles due to IP contract limits) Pets will not be obtainable anymore after the deletion of the Lil’ Raider content. As soon as the Auction House system is implemented, pets will only be available for purchase through this system. This will be applied to Limited Edition Costumes as well.

We are planning to link Imprinting Stats to account levels. Imprinting Stats will be assigned for each of the levels, and players will be able to awaken them gradually with Rubies. For example, if a player reaches level 30 with his/her account, an Imprinting Stat for the level will appear. The effects will be shown as the Lil’ Raider’s 0 Star effects. If the player decides to awaken the effect additionally, he/she will have to consume Rubies. As for the amount of Rubies that will be consumed, we will be applying the appropriate value that was used for summoning Lil’ Raiders. In simple words, the awakening cost for Imprinting Stats will be similar to the cost that was used to awaken Legendary Lil’ Raiders. The Imprinting Stats of LINE FRIENDS Raiders, which was not obtainable anymore due to the IP contract, will be obtainable when reaching high account level.

For players who own Lil’ Raiders, Imprinting Stats of all the Lil’ Raiders you own will be opened regardless of the account level. However, in order to awaken the effects, our players will have to level up (account level) to the level that has been requested.

As for the rework on the Lil’ Raider content we mentioned above, we are planning to implement these changes during the second updates in January or the first updates in February. We will continue to provide more details through the Developer’s Note in order to clear up all of your questions and frustrations.

We’d like to thank all players for all the love and support we received this year.

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

PD Jin.

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  1. So i have many legendary pet with 1 to 2* and 2 more pet to get all the legend pet intge game. So now how about you give me back rubies for each legend pet i have?
    I spent more than 40k rubies to summon when they first came out.
    And dont tell me you will give everyone the same reward as noobs and whale are the same thats why this game ded.

  2. Give back my rubies for each legendary or rare i have.
    Just image u spent 40k rubies for pet, get all of them and now ur reward is no different from a lv10 guy who create his acc yesterday. Fair enough.

  3. Hey vespa, so what is the compensation for players that spent onto the pet?? Ignore them and move on? Can you at least review why you made players spent on pet and then remove them totally without even giving a thought onto the paid content you force players to spent on.

  4. It’s funny that even when you say you plan to delete pets (finally), you still aren’t deleting them. You just keep changing the system, hoping players will accept them.

    Regardless, can’t help notice there is no mention of compensation for people spending on pets, especially line pets.

    Also why are you still adamant about going ahead with the auction house idea? 90% of comments on auction house are either concerned about it or against having it at all. Guess it will just be another feature people ask to be deleted later down the line.

      1. So the players that keep this game alive dont deserve anything got it,smart

      2. Well its definitely players like Torablaze frm NA server that keeps the game going.

      3. I’m gay btw, I like bug dick and to suck on balls

      4. That’s surprisingly honest, stop being so scandalous you silly goose 🥰

  5. What about people who just paid thousands of rubies for the extra egg incubators?

    Now you are deleting this will you give our rubies back?

    It’s terrible to introduce a new system and then so quickly remove it.

  6. What about players who spent rubies to unlock the extra incubators?

    Will you refund their rubies seen as you introduced a new system and then very, very quickly removed it.

    That’s really bad game design if you don’t.

  7. Huh, nice, kind of weird seeing Lil Raiders gone after having them this long, but it’s probably the right call. Like the decision to keep them as pets though, I do like my little TM bot and Mr. Owl and such.

    I do also wonder how much us as players have become unknowingly dependant on the stats they were giving out for clearing content. Hopefully even after this update hits, I will still be able to do 2 Penalty Apocalypsion, but only time will tell.

    Thanks for the heads up, and have a wonderful day!

    Side note: love the discord server, could use some more mods, especially with open DMs, but as is, I do enjoy the freedom and it is a fun community.

  8. Why are you putting so much energy into this content that was dead from the beginning? You should be addressing stability issues. You know, how GC continues to crash? It’s some of the last content that anyone bothers playing. People wonder why they bother putting resources in to build heroes just to have game stability issues.

    Beyond that, regularly starting the game. Crash. Want to run Apoc? Crash. Maybe WB? Oh that crashes every time. Maybe try running even more dead content like ToC. Oops, repeat battle crashes.

    Just refund the resources they spent on your poorly created content that you tried to save repeatedly and, yes, everyone guessed it, you didn’t listen despite saying you’re constantly listening and will constantly improve. If the bad Raider disaster isn’t a wake up call for you, it really is just sliding down hill.

    LISTEN. Don’t do the Auction House. Just don’t do it. For once, listen to your playerbase. We know that you don’t actually play your game. But this time, even if it’s the only time, just heed the opinions of the people that play. You didn’t listen about Raiders; not once, not twice, but now a third time. At least listen and cancel the Auction House project. Spend that time working on making the game play well, on stability, and the content that people enjoy.

      1. I constantly experience disconnections and crashes when trying to login. GC: No lags, but there are often problems with skill press latency. Apocalipsion, ARCDIM X: lags and freeze during the transition to second part of the battle. Any click on any menu item, forging or resurfacing gears, reworking transcendense, etc. = running Kasel’s icon, nothing in the whole game is pressed instantly. My phone: poco x3 pro. My internet: wi-fi 200 mb / sec. Is it very potato? And the players who can’t even run KR on samsung s21 ultra also have too potato devices? Enough to justify the disgusting optimization with “bad” internet and “old” phones, this game is not able to run smoothly on any device, and the reason for its problems with android 12 is a conflict with system activities, which on previous versions of the system only led to crashes, but on android 12 – forcibly quitting a sloppy and crooked game client.

      2. Oh you’re one of those poor people that plays on their phone. Got it. Also one who doesn’t run in a competitive guild. Makes sense. I actually have very crashes on my PC. But others constantly report having issues with crashing.

        It’s pretty apparent your little pond is filled with your own piss. Cheers baby!

      1. You’re pretty funny. Be real. XD

        Take a step back and think about other people besides yourself. Just because something doesn’t happen to you, does it mean it doesn’t happen to others? My deepest apologies that your head is so far up your ass all you see if yourself and your shit.

        I personally very rarely crash on GC, but others do regardless of their device, phone or PC. And it sucks for them because they just want to play and have a good time. Vespa has admitted the game bloat and that issues exist. But go ahead, continue to stuff your face in your mommy’s ass and pretend like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Xoxo!

  9. idk…..people STILL complaining about the game crashing on their phones really need to like…..not have shit phones TBH. I mean I understand if you live in a 3rd world country and can’t afford the big fancy stuff (its not so much an ignorant comment, I had to go to the Philippines before Covid happened for my cousins wedding and was there for 3 months….I noticed things).
    But HELL my phone is an Android 10 and it doesn’t fritz on these games….ya’ll just need to upgrade.
    TBH if they completely translate the stat perks of your current Lil,Raiders to just in-game stat crests…..I don’t see why they would refund you (for the pulls at least. Refunding for incubators they need to do though) . Because at the end of the day you are getting the exact same thing you put your rubies for, the stat boost in Arena, Guild Conquest, etc.
    As long as my Lil Raider stats transfer over completely and I don’t need to spend any actual rubies to maintain those stats, then we’re gucchi.

  10. Better prepared yourself to be disappointed for “The Compensation” that they will give which is i believe IS NOT GOING TO BE WORTH your money, your effort and your time at all.

    Everyone won’t call this game a DEAD GAME for no reason you know…

  11. After giving people the premium benefits of getting LINE pet and now you take it away without considering people that had spent to get those. Not a single word on the compensation or anything. Wow…

  12. Not sure what relevance this has to do with the post but can you guys please make gold ether easier to obtain, and for the love of God make the game more stable, or add a function where you can choose to turn costume special movements off;this has got to be one of the reasons why there’s so much lag and lack of stability, and oh my god please listen to your fucking fanbase/gameplayers, they CLEARLY don’t want the auction system so please fucking listen to them.

    ok that’s all I had to say tbh…




    90% of players are against auction house! Just stop implement it altogether!!!

    1. I think auction house is good. Only solely limited to legendary costumes, LoH rank 1~3 accessories/costumes, pets.

      No sale of lootboxes, reforges, uw, ut or any form of currency like rubies, gold.

  14. I dont get the hate towards little raiders. If this causes “imbalances” then the issue is not in the content. It’s in the players getting jealous of not having what others have.

    In my opinion, it’s better you give us access on gaining the LINE bonuses in a ruby gacha or hatching at a lower chance.

    Deleting this content is going to hit harder than my suggestions to begin with. You’re catering to the sour group rather than your appreciative community.

  15. Yes, best keep them as pets with no added bonuses. Don’t delete them altogether, they are cute. But don’t make them give you bonuses for owning them. Let them be just like a fancy accessory you can equip to your heroes.

  16. Well… what about those who spend their real money on weekly subscription and x10 limited Lil Raider products you sold. It’s like you asked for money for something and take it back in the end. What a Hoe thing to do

    Everyone who spends money on this game should think twice. Just buy console or PC games instead. You will keep it for life 🙂

  17. To my fellow raiders who lost their minds, you agreed the service terms you signed up to play King’s Raid. Grow up. There are other games to waste your time!

    PD Jin,
    Thank you for the details. Please do not mind my fellow raiders who lost their minds over a game they signed up for.

    1. I agree to this ^

      just don’t spend money on the game anymore. That’s their goal! To fork up the players who supports the game that spends real money.

      I’m glad we can all be F2P on this game. #DeadGameKR

  18. Remove the stats! No one complained about the pets we complained about the stats..
    And no compensation, these players have used these stats for over the year. Being at the top is compensation enough.. greedy ass white people wanna eat your cake and have it again.

    1. STFU you poor f2p living in some fucking 3rd world rat hole with no money. Game dies because of beggar like you who complain on the premium. go play some doll or toy car if paid game are too much for you to handle

  19. To Vespa
    I truly hope I didn’t just waste my time and this will get your attention.

    The game contains tons of unnecessary stuff you should delete them and don’t keep anything useless,it’s so bloated now over the years with the new items created with every new event.
    to mention a few:
    #- all the T1-T7 gears should be deleted all together, delete all the unused gears and clean the game
    #- all types of Legendary Gear tickets that’s less than 3 options (the Legendary title is now a joke in 2022 maybe you should consider renaming them)
    #- Delete all the lists Tier3-8 in the “Raid Shop”
    #- Delete the Equipment Tier Upgrade system
    #- All the runes less than Ancient or at least Heroic grade.
    #- All the lower grade and small capacity EXP Flasks
    #- The “World Map” looks beautiful but does anyone use it at all across all your servers? you should know the answer for that, your goal shouldn’t be collecting beautiful scenes in your game that some of your players don’t even know about it at all and the others who knew about it once has already forgotten it, something with no use like the “World Map” should be just deleted instead of wasting code lines and bloating the game unnecessarily.

    in addition to those above you should have statistics for items in all kinds of shops including the special shop, you should delete everything that players stopped using, also the value of the items in the game kept changing but there are tons of useless items still in all kinds of shops in the game with unjustified price that never changed despite the change in the items value
    that’s all I have to say about the game being bloated.

    there is something more that may seems trivial but it’s not, tons of space are wasted in the current UI, whether it’s the chat or the ranking list
    Especially the WB ranking list which you are only able to see 3 players per page!!! you should encourage the competitiveness in the game and the lest you could do is making going through the ranking list something comfortable and not time wasting as much as possible, I believe that small things like this could have a bigger effect than you think.

    When you keep the game running for long, for example if you are farming TM gears for hours and the server reset during that, once you get out of whatever you were doing the in-game browser is forced to open displaying Events or the news page of the community, when this happens most of the time the game either freezes or crash, this issue has been in the game since forever and never got addressed.

    Now let’s talk about the party play in the game
    in the party room there should be an icon under or above every hero for the equipped artifact, and long pressing on others heroes in the party should takes you to see their gears and perks just like when you long press on your own heroes

    in GC you usually have your team so you wont need to artifact check every time but what about Challenge Raid??

    if you are encouraging co-op playing you shouldn’t torment us with it, shouldn’t the communication between us be made more easier at least in party rooms with something simple like the suggestion above.

    /I was very looking forward for siege battles and airships that you mentioned before in a previous developers note but it seems like all the talk about it is dropped out and it never was mentioned again…/

    That’s all I’ve to say for now, I see the stocks keep going down and I’m worried about the game future, it also seems to me like you’ll be having a lot of hardships for the next few months but I hope you’ll overcome it and come out of it even stronger.