[Event] KING’Streamer Challenge Event (Updates on May 28th (Fri) 10:25 [PDT])

※ Extension of the Event Period

Due to the emergency maintenance that was held on May 28th (Fri), the event ‘KING’Streamer Challenge’ will be extended to June 8th (Tue) 07:59 [PDT]. Please note that we have decided to extend the event for a day as the emergency maintenance was held during a time schedule in which most of our Raiders in the English community were active. We will be counting the participation of videos that are uploaded until June 8th (Tue) 07:59 [PDT], so please make sure to check the time of your uploads.

※ Additional Announcements regarding the event

– For those who are unable to stream live, we will also accept participation from Raiders with recorded videos on their channels. Please note that you will have to show us the time you have recorded the video through [Profile] (Hero icon on the upper left corner) > [My Info] > [Server Time]. (The server time should be shown on each of your videos.)

– If you’re using a video platform in which hashtags cannot be included, please note that your videos will be counted for participation even if you do not put hashtags on them.

Participation Survey: [Survey Link]

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  1. For those who stream on Twitch.tv but aren’t partnered, their streaming VODs are deleted after 14 days. Will you guys be keeping up with people’s past broadcasts before they get deleted or should we switch to streaming on youtube instead?

      1. Yeah I have the same problem regardless of having months of uploading videos, if you haven’t clicked on the stream button in Youtube before you have to wait 24 hours

    1. Hello Raiders! We have posted additional updates regarding the rules of the event. Please note that you will be able to upload recorded videos every day, but you will have to show us your server time on each one of your videos (please check the additional announcements we’ve made at the top of the post). If you have more questions regarding this event, please feel free to ask! Thank you!

      1. I have a Twitch VOD of my first stream but I want to record for the next days, if I upload the VOD of the first stream that doesn’t show the server time will be considered as valid?

      2. @The_Green_Knight – We’re sorry to inform you but if you haven’t recorded a video for that day, it won’t be counted 🙁

      3. @s9gon As long as you can prove us it was uploaded on the corresponding day, it will be counted for participation as well 🙂

      4. Hi GM, Iv’e been waitting for result about issues regarding encountered after the updates on May 25th (Tue), cause my account got blocked.

    1. Hello there, James! Thanks for participating (and great video btw 😉 ) We’ve made additional announcements regarding the rules of this event as streams on Twitch are deleted after 14 days. If possible, please check the new updates we made at the top of this post to participate in the event. Thank you.

    1. Do the jump.

      It is scary, but once the Engine is rolling, it is fun. Even without audience.

      Like my French accent is really thick, my voice when I checked the video afterward, killed my mood (too manly, girls does not have ot easy…).

      But hey, see it as a challenge to yourself. Set yourself an objective. And go with it. You may have a few surprises.

    2. Hi uwuraptor! It doesn’t have to be in english! As long as you’re ready to create and stream KING’s RAID content, you can participate in this event 🙂 Just make sure to read the requirements of the event before making any videos!

      1. Will do it tomorrow or late night today because of math exams i need to learn it for tomorrow, after that i give it a try 😀

        Hope it will be fun 🙂

    1. Hey Xhinxephyr! You do not need to show your face in your videos 🙂 You can just stream a content of KING’s RAID of your choice! If you’re going to upload recorded videos, please make sure to record the server time in each one of your videos, so that we can check the time when it was recorded.

      1. Can i use facebook live and upload it on youtube?? Since youtube needs 24hrs before i can use streaming??

    1. Please note that if you upload recorded videos every day, you will have to show us the server time in each one of the videos (this is to make sure you have recorded and uploaded on the same day)

  2. Is it possible to upload everything in one day considering you have to show that there’s proof of date taken of each video? Additionally, possible to edit the video as well or better leave it as raw? kek

    Lastly is inventory management considered as content KEK.

      1. @Azai yes, it can be anything about KING’s RAID! Please note that you will have to upload videos for each day with the server time shown for each day. Through the server time shown on the videos, we will be able to check if the videos are recorded and uploaded on the same day.

  3. My bad, just now I checked this event and I have passed 2 days. May I upload 3 videos, each videos 15 mins but the videos recorded at the same day, because I don’t wanna miss this event? I hope you know how I excited of this event and I don’t wanna miss every single rewards. Please answer me GM Gremory…

    1. Hey there, Ha! Yes, the videos have to be at least 15 minutes or longer. You have to upload/stream the videos for each day. Please note that you will have to show the server time on your videos, if you’re going to upload recorded videos.

  4. So basically, you want us to provide free advertising for you and in exchange we get items in the game instead of something more, idk…. Wallet Stuffing. I mean its cool and all if ppl actually wanna do that, but ppl have to realize this is what you’re doing.

    Random Dude: “Whats this? 300 streams of the same game? Well I guess I better go check out this game since it looks popular. What was it again, King’s Raid?”

    1. That’s what they are doing.
      I don’t see the problem for once.

      It may be a one time thing. But a well timed one.

      Unlike the CR raiders who have to keep churning out content. This is opportunity.

      I am sure that everyone have willing to participate has something to say. But did not have the opportunity before.

      To be honest though, they should have gave the participant some time to prepare. I have an edge because I was planning on releasing my stuff later. Without rewards other than the satisfaction of doing it. But I had some notes lying around. I was prepping other contents unrelated to KR, I was already in touch with a youtuber I deeply respect to teach me the rope. I knew musicians who just flat out told me that as long I credit them, I can use their stuff.

      To anyone who says only “privilegied” people can stream. Those with skills in the game, mechanical knowledge, artistic talents or just the wallet to back their stuff. I have to say.

      Okay, I used things I commissioned in the past, on a whim, for this (birthday and chrismat present to myself). I have to accept that I may be a whale. But here, I am living day by day. Only with welfare. I am a high school droppout. So no prospect for having any “real job”. Use this money to pay my over costed rent, trying to feed myself is a nightmare. But yeah. I still try to use a small bit of it to carve myself some semblance of joy, aka Ophelia.

      Anyway, if you think you have some content to do. May it be just killing the CR. Some WB runs. Your PvP runs. Do it.
      For those who want to do something more unique. Reach out. Reach out to artists from the community. Reach out to ressource like creative common license music or art asset.

      If I can talk about KR for one hour without game footage, only with a spreadsheet and firefox. Anyone can do something interresting. Find how your any of your others interest can bring some interesting content to stream about. Giving you some free examples here : redesigning KR into other types of games, not the prog of anything, just talking about how characters translate to another genre, like fighting games or moba. Talk about your favorite characters. Do meme review. Write cheesy fanfictions and read them outloud. Even just stream yourself with some (willing) friends going through the storyline. I assure you, it is a whole new experience, as a jaded veteran, to see the game through the eyes of a fresh player.

      To anyone who will raise torch of pitchfork to hunt for “White Knights”, I am right next to you. I am sick of being left behind with the endless grind, sick of having package thrown at my face, sick of the PvP chore, sick of having my favorites characters (read “my girls”, plus Theo and Crow) being left behind by the powercreep.

      But, I still have to admit that the game by itself is enjoyable.

      So, this time. Don’t view it as a free advertisement for KR. But at an opportunity, to challenge yourself. To see if are ready to stream. Anything.
      It is just a KR themed “become a streamer” Challenge.

      Anyway. I am getting late on the stream schedule.

  5. Please extend the event by a day or two… a lot of people are confused. I livestreamed on Twitch because my YouTube account didn’t allow any livestreaming, so my VOD will be deleted in 14 days. You only allowed recorded videos (with time shown) a day after the event started, which means regardless of whether I stream on Twitch or upload on YouTube, I won’t have 12 days of videos despite trying my best to participate in day 1.

  6. It’s great that you can make videos in other languages. My audience is mostly Spanish speaking people so doing streams only in English is not that appealing to them. Yesterday I did the stream in both English and Spanish, and I think I will keep that formula during the entire challenge!!

  7. It’s great that you can make videos in other languages. My audience is mostly Spanish speaking people so doing streams only in English is not that appealing to them. Yesterday I did the stream in both English and Spanish and I think I will keep that formule during the entire challenge!!

  8. Please extend the event period with 1-2 more days
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who never streamed before, give us a chance to prepare and figure things out (I’m only interested for the SS ticket so if I can’t get it I’m not interested in this kind of event honestly).

  9. Hi GMs,

    Do you have a list of streaming platforms that are accepted for the event? Additionally, would it be ok for me to stream for 2 accounts and submit 2 separate surveys for those so both can get rewards?

    Lastly, would it be possible to extend the event by a couple of days? Since there was an emergency update that was released and the event was also quite sudden without enough time for everyone who wants to join to prepare, I think it would be a good idea to extend it even for a couple of days.

    1. Hello Jett 🙂 All platforms where you can stream/record videos are acceptable. We recommend you to upload/stream your videos on YouTube as videos on YouTube can be archived. Also, we recommend you to stream/upload videos with 1 account. And also we have extended the event period for one more day, so please check the updates we have made to the post.

  10. Hello GM Gremory,

    I am currently having issues uploading my videos on Youtube for today and yesterday. I have proof of the server time shown on both videos. They are definitely recorded on different days.

    I just want to ask: Would it be okay if I upload my day 1 and day 2 video on the same day?

      1. I emailed them regarding about this as well. At first they told me ‘”Please know that a video clip can only be considered a valid event entry if it was uploaded on the day of the timestamp shown on the streaming.”

        So I assumed that two of my videos are already invalid even though i showed the time at the start. Now they replied with
        “Please know that what counts for the event is the server time, not the upload time”.

        I’m just waiting for their confirmation about this since i got confused on their CS.

      2. “The video entry must be uploaded the same day. As such, if it’s not uploaded on the same day, then it would not count.”
        From the email

        Welp ggs for us.

  11. Well, at least here “streamers” are answered, rather than technical support, which cannot answer the question of account rollback for 15 hours so that the “blocking” disappears due to the “deliberate” use of bugs.

  12. Yo, i started my first stream today i got the [King’s Raid] and than i switched my title to [King’s Raid] and #Kings Raid but at the end just the [King’s Raid] was standing there and not the #.

    Do i still get my rewards?

  13. A bit late noticing the post update, but ill ask anyways. So I have been streaming everyday on Twitch and as I seen the video or stream will stay recorded for 14 days. Now I know some videos will be deleted after that time, so my question is, do you check the videos daily or will it be checked all on the final day? Also, should I keep recording even after I have 14 days worth of live streams since the event was extended out a day or two just to be safe? (Meaning ill have 16 videos worth since the first two will get deleted) Any info on this helps.

  14. Hi GM Gremory,

    I am in EU server, my time zone is the same as the server, which is UTC +2. However, due to some reasons, I am using Youtube Hong Kong, which is UTC +8.

    I found out that the video uploaded on 27/5 11:30pm UTC +2 was shown as uploaded on 28/5 on Youtube Hong Kong. Would it be a problem? I just want the Soulstone ticket, I won’t bother to streaming if I can’t get it.

    May you please check and advise me? Thank you.

    My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIEEyJAISbpmMHps2w-0Aog

    1. I asked them on their CS about this one. At the end nope it wouldn’t count.

      “The video entry must be uploaded the same day. As such, if it’s not uploaded on the same day, then it would not count.”

      is what they said on my conversation with their cs.

      I already missed 4 days cause of youtube’s error on uploading as well.

  15. Hello,

    just received my rewards for this event. I managed to stream every day for 12 days but only got reward for 8-9 days. Is there anyone I can contact regarding the missing rewards?


    1. Hello thekheeta, please send us the details of your in-game account information (Game ID/Server/Nickname) to our Customer Center with the link of your videos so that we can check if your participation survey has been submitted.

      1. Hello Gremory,

        I wasn’t quite sure how to contact the customer center so I wrote here. Is the correct place to write this email or do I contact it through a different channel? cs_en@vespainc.oqupie.com

        Thank you Gremory.

    2. Hi friend, don’t even bother contact their CS.

      They didn’t reissue my rewards from their the final X login countdown bug even after a month.

      I also didn’t get correct rewards from THIS event and they told me to suck it up because it was the “correct amount upon checking” despite all my videos being 15 minutes, all uploaded on separate days and showing server time at start.

      Their customer service team is terrible. It’s either copy pastas or spilling lies left right and center.

      1. Wrote the support in the morning and received my rewards now.

  16. Dear GM Gremory

    I also received the incorrect rewards despite uploading 12 videos on seperate days (all 15 mins+ and show in game server time).

    I’m honestly disgusted by how your CS is treating me.

    First you lied to me about reissuing the countdown login reward (which I still haven’t got). Now I don’t even get the correct rewards for your King’s Streamer event.


    I will never participate in these sorts of events again.

  17. This is atrocious. I also didn’t receive correct rewards despite upload videos for 12 days straight. I show my ign, server time and upload on seperate days.

    Now you given me only 5 days worth of rubies???

    What a scam.

    Don’t host an event if you cannot issue the correct rewards.

    Screw your company.