[Notice] KING’s RAID2 Teaser Site Renewal

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our KING’s RAID 2 teaser site. Through this site, you will be able to check the update plans for KING’s RAID and additional information for KING’s RAID2.

<THE RELOAD> Promotion Page [LINK]

Check out the remastered graphics, battlefield, UI renewal updates you will be encountering through KING’s RAID 2. Please note that will be providing news and updates about KING’s RAID 2 through this website.

We will do our best to ensure high-quality contents and services to our Raiders. Please look forward to the updates and information we will be revealing in the near future.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Player complaints: dislike the lil pet system; want pets deleted
    Vespa solution: add new pets; introduce gear for pets

    So yeah, this is prime example of how to completely and utterly miss the mark on listening to player feedback.

    1. the term you’re looking for is “double down”
      while there are ways Vespa could right the wrongs of line pets, I have absolute faith they’ll do the exact opposite and just make things worse, or at best “neutral/no change”

  2. When players asked for Lil Raiders fix, I’m sure 99% of us did not ask for “Star Gear”.

    The issue with LINE pets is already enough (separate damage multiplicative layer).

    GG with this so called “fix”

  3. Can we place get an introduction to the new characters? They’ve been “they are coming” for half a year and we still don’t know their names!

  4. I- idk what to say but i think that graphic quality is sooooo good! now i know what the dev team doing, really good job there, can’t wait! i just hope that kings raid not become more laggy than it already is.
    And can you guys spoil a lil’ bit about the new heroes? at least their name.. i just dont want to call them ‘they’re coming’ anymore :”

  5. Will KR2 fix the performance problems of the game? 2 FPS is the normal state in big fights. I restarted the game and my phone and I’m on the lowest rez that exists. No pretty character models. I can’t even finish the poison dragon of Apocalypsion cause the game crashes before. I just hope the renewal of the game enables a clean performance.

  6. I hope KR2 will fix the performance problems. 2 FPS is the normal state of the game. I restarted the game and the phone and I’m on lowest rez possible. No pretty characters. I can’t even finish the poison dragon from Apocalypsion. The game crashes before.

  7. Will Vespa make it easier for iPhone an iPad users receive there free coupons. Going to the site it sayin delivered an never shows up. I’ve been playin for over a yr an half and it’s never been fixed plus let’s mke America’s server atleast equal to the others. Kings raid is phenomenal nothing comes close to the graphics an the details …

  8. Please buff assassins. Its obvious Vespa hates that class since its been months and no relevant buffs whatsoever. Inferior to other classes in all content especially arena. You only need 1 hand to count the total number of teams using assassins in Asia Master and Challenger Arena.

  9. When will we be able to see the new graphics of all the characters in the game??? On the website, in the “Emotion System” part, only 12 characters appear. I would like to see the new graphics for Scarlet, Arch, Aselica, Riheet, Ripine, Clause, Dimael, Roi, Kasel, Reina, Ophelia, Artemia, Dosarta…