[KING’s RAID VOD] Shieldless Knight ‘Rebel Clause’

Link to Official YouTube video: https://youtu.be/s2VtlzZ_SiU

“How much time has passed since the time we ventured out first?”
The Knight looks up to the sky.

“About a season’s worth of time, I suppose…”

A calm voice comes from behind to answer the question.
It was a long time. He hoped that the others would not have felt that it took so long.

“Tell me where those two ventured off to. You must know.”

The Knight’s gaze that passed Morrah, Maria was deep and dark. Almost void-like.
Maria answered his question gently as she had done all along during the journey.. 

“Pillar of Light…”
“That’s… Penteonia.”
“Yes, their second objective is to destroy that pillar. We will meet them there.”

The Knight turned around. The harsh journey was just beginning.
To reach those that were dear to him, the path to bring them back… 

▪ ▪ ▪ 

▌Class: Warrior 
▌Attack Type: Physical