[KING’s RAID Studio] October 6th, Developer Talk

Greetings Raiders!
This is the KING’s RAID Studio saying hello for the first time.

While we have continued to communicate via the form of Developer’s Notes and Developer Videos, we felt that we couldn’t show you more than what was planned in advance through these methods. As such, it was difficult to provide real-time feedback to your feedback. Therefore, we have decided to create the Developer Talk content in an attempt to communicate more directly with you.

From now on, we plan to communicate to you through this Developer Talk as well as reply to some of your feedback 1~2 per month.

To start off, we would like to talk about the decisions we had been contemplating about and also the direction we are thinking of moving in the future.
The only thing on our to-do list since we first started servicing KING’s RAID was to provide a game that you could have fun with. In order to do so, we believe the following issues must be resolved as soon as possible.

1. The amount of resources obtainable in-game not being able to follow the changes being made to in-game content
2. The lack of sufficient communication and updates not being made in accordance to the feedback being received
3. The game client taking up too much space and using a lot of memory resources

You may criticize us of being hypocrites for not fixing or changing anything even while being aware of these issues.
We thought that we would be able to fix these issues in a timely manner when we first made promises to fix them.
However, what we failed to fully take into consideration was the amount of content already developed and in the game as well as the resources required to continue regularly updating KING’s RAID with new content.

We would like to apologize for not being able to show any sort of results that would satisfy you or even ourselves after making such promises despite attempting to do so. We were hesitant to communicate about this as we felt ashamed of not being able to keep our promises and felt that it would be best to speak with results. However, we do realize that we did not fully consider the amount of frustration that you would be feeling from that lack of communication. That is why we would like to start by changing that and communicate more frequently.

When looking at what you have to say on the various communities, we see a lot of feedback about stingy events/rewards or the client becoming heavier.
We have decided to start off with sharing the current condition of things after some deliberation on how we should begin.

As mentioned above, KING’s RAID has an abundance of in-game content accumulated as it has been quite a while since it first released. As such, it was difficult knowing exactly what would happen if we changed a small part of it as it could cause a butterfly effect and unintentionally affect content that we didn’t intend to change due to how they are all intertwined.
We were also cautious to make changes as the game is being serviced live since we wanted to avoid making the situation worse than it already is. This cautiousness and the amount of deliberation made making any changes take a long time.
Therefore, we have decided that making some changes and reacting to them would be better than just sitting on the issues and are thinking of a three-pronged approach.

1. Making adjustments to the rewards provided by content that has been around from the beginning to match current in-game needs. 
2. Search for methods that lead to results instead of trying to make changes while also maintaining the early client architecture
3. Continuous communication

As a few examples of reacting faster, we have cautiously lowered the difficulty and adjusted the rewards for the Technomagic Kingdom Raids soon after their implementation in accordance to your feedback. We have also tried to increase the overall amount of Stamina Potions that can be obtained through the update on September 22nd (Tue).

We are also planning on increasing the rewards for Stockade Vault, Trial of Ordeal, League of Victory, League of Honor, Royal Underground Labyrinth, World Boss within October and, are in the process of taking a look at Soulweapon and Technomagic Kingdom Raid content so that we will be able to increase the rewards by mid-November.

We also have plans to make improvements to the patch/download system and client size by mid-November in order to deal with the issue of the game client becoming more demanding.

It is not an easy task to continue to provide regular updates while also taking care of the various accumulated issues, but we will try our best to show that we are changing.

We will also continue to write our thoughts in order to communicate and listen to your feedback. While we may not be able to answer every single question, but will do our very best to consider all of the feedback in order to improve the game in a better direction and will include what we did in the next communication.

We may not bring about enough change with one or two attempts. However, we felt that it was time that we needed to show you that we care and are continuing to try to resolve the issues we promised that we would take care of. We apologize that it took so long to make such a decision.

This first bit of announcement is focused more on what sort of issues are on our mind and to create a communication channel. We will be providing more details on what will actually change in a future Patch Note or Developer’s Note.

Through our future actions, we will strive to create a community that where there are at least some posts recognizing the changes we have made instead of a place full of criticism.

We also understand that everything we said above may not be the answer that you were waiting for and wish to keep improving our communication through your feedback.

As always, we thank you for your interest, enthusiasm and criticism as we know that there would be no criticism if you did not care for KING’s RAID and will work hard to become the KING’s RAID worthy of your love.

Thank you. 
KING’s RAID Studio