[KING’s RAID Studio] November 3rd, Developer Talk


Greetings Raiders! 
This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

We have been combing through the feedback that you had provided on the first Developer Talk and took to heart the feedback about it being about time that we actually followed up on what we had talked about. We would also like to re-emphasize that our intentions of taking your feedback into consideration while preparing future content and updates.

Without further ado, let’s start November’s Developer Talk.

Among the feedback that you had provided, we would like to talk about the following 3 issues and development plans for them.

1. Hero balancing isn’t being done in a timely/periodic manner.
2. Farming Technomagic Gear is too difficult/inefficient.
3. The game client is too large and lags too much.

▌ Hero balancing isn’t being done in a timely/periodic manner.

‘There aren’t enough useful Heroes when clearing the Trail of the Sky’, ‘There are too many places where melee dealers are at a disadvantage’, ‘Older Heroes are being replaced by new Heroes and are becoming obsolete’ are just a few bits of feedback that we have been receiving a lot of. We would like to apologize for this as this has been an issue that has been popping up for a long time without much progress in actually solving the issue.
To cut to the chase, we are preparing to re-balance 16 Heroes during the update on November 10th (Tue). This update aside, we fully understand that it is just as important to continue with the Hero balancing in a timely manner. We also realize that this is not the first time we have made these promises and will humbly accept any criticism. We know that the only way to regain your trust will be to show continuous balance updates and will strive to balance Heroes in a more periodic fashion.

▌ Farming Technomagic Gear is too difficult/inefficient.

Right after the Technomagic Gear was added in the Chapter 10 update, we decided that we needed more data to see if it conformed to the concept we had developed for the gear. Statistically we see more Raiders clearing the Technomagic Kingdom Raids but also feeling the increased burden of farming the Technomagic Gear and we fully understand and empathize with the pressure you must be feeling. As such, we are looking for ways to reduce the amount of randomness that is currently in the farming process. While it would be best to improve and implement it immediately, we would like to humbly ask for your understanding as it may take a bit longer than expected. Our current goal is to implement the changes before mid-December.

▌ The game client is too large and lags too much.

There are 2 main problems with regards to the game client.
First of all, we are continuously resolving issues with memory leaks in order to combat the increase of required memory capacity. We plan on providing a new build for the game on November 3rd and 17th in order to improve the client structure and separate the resources required for Low and Recommended settings in order to provide a more stable gaming environment.
However, we also need to find an answer to solve the lag experienced during battles. 
The reason behind the lag or heat during battles is because there is too much being processed. This is due to there being an increase in required process power due to Heroes being released with diverse combat mechanics in order to provide a more dynamic style of battle. 
We are constantly pondering how to solve this issue. For now, we are researching how to lighten the combat structure which has become much more complex than it used to be. Unfortunately, we believe that it may take a while to do so and then fully test the results. This is another issue to solve on our to-do list.

Apart from the aforementioned issues, these are a few points of feedback that we wish to address before mid-December.

Ⅰ. Renewal of the monthly Roll Book rewards
Ⅱ. Increased Gold rewards for certain Raids 
Ⅲ. Reworking the Ether Enhancement costs 
Ⅳ. Increasing the chance of obtaining a Soulstone via Soul Judgement 

The following are issues that we would like to also address but are exploring the feasibility to depending on how things pan out. 

A. Adding Turbo Battle or Dispatch functions to Devourer Shakmeh & Raids
B. Improving Gear Preset related lag issues 

We would love nothing more than to resolve as many issues as possible, there are certain issues that require the base structure to be changed before they can be fixed. As such, we are constantly discussing the possible schedules and methodology. While we cannot currently provide a concrete answer as to what we will do, we will continue to look for ways to resolve these issues as well.

We would have preferred to have been able to share this second episode earlier but it was unfortunately delayed a bit to today.
We will continue to provide our thoughts and future plans even if it does take a while to get them all out on paper and will strive to make a KING’s RAID which encompasses your feedback along with our vision.

Thank you.
KING’s RAID Studio