[KING’s RAID Studio] December 2nd, Developer Talk

Greetings Raiders!
This is the KING’s RAID Studio.

We have prepared this Developer Talk based on the feedback you have been continuously providing as well as what is currently going on within the KING’s RAID Studio.

We thought that it would be best to start off this Developer Talk by providing some more information on the Lil’ Raider System which was suddenly announced via the Pre-registration Event. Then, we will move on to providing answers to the feedback you have been giving us as well as future development plans.

▌Lil’ Raider System

Many monsters, including characteristic Boss Monsters, of KING’s RAID will soon be accompanying you on your journey as cute versions of themselves via the ‘Lil’ Raider’ system after the first update of December. The stats of the Lil’ Raiders will be imprinted on all Heroes within your account after initially obtaining them through Summon, Synthesis, or Incubation. The stats will be fixed according to Grade and Legendary Grade Lil’ Raiders will have their stats increase according to their Awakening Phase.

Unlike Heroes, Lil’ Raiders will be able to directly interact with you in an independent area called the [ Lil’ Raider House ] where they will move around and react once placed there. You will also be able to listen to KING’s RAID OST via a Jukebox and take screenshots of your favorite Lil’ Raiders with the special screenshot mode in the Lil’ Raider House. We tried to provide a place where you could engage in emotional activities as we tried to put ‘Sensibility’ as the concept for the Lil’ Raider System.

We do recognize that the current system will only allow limited interactions with the Lil’ Raiders. As such, we will do our best to improve/add content after the Lil’ Raider update by constantly monitoring feedback in order to make it so that Lil’ Raiders will become proper adventuring partners. You will also be able to meet LINE FRIENDS as Lil’ Raiders so we hope you will look forward to seeing them in KING’s RAID as well.

▌Hero Balance Adjustments

We know that you must have been puzzled at the Hero Balance that took place in November as it did not meet your expectations. As such, we plan to implement extra adjustments to Frey, Neraxis, Phillop, Maria, and Dakaris during the first update of December. However, we do ask for your understanding as we intend to carefully approach balance adjustments in a buff oriented way because balance adjustments gone wrong can make it so that while some may rejoice at their favorite Hero being buffed, others will be disappointed because their favorite Heroes were left out.

Also, while we are aware that many communities are suggesting that certain Heroes such as Pansirone, Lorraine, and Fallen Frey be nerfed, we believe that it will dishearten the many Raiders that have already spent a lot of time and effort into fostering them and will be at odds with the approach we are taking. As such, we will continue to make adjustments to improve the performance of other Heroes. By doing so, we aim to make playing with your favorite Heroes more viable and satisfy as many Raiders as possible.

We also plan to create a Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket along with the Unique Gear Transfer Tickets which have already been provided a few times in order to allow Raiders to utilize the Gear of their favorite Heroes on other Heroes should this Balance Adjustment take longer than expected. However, we do not see the Tickets as the solution and will continue to tackle the more fundamental balance issues.

▌Quality of Life Improvements

Next, we want to provide more details on the Ether Enhancement Cost Adjustments and other Quality of Life improvements that are in the works.

First of all, [ Ether Enhancement Costs ] will be adjusted during the first update of December. We plan to reduce the amount of Gold required when Ether Enhancing in order to reduce the pressure of farming Gold. Also, we aim to reduce the entry counts of [ Piece of Memory ] Secret Dungeons in order to reduce the time it takes to clear them. Not only that, we will also reduce the difficulty of [ Dark Legion Raids ] in order to allow for easier Gear farming.

We are also aiming to add a feature that will allow you to select Skills when crafting Technomagic Gear via [ Valance’s Workshop ] > [ Technomagic Crafting ] during the second update of December which was initially planned for the first update of December but unfortunately had to be postponed due to certain changes in schedule. We will continue to strive to reduce the strain and disappointment felt instead of the joy of farming felt from Technomagic Kingdom Raids that comes from not being able to obtain Gear with the Skills you need despite the enormous amount of time and effort spent.

▌Content Improvements

We have seen the continuous requests for updates and improvements regarding Guild Content. While grateful that many Raiders have been enjoying the content that we had not been able to improve or rework for a long time, we were also extremely sorry for leaving it in its current state for so long. We would like to start on reworking Guild Content by making improvements on Guild Conquests.

A new Velkazar Artifact will be added to KING’s RAID during the first update of December and it was developed to be PvE oriented as can be seen from the screenshot down below. We also increased Velkazar’s HP a bit as we hoped that clarify the competition between Guilds more as they will now be able to compete with regards to who can deal more damage.

[New Velkazar Artifact]

※ Please note that the screenshot was taken on a development server and that the item may change during the development process.

We have also increased the overall distribution of ‘Velkazar Artifact Piece’ in order to make it easier to obtain Velkazar Artifacts as long as you continue to participate in Guild Conquests to incentivize Guild activity participation. There are many more in-game rewards adjustments that are being discussed internally and we aim to continue to rework them as to enhance the overall gaming experience.

▌Client Stabilization

There are many client improvements planned for the future including the Gear Preset related lag issues mentioned in the previous Developer Talk as well as with regards to the continuous feedback regarding client size and stability. The entire KING’s RAID Studio is focused on putting stabilization in the forefront of our to-do list and we will provide more details as things progress. We are also looking closely at the issues related to Eclipse battles. While we fully know that it is inconvenient, we would like to humbly ask for your patience as we investigate and improve these matters. We apologize for not being able to show much progress in the period of time since the last Developer Talk, but promise to continue to endeavor to provide a more stable gaming environment. Please understand that we must be careful when making changes to the resources and data as there are years of content that can be affected if we make drastic changes at once. We hope that we will soon be able to show the results of our continued efforts.

Before finishing this Developer Talk, we would also like to mention that we are looking for ways to implement the changes we mentioned in November’s Developer Talk that have not yet been implemented which have been unfortunately delayed as we required additional time to fine-tone them as they had to be prepared alongside content updates and other content improvements. We will try to implement them as they are prepared.

Finally, we are preparing this year’s Green Note for December 25th (Fri) with plentiful rewards as a token of appreciation of the love and support that all of you have shown KING’s RAID throughout 2020. We promise to continue to listen to your feedback and communicate our thoughts and plans in the years to come.

Thank you.
KING’s RAID Studio