[Event] KING’s CRAIDERS News & Share Event

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<Go check the news & videos of our KING’s CRAIDERS>

🔔 KING’s CRAIDER News #1 – Shal

– Shea Hero Review Video: [LINK]

– KING’s RAID Encyclopedia: [LINK]

🔔 KING’s CRAIDER News #2 – Valella

– League of Honor Video: [LINK]

– Twitter page: [LINK]

🔔 KING’s CRAIDER News #3 – Owl Night Gaming

– KING’s RAID Guide Video: [LINK]

– YouTube Channel: [LINK]

🔔 KING’s CRAIDER News #4 – Sorey101

– Discord Channel: [LINK]

– YouTube Channel: [LINK]

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      1. Sounds like u are nt 1 of the unfortunate souls on asia server.

        What made you derived at the ones being affected don’t have a T5 Lv.100 May?

        No offense, but we probably have a T5 Lv.100 may longer/earlier than you.

      1. I did check out the videos. And I did not like them. And I don’t like Valellas attitude. Everyone has their own opinion so respect it.

      1. Dont be salty. When u give the community fraction of what shal did come again. Shal is the best at helping others get into the game and those who already play it have a resource to deepen their game knowledge.

      2. Yeah she can be a Karen. I still remember all her PLUG posts lol. Granted she’s much better now, more respectful etc than her dark history PLUG days… but I’m sure many of us recall how back on PLUG she literally argued daily with everyone who even slightly disagreed with her & couldn’t take it when people had their own opinions on certain matters.

        She does stuff for community so I respect her for that, glad her problematic past is gone along with Plug

      3. Well, I don’t know anything about all that and don’t care since I wasn’t there. I just discovered her videos a few months ago and her tips have helped me improve.

      4. oh no!!! the bad woman dares to argue and challenge my fragile man opinion in a videogame?????

      5. tbf Shal is the fragile woman cause cos she is the one who couldn’t take anyone arguing with her or having a different opinion to her lmao.

        Constantly cries for Aisha buffs on nearly every post.

        Also she was the one who said Gremory pre-buffs was OP when everyone including JP whales was calling her Yanne 2.0

        Out of the CR Raiders Valella and OwlNightGaming are the most tolerable

  1. So cute!!! Thank you to Shal, Valella, Owl Night Gaming, and Sorey101. This is such an exciting way to engage with the player community. It’s also sweet to see the King’s Raid Encyclopedia server being officially endorsed! I am joyed by all the love for King’s Raid from all sides.

  2. OOF. One of your CRaiders just started beef between two top guilds by accusing the other of abusing a bug in the game and winning Guild Conquest. Without evidence. Perhaps, Vespa, you could fix the bugs in game? But on the bright side, maybe this drama will get us over 2500 reactions faster.