“[Event] Celebration Events for June’s Hero Balance Adjustments”에 관한 10개의 댓글

    1. Hi P45! Yes, you do not have to submit a survey for the first event (you just have to own and strengthen your Heroes to T5 Lv. 100) , but you will have to submit your survey for the second one 🙂

  1. Couldn’t even give us a small participation reward for the second part? Rather discouraging to be doing something like that and end up getting nothing. I would imagine the expectation is to write something some what lengthy that’s not just “I hate this balance they need to be more OP” so …that would take some time to give a good full thought on it.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good way to get people to give more valid critique as most ends up being “not strong enough, make better” but I feel like more would try if we got even just 100 all class fragments.

    Do enjoy the extra friendship items tho.

  2. Participating for a chance at a ticket. A chance.

    Hard pass.

    Make it guaranteed and more people would answer your survey, giving you more information to use.

    Seriously, how ignorant has Ve$pa become?

      1. What a weird way of thinking?! it’s not like the winner is getting a million $ O.o even the most untrustworthy company wouldn’t get anything of doing such stupid thing, what do you think a company reputation is…