[GM Note] June’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

텍스트, 클립아트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’re here to share with you the details of June’s 2nd update!

For the next updates, improvements to the Repositorium content & Corrupted Swimsuits (2nd) will be updated to the game.

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. Improvements to the Repositorium content

– When fulfilling the designated battle time every week, the [Repositorium] will be opened.

– Depending on the monsters that will be appearing in the content, you will be able to receive rewards such as Unique Gear, Soul Weapon, and rewards related to Technomagic Gear.

※ According to the changes made to the entry tickets of the Repositorium, charged ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’ will be sent to [Inventory] > [Consumables] during the maintenance on June 22nd (Tue).

– You will be able to consume the items ‘Gold Bar/Gold Dust of Golden Queen’ you own through the event ‘Ophelia’s Workshop’. [LINK]

02. Improvements to the entry system of the Guild Conquest Velkazar

– Improvements will be made so that consumed tickets will be returned if there is a team member who has exited the game due to abnormal crashing during the loading screen or when accessing the Tyrfas, Lakreil, Velkazar battle content. (For all team members)

03. Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (2nd)

– Corrupted Swimsuit Costumes (2nd) will be added for the following Heroes:

:: Dark Lord Kasel / Fallen Frey / Isaiah / Yuria / Ricardo / Glenwys

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Fallen Frey]

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Fallen Frey]

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Dark Lord Kasel]

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Dark Lord Kasel]

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Isaiah]

[Hero Signature Motions Sneak Peek – Isaiah]

That’s everything for June’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

64 thoughts on “[GM Note] June’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!”

    1. They don’t care about buffing November meme heroes anymore. Vespa have their priorities everywhere.

      They only redone 3 out of 15 meme buffs (I’ll exclude Lillian since her buff was good).

      Hurts to see my crow with his 1.8% dmg buff to S3 btw KEK. What an insult.

  1. Please remove isaiah hat from that swimsuit. She looks better without it….

  2. Question, why is it only Velkazar?? Why not make it same for GC 1 and 2. The 2 other bosses have similar diconnection issue even in solo? I feel like this Velk tickets changes is because of the Craiders who are addicted to Velk runs.

    1. Hello there, we’ve made adjustments to the update details of Velkazar, so please make sure to check it out 🙂 Thank you

      1. Thank you for the changes in conquest boss.

    1. we we we we ? maybe oooonly youuuu and i care about costumes and some peoples too

  3. Another batch of swimsuits :/

    And also the disconnection issue also occurs in tyrfas and lakreil why not also apply the changes to them

    1. Hi Gwynbleidd! We’ve made adjustments to the Velkazar updates just now, so please make sure to check it out! Thank you 🙂

  4. Gau need new costume…. I’m still waiting for Gau new costume

  5. Damn, so my Yanne will not getting the New costume? *sad* i thought she will getting the New costume since she appears in the voting

    1. Hello there Shyrone! Yanne’s Costume will be updated next month 😉 Don’t forget to vote for her if you haven’t voted yet!

      1. Yeah and it will be another stupid swimsuit theme which means we will have gotten swimsuits for 4+ months (quarter of an entire year).

        Please tell your team to be more creative with the themes. It’s getting boring and pathetic.

        This is a fantasy game but we never get any fantasy costume themes anymore.

      2. @GM Gremory thankyou for always make a new costumes 🙂 i’m still looking forward for Nyx Costumes 😄😄

        @Tired gosah bawel jirr, main tinggal main luu, suruh emak kau lah bikin kostum sana

    2. @JustMe

      Lol insulting me and also my parents in your mother tongue? Do you think just because you didn’t write in English I won’t know what you said? Toxic kid.

      By the way, I also wish the same BAD to your mother as you wished to mine. I also hope you don’t live a long life since you’re a disgusting person and a waste of oxygen.

      Why someone with a rotten personality like you exists baffles me. I pity your Indonesian parents who gave birth to a creature like yourself who is not even remotely human….

      Apparently giving my opinion that swimsuit costumes suck leads to you insulting my parents. Lol. Pathetic creature, do go take a look on Facebook, Discord and look at the rest of the comments on here because you’ll see it’s not just me who is bored of them.

      Just because you want to suck Vespa’s PP doesn’t mean we all have to do the same as you.


  6. Buff for tanya when?

    And most of us are sick of swimsuits. Stop being lazy and do cultural costumes again already.

  7. Fallen Frey looks cute with short hair, but please stop making lewd costumes. I’ve had enough of them, and I’m sure other people too. Dota 2 heroes need to teach KR heroes how to dress for battle.

      1. I don’t need you to tell me what to play.

      1. Are you okay? Call moron on your dad. This game needs more variety, not horny kids ruining it.

  8. Finally ! the abnormal crash / Dc when doing Conquest will gave back the tickets for the team ! Thank you Vespa & GM for noticing this big problem 🥺 I love KR 💃🏻

  9. I hope Nicky gets buffed properly since the last buff changed nothing about her viability.

    1. Pls review Nicky’s buff, it was a meme buff. Her outdated uw remains almost untouched, her T5d is also almost unchanged; her dps is still pepega, it is still impossible to use Nicky as a damage dealer in any build; and the biggest disappointment is her s3, which everyone hoped for the addition of shield destruction, remained completely untouched. Buff in the spirit of November memes, this is the biggest disappointment since the heroes started getting really good buffs. It was better not to touch Nicky at all than to give her this “buff”.

    2. get ready to wait 100 years on that… Aisha over here has never had a proper buff since Solotime changes back in 2017.

  10. We have had swimsuit costumes for like nearly 4 months.

    Honestly it’s kind of boring, I sincerely hope you have more creativity and new costume themes soon.

  11. Buff mirianne when? Imposible yo do trial of sky with her. So frustrating. Buff her and change that trial.

    1. Lol change the trial just so your Mirianne just so can be viable there?

      Hanging the trial would also mean an indirect buff to currently good heroes

      Like bro there are tons of heroes who can’t do trial of sky e.g Ceci, Laudia but I think they don’t need buffs, thanks.

      Also Miri currently has a bug with her SW that is actually a good bug.

      1. people shouting buff hero means something is unsatisfactory,
        leave it alone.

      2. Why is some hero that got buffed to excel in both pvp and pve(Kasel) while some after buff still shit everywhere (Nicky). Is this part of your teams agenda to demonstrate favouritism towards some whales?

    2. Well, i’m using miri as tank to do trial of sky, she is good 😅😅

  12. wow! Isaiah looks a lot better in this costume. ffrey swimsuit sucks, yeah she is way sexier than ever but the short hair.

  13. Glad for the repo rework and velk stability update. But lately the costumes are rather one dimensional for a fantasy game. Maybe look into some more creative concepts?

  14. Repositorium update is awesome. Stability always a plus.

    Arena balance needs attention. Dark Lord Kasel, Rebel Clause, Cain and Scarlet are on 90% of teams due to being ridiculously overpowered in arena content. They need adjustment *badly* to keep the content interesting.

  15. Velk fix should also apply to guild raids.
    Can’t count how many times your apk crashes while loading GR.

    Nice touch on the Isaiah swimsuit.


    Fix this garbage buffs!

  17. Thanks for indirect nerf my Esker. YOU KILLED HIM ! ! !

    I am tired of this constant Waifus Raid.

    Now the only good magic male PvE DPS in competitive content is now DEAD. No more competitive PVE magic scoring DPS exist!!!

    Congratulations for reverting back to Waifus Raid. As usual never cater to Husbando players.

    Esker should be at least #2 in Velkazar (behind NPC Hanus) because Cleo is more versatile than him!

    Esker is forced to run Oddy which is a liability for him since he have to remove a powerful support hero just to run your new overpowered May!

    Buff Esker!!! And buff Zafir!!!

    1. tired of waifu raid? you got RC… top dmg in WB3. don’t like it, there’s the door. no not that door, THAT door.

  18. Thank you for this sneak peak! The concept of Corrupted Swimsuits makes me feel a little somber, but they look beautiful as always!