9 thoughts on “[Event] July’s Hero Balance Adjustments Tips & Tricks Event”

  1. This again??? Your just trying to get free publicity for your game using content creators to publish and promote news about your game money free..

  2. Again? You just want to make your game more popular but you know IT SUCKS. Do something about it and Don’t ask for fame all the time. Balance the heroes who really need it.

    1. KR is actually doing pretty well currently. It doesn’t suck, but lacks content. (also too much freebies imo). And guess what, both these heroes needed the buffs

  3. Hi, there is this trash Lakrak event just worst than the Ophelia one.
    Can you pls fix it? and no…. using 4k rubies to have a better chance with new items next patch is not a fix

  4. Thank you for this giveaway! Best of luck to our dedicated and diligent Raiders who participate.