[Notice] January 19th, 2021 Known Issues – UPDATED


  • Added an issue with regards to the [Event] button. [January 18th 23:10 PST)]
  • [America, Europe Server ONLY] Added an issue with regards to the Lucikiel Step-Up Summon. [January 18th 23:50 (PST)]
  • Added an issue with regards to the banner images in the Special Shop [January 19th 01:15 (PST)]
  • Marked issues that have been fixed via hotfix [January 19th 02:40 (PST)]
  • Marked issues that have been fixed via new update on the Apple App Store [January 20th 20:00 (PST)]
  • Added an issue with regards to Lil’ Raider SALLY’s effect not being applied when selecting the reward [Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone Ticket Box] above stage 8 Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh [January 26th 03:12 (PST)]

Greetings Raiders,
This is GM Dakaris with news about certain Known Issues within the game.

Please have a look below for further details.

[Known Issues as of January 18th, 2021 – 23:00 (PST)]
(iOS ONLY) An issue where the [Menu] > [Community] function will not work properly – [Fixed via new update on the Apple App Store as of January 20th 20:00 (PST)]
Temporarily removed the [Community] button on iOS devices due to the function issue.
Added links that will allow you to move to the community in [Events]. Please use the links on a web browser application of choice to visit the community until the function is fixed and re-applied to the game.

▶ An issue where the [Statistics] button and [Statistics] tutorial would not work as intended.
– Temporarily removed the [Statistics] button and tutorial.

An issue where [Special Shop] > [Summon] > [Summon Lil’ Raider] > [2nd LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon] & [2nd LINE FRIENDS Raider Summon x10] will have the wrong start date in the Sale Period. – [Fixed via the hotfix on January 19th 02:15 (PST)]

▶ An issue where you will be moved to [Mission] > [Mission in Progress] when pressing the [Event] button on the main screen. – [Added as of January 18th 23:10 (PST)]

[America, Europe Server ONLY] An issue where the Lucikiel Step-Up Summon will not appear in [Special Shop] > [Summon] > [Special Summon]. – [Added as of January 18th 23:50 (PST)]Fixed via the hotfix on January 19th 02:15 (PST)

[Known Issues as of January 19th, 2021 – 01:15 (PST)]
An issue where pressing banners in the Special Shop will not lead you to the correct locationsFixed via the hotfix on January 19th 02:15 (PST)
– Recommended Items for Lucikiel > Welcome Back Packages (Should move to Event Packages)
– Subscriptions > Event Packages (Should move to Subscriptions)

[Known Issues as of January 26th, 2021 – 03:12 (PST)]
▶The issue in which Lil’ Raider SALLY’s effect (Increases Shakmeh rewards – selected rewards only) does not apply when selecting the reward [Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone Ticket Box] above stage 8 Otherworldly Darkness Shakmeh while owning the Lil’ Raider SALLY.

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced while playing the game and will do our best to provide a better gaming experience while playing King’s Raid.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
GM Dakaris

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      1. i haven’t finished my daily task. how long do we have to wait for this.?

      2. The Google Play Store has finally been synced/updated and you will now be able to update/access KING’s RAID through the Play Store.
        Apologies for the delay.

  1. I feel like in order to adhere to Sean’s promises about sticking to maintenance times in the Developer Talks, you’ve gone the opposite route. Instead of having extended maintenance, now you just finish maintenance and release a broken product abound with issues then just apologize for it. Either way, you guys are apologizing. Extended maintenance would be better than telling people to play on a Samsung device, which they may not have, or via an emulator, which their PC may not handle. Your track record for producing a polished product continues to be poor.

    It would be better to go back to having extended maintenance or just setting the maintenance time to be longer. Then if you’re able to complete it and it actually works on all platforms and all features of the game are functioning, conclude maintenance. If it’s done early, then people are quite surprised and happy and will appreciate bit of compensation. But now certain people can’t play. Features of the game are broken for some. Are you going to compensate some and not others? There’s still a massive lack of transparency as well.

    That said, i’m not sure why Vespa continually has these technical problems. There are so many games that update more often with new content and characters and features that never have issues with every patch and maintenance. And it truly is every. single. time. It’s really too bad. This game was pretty awesome for a period of time after release. I sincerely wish the devs could fix these issues, but it seems to be beyond their ability. I was actually excited about Lucikiel, like I was about certain hero balances, and costumes for certain heroes. However, it’s just replaced by the usual disappointment.

    1. Could not agree more. Quit for a year and came back for Lucikiel and there’s a mountain of technical issues after maintenance. Contacted support but they were useless. Welp back to Genshin