[Notice] Announcement regarding the issues encountered after the updates on May 25th (Tue)

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the issues with the WebView events, the issue in which an item could be used in other ranges, and other additional issues that have been encountered after the maintenance on May 25th. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused during your gameplay, and we’d also like to apologize for not being able to announce this earlier through our community pages.

As soon as we encountered these issues after the maintenance, we had to turn off the WebView events in order to proceed with the fixes of the WebView event system.

Fixes were made to the game immediately, but we were not able to encounter the issues that have occurred after the adjustments. Due to the investigation of the issues and verification of the data of our Raiders, the process was delayed, and we were not able to make the announcements on time. We kindly ask for your patience and understanding as these measures were needed for accurate verification of the issues.

Up to now, all investigations have been completed, and we will be fixing the issues below through today’s temporary maintenance.

– Issue with WebView event rewards

In the process of fixing the issues, we have turned off the WebView events. When the WebView events were off (around 15 minutes), some Raiders have consumed Rubies and their points were not implemented properly into the event system. Please note that the points that were missed for consuming Rubies will be adjusted through the temporary maintenance. (Korean server only)

Additionally, we will be taking the following measures for rewards that have been distributed incorrectly.

1. For Raiders who have received rewards up to 2 times from [Kasel’s Letter WebView Event], we will be rewarding [1 All-In-One Special Summon x10 Ticket] instead of the rewards mentioned below.

2. For Raiders who have received rewards up to 2 times from [Seria’s Free Costume WebView Event], we will be rewarding [2 All-In-One Special Summon x10 Tickets] instead of the rewards mentioned below.

※ We will not be collecting the rewards you have received for the 2nd time if you’re one of the Raiders mentioned above (option 1 & 2)

3. For Raiders who have received rewards more than 2 times from [Kasel’s Letter WebView Event] or [Seria’s Free Costume WebView Event], we will be excluding them from the rewards mentioned below.

4. For Raiders who have received rewards more than 3 times from [Kasel’s Letter WebView Event] or [Seria’s Free Costume WebView Event], we will be excluding them from the rewards mentioned below.

※ However, if you’re one of the Raiders from options 3 & 4 shown above & if you still own the Mail rewards or items, we will collect rewards that have been received repeatedly and we will be rewarding the rewards mentioned below.

– Issue in which Mission Points were not acquired properly through the [New Hero Progression Event – Isaiah] WebView event

Mission Points that were acquired after May 25th (Tue) 18:11 [PDT] were implemented correctly to the system. However, Mission Points that were acquired before the adjustments were not implemented to the total Mission Points. For Raiders who have experienced this issue with the Mission Points, we are going to make the correct adjustments of points through the temporary maintenance.

– Issue in which rewards are not shown in the Mailbox (Asia server only)

We will take measures to help Raiders who have received the items through the Mailbox but haven’t received the actual rewards.

– Issue in which Guild Conquest content cannot be accessed in single mode

Please note that fixes will be made through the temporary maintenance. The content will be accessible after the updates of the app.

Once again, we’d like to apologize to Raiders who have experienced the issues above, and for those who have experienced ‘issues with Webview event rewards’, ‘issues with Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket being used in other Hero ranges’, and ‘issues with obtaining T1 Gear through Special Summons’. We will be sending the rewards below to all Raiders for the inconvenience caused.

– Reward Distribution to all Raiders: 2,100 Rubies & 2 All-In-One Special Summon x10 Tickets
– The rewards will be distributed during the maintenance on May 28th (Fri), and you will be able to receive them until May 31st (Mon) 23:59.

※ Please note that Raiders who have collected WebView event rewards intentionally will be excluded from the rewards we will be distributing. For those who have abused the WebView event rewards, we will be restricting them in accordance with our operation policy.

※ Raiders who have used the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket on Heroes that were not supposed to be included on the ticket, will also be excluded from the rewards we will be distributing.

※ Please note that additional measures may be taken to Raiders who have used the Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket on Heroes that were not supposed to be included on the ticket.

We’re terribly sorry that we have disappointed Raiders who were hyped for the updates of X: The Final. We will continue to work hard to provide a stable gaming environment to all Raiders.

GM Gremory

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  1. No mention for Raiders who logged in after the temporary closed webview event for the Premium Lucky Pack event? Because we are missing 1 box there since we can’t access the webview event

  2. @GM Gremory, Care to clarify on point 1~4? i m abit lost…

    So TDLR; Bug abusers gets 2,100 Rubies & 5 pieces of All-In-One Special Summon x10 Tickets while other raiders get 2,100 Rubies & 2 pieces of All-In-One Special Summon x10 Tickets?

    Why are bug abusers getting more compensation than the rest? I hope that would be a rollback imposed on their account (but kinda too late, cuz they probaby already used them all up).

    I heard theres people out there receiving multiple lua tickets+soulstone tickets+15k rubies as well. (Hope you would investigate 😛 )

    1. If you claimed once or twice you get the 5 Tix and roobs.
      If you claimed 3 times or more, which means you abused bug, you get no rewards. 0 tickets and 0 roobs.
      That’s what it says.

      1. I only claimed once each and only got the 2100 ruby and 2 tickets for the mission points thingy. I would have known if I had 5 tickets. So you’re wrong….

  3. i dont know about this issues, i claim it without know is that has issues.
    but you blocked my account.?

    if you guys just roll back my account, i’m okay with this. but, if you blocked me cause just your own fault i’m really disapointed with it.

      1. Yup. I don’t care if I lose my progress after using those tix… I just want to play again… I really hope they could just roll it back 😭😭

  4. User ID 849781

    I have not received my pre register reward even after claiming the coupon code. I’ ve also not received my ruby spent rewards, 5x infinity stone and random soulstone.
    All of these when server was super slow and keeps loading.

  5. Yeah vespa is getting worse.. slow action regarding this matter. You want your game to be played by many.. you want your game last long.. but what a way to disappoint and forsaken your players.
    Been playing since 2018 was the best rpg ever. Stable and friendly game. So full of generosity.
    But now… What a turn down…
    It’s really a shame vespa

  6. Dear Vespa,

    First of All let me express my gratitude due your fast response towards all the issues in King’s Raid, Thanks Vespa and team.

    I already received the compensation for missing mailbox rewards of pre registration coupon, it contain15k Ruby, thanks Vespa, but, the problem is, Why i only get the rubbies? wheres the Lua UW ticket and Soulstone ticket that you are normally get within the 15k rubbies? are not Pre Registration Coupon contains 15k rubbies, Lua UW ticket, and Soulstone ticket? Please be FAIR and give me the rest of the rewards, which are Lua UW ticket and Soulstone ticket too.

    Thats all my complaint, thank you for reading and give attention to this. I hope you can give the best response too, and give me what i should get.

    Best Regards,

    Ign : lDiehártl
    Id : 2569376
    Server : Asia

  7. IGN : ꜱㅤᴘㅤᴀㅤᴅㅤᴇ
    ID : 2628941

    i dont know about this issues, i claim it without know is that has issues.
    but you blocked my account.? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/663597695876726816/847621057254653958/Screenshot_20210527-184155.png

    i just hope you guys roll back my account. but, if you blocked me cause just your own fault i’m really disappointed with it.

    if im cheating/using apk mod or something like this, i’ll take it cause that was my fault, BUT.!! i was fair play, you give that Kasel Letter, i claim Kasel Letter like other people who play this game, i use what you give to me. AND THEN YOU BLOCKED ME BECAUSE OF YOURE OWN SYSTEM ISSUES .!!

  8. Okay, I received a blocking of my game account due to a random bug, during which, for 1 click on the letters with rewards in the form of skins, I received them in x2 quantity, because of this I should not have received a reward in the form of compensation, but I received a block. I do not quite understand how you can make this a mess and how the “Intentional” violation is determined, and the button is gone, but still I would like to know the reason for the blocking.

    IGN: SimonBlackS
    ID: 1202444
    Server: Europe

  9. Huge huge disappointment and a turn down.
    I was sending email to vespa regarding this.. but after the emergency MT and try to explain my disappointment regarding the pre REG issue wasn’t fixed yet they don’t reply to my email yet which they usually reply fast. It’s really funny…
    Are you out of your idea for running away or you can’t say anything regarding this issue?
    What a shame.

  10. I sadly got my account blocked too for a mistake that is not OURS!

    Long before the actual issue was known i collected all the Rewards at once (there were soo many rewards i can’t even call what i collected…) so maybe there were some of the Costume Tickets that i collected mutiple times, and accidentaly used them multiple times, but ONLY in my naivety to think that was their real intention for all that rewards.

    Like some of the other People here say, i’m okay with it for not receiving any of the apologise rewards, and i am also okay with an Account Rollback before the collection of the Rewards, but please unblock my account, i NEVER EVER played unfair, you can double Check my Account if you want. The Progress i made is FAR more precious than ANY of the actual Rewards can EVER be!

    I play since 2017 on the Europe Server with only that ONE Account so it would be a peronal Disaster for me if i lose it permanently. I already wrote a Support Mail, too!

    IGN: Zeraphim
    Server: Europe
    ID: 1185395

      1. They answered me 38 hours later, but they answered me with a template that I was banned and I could not even drop the appeal, something like that.

      2. what makes me disappointed is, they blocked our account due to an error in their own system.

      3. well, I will try my luck, suddenly they will be unbanned, but if not, then what will I do, nothing

  11. BEAUTIFUL, I was banned forever because there was a bug on their part, they write 4 paragraphs with different conditions for withdrawing compensation, but instead of removing them, I get banned and I can’t even challenge it, great! I’ve been waiting for this for 42 hours.

    1. Sad to see that… But they didn’t even answered me yet. I can’t believe this. WE have to bleed for THEIR mistakes?! I didn’t even open the f*ing multiple Tickets intentionally because i really didn’t know there was a bug there, this known bug was announced a DAY later, but i opened and used all my Rewards right after the Content Maintenance ended… i had so much rewards, i couldn’t even tell WHAT was duped.
      That’s simply not fair how they treat us with that!
      They can be sure i will let my Guild know what is happening here.

      1. As I was told, since I am banned, they will not even listen to me, no matter what appeal I make, it does not matter, there is a ban, that’s all, create a new account and play further.

      2. I hope they will answer you differently, otherwise it will be even more offensive to you, waiting so much for the sake of refusal.

      3. The hell they do! They should be answering that right or they will lose a player that has been played their game for over 3 years constantly without a huge break and i really LOVE King’s Raid but with such actions they are killing it. I will NOT make a new account, because it’s too much of time that went in my Original that I can’t ever catch up, i have too important Positions i must take, for leading a Guild or Guild Conquest for example.
        I even bought some stuff in my Playtime and, so theres some amount of money in my Account, and i CAN tell the Account is far more Worth then this Rewards we are talking about can EVER be.

      4. I don’t think that your “hot speeches” will influence anything here, they answer with template text. I’m not even sure if they read my letters in full. I myself would not mind simply rolling back to the moment of taking the skins and rolling the rubies to minus 10,000-30,000, because I have been in this game for 1200+ days.

      5. yeah that’s what i wouln’t mind either. that should be no problem for them cuz they have all Purchase logs in their database.. i really can’t understand how they are gonna be so stubborn about this… it is not even our fault but they blame us, their players. Sadly your right i guess, that i can’t reach anything out here… but i don’T know what else to do except waiting for any mail response… i have at least as much play time as you Simon if not even more. That’s one of the things that makes me so angry and sad.

      6. Rather more, I moved away from the game for a couple of months, maybe 5-6, but this is not so important, I just do not understand, it is really difficult for them to just minus the balance, as if someone is against it, this stubbornness is just annoying.

      7. In general, the only way to get unban is to make your / my / our case public, otherwise you / me / other people will not get unbanned for this erroneous situation. But, you can also wait for KR2, maybe they will be unbanned there.

      8. Hey Simon, i want to inform you that i finally got a reply as i wrote them today but they are sadly truly stubborn… They told me that my account is permanently banned.. and that there is no Chance for me to let unban it. So they let me no other choice as to quit the game…. It’s almost so sad i wanna cry but im also very furious about such ignorance.. but thanks for the talk anyway. So long.

      9. More precisely, I think that such a thing will reach Europe, maybe yes, maybe not, I can only hope