[Notice] Announcement regarding PD Edge’s Special Gift & the item Gold Bar of Golden Queen

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

We’d like to inform all Raiders that we have encountered an issue with the item ‘PD Edge’s 5 Star Hero Ticket’ from PD Edge’s Special Gift after the updates on June 22nd (Tue). We have found an issue in which the Heroes ‘Dark Lord Kasel, Fallen Frey, and Rebel Clause’ from this Hero Ticket item could not be transcended at all.

We figured out that we would need to proceed a temporary maintenance in order to fix this issue with Hero Transcendence. However, we decided to find other methods as the time estimation for the adjustments was longer than what we have expected.

Instead of proceeding a temporary maintenance, we will try to fix this issue by changing the item ‘PD Edge’s 5 Star Hero Ticket’ to the item ‘PD Edge’s T5 Hero Ticket’.

We will be working on a server patch sequentially on June 22nd (Tue) 05:30 ~ 08:30 [PDT] to change the item as mentioned above. For Raiders who have used the item already, we will be taking the following actions:

1. Raiders who have obtained Dark Lord Kasel, Fallen Frey, and Rebel Clause

> Based on what you have obtained from the Hero ticket, we will be changing your Hero manually to a ‘T5 Hero’ this week.

> We will try our best to fix the information of all Raiders, if possible before the end of this week. We ask for your understanding as the game may be closed temporarily when we’re making the changes to your account.

2. Raiders who have obtained other Heroes than the ones mentioned above

> We will be rewarding the necessary Transcendence materials that will help you transcend your Hero to a T5 Hero.

> Stone of Infinity x 15 + Essence Ticket x 900 + 33,540,000 Gold

3. Raiders who have obtained ‘Unique Weapon Fragments x 250’ as rewards for owning all Heroes

> We are planning to distribute additional ‘1,300 Unique Weapon Fragments’ to Raiders who have obtained ‘250 Unique Weapon Fragments’.

4. You will be able to obtain a T5 Hero when using the ‘Hero Ticket’ after the patch update.

※ In order to receive the ‘T5 Hero Ticket’, please login to the game after June 22nd (Tue) 08:30 [PDT] on June 22nd to download the new patch.

Additionally, we have sent the items ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’ to [Inventory > Consumables] that have been used as Entry Tickets for the Repositorium after the adjustments of the content on June 22nd (Tue). However, we have found out that the ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’ could still be used in the inventory after the updates.

Altogether with the adjustments of the 5 Star Hero Ticket, we will be making the adjustments to the items ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’, so that they’re moved to [Inventory > Others] instead of [Consumables]. (By moving these items to ‘Others’, this will prevent Raiders from using them unnecessarily)

※ As mentioned on our Patch Note, the item ‘Gold Dust of Golden Queen’ will not be obtainable (and cannot be used) within the contents in KING’s RAID after the updates on July 6th (Tue). Please make sure to consume all of your items through Ophelia’s Workshop.

※ If you have used your ‘Gold Bars of Golden Queen’ after the updates on June 22nd, (or around the time we’re taking measures for the current issues) we will be distributing these items once again within this week.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused, and we promise to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you

GM Gremory

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  1. What about the exp potion to get the hero to level 100? You say you will reward items necessary for transcended for heroes picked other than DLK and FFrey but you never mentioned what method.

    1. Well they only said they are giving T5 hero selector ticket. They never mentioned that they are giving a T5 lvl 100 hero ticket selector. So the argument u are making doesn’t make sense.

  2. Good day Admin


    Thats really nice solution.

    My concern was. You already used the hero ticket and then you already t5 the hero that you get .

    What will be the reward on it .?

    ( Stone of Infinity x 15 + Essence Ticket x 900 + 33,540,000 Gold ) is this what you get ?

    Thank you and more power

    Game Supporter

  3. I didn’t receive any of the compensation you have mentioned for those that use the ticket already. All 3 accounts received none of this mentioned compensation. This update is the worse you have ever put up. Listening to players?? All your update is related on new shop merchandise. Ie: Time Limited sale and Battle pass.

    1. Hello Raider! As mentioned on our post, we will be sending the rewards by this week. We ask for your patience and understanding as we are working to send the Rewards to our Raiders as soon as possible 🙂