[Event] Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah

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Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory

The Heretic Saintess and Faithful Follower of Lea, Isaiah has arrived in KING’s RAID!

Obtain New Hero ‘Primal Demon, Isaiah’ and receive different kinds of rewards!

For more details of the Hero Special Dungeon, please check the details below.

Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah

[Event Details]

– Event Period: After maintenance on May 25th (Tue) ~ Before maintenance on June 8th (Tue)

– Details: Have fun watching Isaiah’s story and obtain this New Hero for free! Clear dungeons and obtain different kinds of rewards!

[How to participate]

01. [Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah] Dungeon Entry

– You will be able to access the [Hero Special Dungeon] >[Episode: Isaiah] by talking to ‘NPC Isaiah’ who will be located at Central Orvel.

– [Episode: Isaiah] is consisted of 3 [Story Dungeons].

02. [Episode: Isaiah] Dungeon Details

– You will be able to enter the [Episode: Isaiah] dungeons with ‘Event Entry Tickets’.

– You will receive 3 initial ‘Event Entry Tickets’ and 1 ‘Event Entry Ticket’ will be charged at 00:00 every day.

※ You will not be able to have more than 3 ‘Event Entry Tickets’.

– You will only be able to access the next stage after clearing the stage before it.

– The [Story Dungeons] will begin on [Story Mode] when entered for the first time.

:: [Easy Mode] will be unlocked after being cleared on [Story Mode] and can be cleared without seeing the story again.

– You will be able to watch the story again if you select the [Story Mode] difficulty. (You will not be able to obtain Repeat Rewards).

– You will be able to receive the following rewards for clearing the [Story Dungeons].

[Dungeon Clear Rewards]

※ You will only be able to receive the First Clear Rewards one time.

※ You will be able to obtain a 5 Star, Level 50 ‘Isaiah’.

▶ [Send Gift Details]

– Obtain ‘Unfinished Pages’ by clearing dungeons and give them to ‘Isaiah’ as a present to receive various rewards.

[Send Gift Rewards]

※ Reward Details

– Stage 1~2 Rewards: You can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon / Unique Treasure of Isaiah.

– Stage 5~6 Rewards: You can select and obtain 1 Unique Weapon or Unique Treasure of Heroes. (Excluding Unique Weapon of NPC Heroes)

– Final Stage 7 Rewards: You can obtain the rewards from this stage repeatedly.

That was all for the <Hero Special Dungeon – Episode: Isaiah>!

Hope you have an amazing time raiding with Isaiah!

Thank you.

GM Gremory

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  1. Amazing. I look forward to meeting Isaiah. Thank you for giving her to us for free!

    Time and time again you show your heart in how you take care of us. So many gacha games seem to derive such a substantial portion of their revenue off of players spending for more “summon” chances on new playable character releases. Some of the most widely known such games are downright notorious on this regard!

    Your generosity shows not just love, but also confidence in your game and dear Heroes. Thank you for bringing so much joy to all of us!