[Notice] Regarding Global Regular Season 7 Guild War Rankings and Future Plans – Revised

Greetings Raiders.
This is GM Dakaris.

There has been some confusion with regards to the Guild War Global Regular Season 7 results announced on January 4th. We have reviewed the feedback along with the details and had heated internal discussion before reaching the following conclusions on how to proceed with this issue.

[Added as of January 5th 05:00 (PST)]
※ We have revised and updated certain parts of the notice that were incorrect or could otherwise lead to misunderstandings.

1. Guild War Point Acquisition Rules – [Revised as of January 5th 05:00 (PST)]
The rules for Guild War are designed in a way so that Guilds will be able to obtain points depending on the win/loss of the battle, the accumulated points of the two Guilds and the Attack/Defend results.

The points that a Guild obtains is calculated with the system mentioned above, but the main deciding factor will be the difference in ‘accumulated points’ between the two Guilds, and a Guild that has lower points will be able to obtain many more points by defeating a Guild that has more points accumulated then they do.

A Guild will also be able to obtain a lot of points by defeating a Guild with less accumulated points if the Battle results are drastically in the favor of one Guild.

2. Guild War Match-making System
The Guild War Match-making System will search for a random opponent within the same Tier of Guilds for Guild War.

If two Guilds that had just fought off against each other are matched again, the system will ignore that match-up and will widen the search to include the next Tier of Guilds. If there are no Guilds to match up against, the system will create a non-existent Guild for the Guild War.

3. Guild War Point Acquisition System – [Revised as of January 5th 05:00 (PST)]
The System is designed in a way where the Guilds will earn or lose points differently according to the currently accumulated point difference of the matched Guilds as well as the results of the Guild War. As such, Guilds that have won difficult battles with Guilds that have more accumulated points will be able to earn more points for the win.

This also means that a Guild may lose fewer points for losing or earn fewer points for winning depending on the matched Guild’s points and how the battle flows.

4. Global Regular Season 7 Results
We have covered the basics of how the current Guild War point system with the explanations above. Taking all of the rules into consideration, this is how we ended up with the Global Regular Season 7 results.

The current 1st(神々の凱旋) and 2nd(HallofFame) place Guilds were both matched with Guilds that had less accumulated points and due to the accumulated point difference as well as the battle results, the 2nd place Guild(HallofFame) received 100 points for the win (8790 -> 8890) and 1st place Guild(神々の凱旋) received 190 points for the win (8755 -> 8945). – [Revised as of January 5th 05:00 (PST)]

※There had been misinformation with regards to the aforementioned final battle. We have verified that there was an intense battle and would like to apologize for the misinformation as well as to all Raiders affected by the insensitive statement. The statement has since been redacted from this notice.

Although the results of Global Regular Season 7 have been decided within the Guild War design and system, we do fully understand that it is not quite intuitive and may cause a bit of confusion. As such, we have decided to carry out the following with regards to the Guild War Global Regular Season 7 rewards and system.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience you may have experienced until now due to the system.

▶ Global Regular Season 7 Results/Rewards
– Tie for 1st place (HallofFame / 神々の凱旋)
:: The current 1st place Guild(神々の凱旋) will be receiving 2nd place rewards (Guild War Medal x10,000 + 1,600 Rubies) in addition to the 1st place rewards
:: The current 2nd place Guild(HallofFame) will be receiving 1st place rewards (Guild War Medal x15,000 + 2,000 Rubies + 1st Place Flag) in addition to the 2nd place rewards
– All other Guilds will be receiving Master Rank rewards (Guild War Medal x5,000 + 1,000 Rubies)
※ This notice will be updated once the rewards have been distributed.
※ The rewards will be distributed during the maintenance on January 19th (Tue). – [Updated as of January 5th 05:00 (PST)]

▶ Global Regular Season 8 will be postponed until further notice
– We will be postponing Global Regular Season 8 in order to work on the current system logic and match-making system

We will do our best in order to come back with a better Guild War system that will provide a better gaming experience as soon as possible and will make a separate announcement on when Global Regular Season 8 will begin later down the line.

Finally, as compensation for all Guilds that are unable to enjoy Guild War content until it comes back, we will be providing everyone with Guild War Medal x1,500 every Monday starting next week (January 11th, 2021).

Again, we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience you may have experienced while playing Guild War content. We will strive to bring it back in a much better and enjoyable state as fast as possible.

Thank you.
GM Dakaris

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  1. Imagine being so whale that Vespa is changing things to satisfy you.

    The speed of response for a small content like Guild War regarding two whale guilds goes to show that Vespa really only cares about keeping their biggest whales happy.

    No wonder they refuse to do nerfs for overpowered heroes (because scared to lose whales btw).

    If only Vespa responded as quick for other, more important things…

  2. @GM Dakaris, First of all thank you for addressing this issue globally and taking action to actually fix the match making and point System. However, on behalf of SevenWhite guild in Asia. We were the final opponent for Hall of Fame yesterday. We were rank 7 and Hall of Fame were rank 1. Our Final Score was 600 (Sevenwhite) vs 1200++ (Hall of Fame). With all due respect, you have been indirectly insulting us with your post saying that we did not attack/did Guild war at all. We might be way weaker than the champion, but we did our best to fight them. Please take back what you have written as it is very demotivating, and please do not redirect your own problem in match making and points system to us. If you said that we were rank 7 and considered low point guild whom did not attack at all during our last match, then it might as well means any guild below top 10 are trash and not worth considering.

    On the other hand, we also feel that Hall of Fame should be rank 1 as they are undefeated with 20 wins, and I am not sure with the second rank Japan guild, but I think they lost once or twice during Season 7. We never complain to you when we got a very questionable matchup where we had to face Hall of Fame 3 times this season. If you want proof, we can give you all of our matchup scores record. Again, we don’t want to complain much as we know it is hard to build a game and proper matchmaking. But PLEASE do not ever said that we did not attack at all during the guild war.

    As a side note: I am not sure if you screw up the points system a long time ago or not. But ever since 3 seasons ago, whenever we matched the “champion” guild, losing will only result a 50 points loss to us and probably a 100 points gain to the winner (This happened several times no matter if we were rank 2 or 10).

    1. @Jester

      Our apologies if you felt that the wording used was offensive. That was not our intention and we merely wished to explain that the point difference was among the reasons that the winning Guild received fewer points even though they had won.

      With regards to the information of “not attacking”, we are re-investigating the issue again. Until we reach a more concrete solution, we have removed that statement from the notice as well.

      Again, our apologies. We hope you understand that it was never in our intentions to single out or demoralize anyone.

      Also, it is our intention of making the match-making system more fair than it is at the moment where it is pitting Guilds up against much stronger opponents, and we hope to come back with an improved system.

      1. You’re embarassing yourself.

        If Vespa had as much motivation in fixing the game than making the biggest customers happy, you wouldn’t have to deal with such negativity all the time.

        Apologizing every single week is starting to get annoying.

        In the end, the entirety of this post is just about making HallOfFame win by avoiding vespa’s own rules they fixed long ago.

        This game turned into a cashgrab trash that is made with the sole idea of making the wealthiest ones win, while shitting on the poor one, even if it means skipping the rules fixed.

        Soon Vespa will make weekly posts about why miita should be first in all WB because he’s the biggest spender in the game.

        Any fairness left in Vespa’s mind btw ?

      2. @GM Dakaris, Thank you very much for your kind apology and understanding as well. Yes we appreciate the transparency, and we hope that your team could fix this as soon as possible.

        Have a good day !

  3. Ah yes, one of the top Asia guild getting matched with another top guild, and decided to *NOT ATTACK AT ALL ON THE CRUCIAL FINAL ROUND*, and the poor matchup was totally NOT the fault of the PERFECT MATCHMAKING SYSTEM, amrite?

    That sure makes a lot of sense! /s

  4. Isn’t it the most unfair decision ever made by Vespa.
    All the guilds ending up 11th instead of 10th because of that kind of system, and who never got any kind of compensation in the past.
    I feel bad for that japanese guild, almost feels like they don’t deserve the rank 1. It’s so unfair, and insulting, fuck you Vespa.

  5. Here’s a simple way to fix it. Have the regular guild war event and then give the top 8 the same rewards.

    From there just get the top 8 to have a knock out tournament best of 3. This allows the true winner to win and also makes it a more epic conclusion.

    An implementation of as many (loser bracket) can be used to determine the rest of the rankings. Since there is no point system and the rankings are just determined on who wins there should be no conflict.

    From there reward players according and boom problem solve + a cool event for the top players and lower rank players to view