[Guide] Valance’s Workshop

Valance’s Workshop 

※Please note that the screenshots have been taken in a development environment and may be different when the content is implemented on the live servers. 

1. What is Valance’s Workshop? 

– Valance’s Workshop is content that allows you to manage the overall growth of Technomagic Gear through Identification, Crafting, etc. 
– Valance’s Workshop has similar features to the Forge, but Valance’s Workshop is equipped with more features, and they only apply to Technomagic Gear. 

2. Unlocking Valance’s Workshop and its Features

– Clear scenario 10-9 to unlock Valance’s Workshop.

– Upon unlocking, you can use the portal or move to Valance’s Workshop located on the map of Chapter 10 to enter Valance’s Workshop. 
– Valance’s Workshop provides the following features for Technomagic Gear: Identify, Craft, Reforge, Enhancement, and Restoration. 

3. Technomagic Identification

– Unidentified Technomagic Gear can be identified in Valance’s Workshop. 
– A certain amount of Gold is required to identify Technomagic Gear, and multiple gear can be identified at once.

– Once identified, the options and features of the gear that were disabled become enabled. 
– Up to a maximum of 10 gear can be identified at once, and you can see the options of all identified gear in the result screen at once. 

Items Obtainable by Grinding Technomagic Gear

– The number of boss crystals and upgrade stones obtained by grinding Technomagic Gear depends on the type of the gear. 
:: Upon grinding Protection of Perseverance Heavy Armor: Crystal of Galgoria x100 / Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone (Knight) x1 
:: Upon grinding Reclaimed Coldness of Hope Ring: Crystal of Siegfried x200 / Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone (Assassin) x2 
– The resulting number of materials is the same for both Identified/Unidentified gear. 

4. Technomagic Crafting

– If you have crafting materials, you can use those materials to craft Technomagic Gear through the Technomagic Crafting menu. 
– You can adjust the set, class, and type filter to craft a gear of your choice. 
– The list of obtainable gear will be displayed on the left menu based on the selected filters. 
– The more the selected filters, the higher the cost of Gold and materials to craft the gear. 
– There is a small chance of crafting a ‘Reclaimed’ Technomagic Gear. 

(Technomagic Gear Crafting Material)

– If the Class/Type filter is not selected, the class & type of the Technomagic Gear is randomly decided upon crafting. Make sure to check the filter settings before crafting. 

5. Enhancing Gear

– You can enhance Technomagic Gear through Technomagic Management > Technomagic Enhancement. 
– Technomagic Gear Enhancement is similar to gear awakening, but it does not require the same gear, and there is no chance of failure. 
– For enhancement, an ‘Upgrade Stone’ of the class is used as material. 
– Upgrade Stones can be obtained by grinding Technomagic Gear or as a reward for completing certain missions.
– The gear’s main option is increased upon gear enhancement.

(Technomagic Gear Enhancement Material)

6. Reforging Gear

– You can reforge Technomagic Gear through Manage Technomagic Gear > Technomagic Reforge.
– You can reforge 2 additional options and change them.
– You need a Reforge Ticket and a crystal of the appropriate gear type. Crystals can be obtained from a Technomagic Kingdom Raid.
– ‘Additional Skills’ cannot be reforged.
– Some Options that had been available for the previous T8 gear may not be available for the new gear. (Please refer to the image below)

(Technomagic Gear Additional Options)

– Upon reforging, options shown above are added randomly, and if the same option is added, its value is always higher than the existing value. 
:: If an option of ATK 14% is reforged and the same ATK option appears, ATK 16% will be applied. 
– If the option applied is of the highest value, the same option will not be applied. 
:: If an option of P.DEF 32% is reforged, a P.DEF option is not added. 

7. Technomagic Restoration

– Technomagic Restoration is a feature to restore a 5 Star Technomagic Gear to a stronger ‘Reclaimed’ gear.
– You can proceed with restoration through Technomagic Management > Technomagic Restoration menu. 
– You need a 5 Star Technomagic Gear, Gold, and Technomagic Experiment Report. 
– You can obtain 1 Technomagic Experiment Report per week through a weekly mission. 
– The enhancement of the gear that went through Technomagic Restoration is reset, and the gear becomes 0 Star. 
– The gear that completed Technomagic Restoration has higher main option stats than a normal gear of the same enhancement level. 

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