[Guide] Technomagic Gear – [Updated August 24th]

Technomagic Gear

※Please note that the screenshots have been taken in a development environment and may be different when the content is implemented on the live servers. 

1. What is Technomagic Gear?! 

– Technomagic Gear is gear you can obtain by playing the Galgoria, Ascalon, or Siegfried Raids. 
– Technomagic Gear is classified as TM grade which is higher than T8. They also have a unique growth system that separates them from existing gear. 
– You will be able to maximize your Hero’s potential with the new Additional Skill system. 

2. Technomagic Gear Setup

– There are 3 gear sets. ‘Perseverance,’ ‘Authority,’ and ‘Hope’ which can be obtained from the 3 Technomagic Kingdom Raids.

– There are a total of 7 parts for Technomagic Gear: Armor, Secondary Gear, Earrings, Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, and Orb. Weapons are not included.
– Each gear belongs to one of the 7 class sets. (Knight, Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mechanic, Wizard, and Priest)

3. Information about Technomagic Gear

– Starting from level 91, Heroes can equip Technomagic Gear of their class.
– Runes can be equipped to a Rune slot of Technomagic Gear, but you will not be able to apply Enchant Options. 
– 2 random Additional Options will be added to Technomagic Gear from the list below. 
– You can reforge the Additional Options.

(Technomagic Gear Additional Options)

4. Set Effects

– All Technomagic Gear have powerful set effects.
– Each set is specialized in Defense/Offense/Utility, allowing you to come up with various strategies.

(Gear Set Effects) – Updated August 24th, 20:15

5. Additional Skill System

– All Technomagic Gear will feature an ‘Additional Skill’ system that differentiates them from the existing gear. 
– Each Technomagic Gear has 1 Additional Skill, and you can maximize a Hero’s ability by equipping them with the appropriate Gear. 
– Additional Skills cannot be reforged.

(Additional Skill Effects)

6. How to Obtain

– You have a small chance to obtain ‘Unidentified’ Technomagic Gear from a Technomagic Kingdom Raid. 
– Starting from a certain stage, you have a small chance to obtain more powerful ‘Reclaimed’ Technomagic Gear in Unidentified state.

– You cannot equip or grow Unidentified gear. You can identify Unidentified gear in Valance’s Workshop.
– Once identified, the options and features of the gear that were disabled become enabled.

– If you have crafting materials, you can use those materials to craft Technomagic Gear in Valance’s Workshop. 
– Crafting materials can be obtained by grinding Technomagic Gear and playing a Technomagic Kingdom Raid.

7. Reclaimed Technomagic Gear

– Reclaimed Technomagic Gear has higher main option stats than a normal Technomagic Gear. 

– You can obtain it as a reward for completing certain higher stages of a Technomagic Kingdom Raid, or through the ‘Technomagic Restoration’ feature in Valance’s Workshop. 
– There is a small chance of crafting Reclaimed Technomagic Gear when crafting Technomagic Gear.