First, we apologize sincerely for announcing that the release of 2nd Chronicle was postponed from June last week.

Even with the disappointing news, we would like to thank everyone who reads this while waiting for new information with interest and affection for King’s Raid.

We know that the information provided currently is not satisfying enough, so we wrote a GM note to provide you with more news more often, and we decided to start with “THEY ARE COMING.”

It’s been almost a year since the release of information on the new four heroes of THEY ARE COMING on July 20th last year, and they haven’t come, and no new information has been released. (We apologize for that.)

Since they are the ‘main characters’ who will start the adventure with you in 2nd Chronicle, we wanted to introduce the them before anything else, which led us to bring up the provocative title again.

Before introducing the main characters,  

In the past, King’s Raid has been updating heroes at a regular interval. (Three per month in the beginning, one or two per month after, and until over-balanced heroes that were released whom have raised serious balance issues). Starting from 2nd Chronicle, there will be a change in the way of releasing new heroes.

Instead of releasing new heroes one by one in a short cycle, we will be updating several heroes at once, wait for at least several months and release several heroes again. We are estimating at 2 times per year to add new heroes.   

We were informed that there will be focusing more on the balance of the heroes, aiming for “variety of viable heroes” and avoiding “better heroes” as the fundamental basis for adding heroes. In the release of 2nd Chronicle, about seven heroes, including the four main characters, will be added to lead the battle in 2nd Chronicle.

Here is the illustrations of the four main characters, backstory within 2nd Chronicle, and the Voice Actors!

The first hero being introduced is very different from our heartwarming Kasel.

This is Yuuan, who radiates with charisma.


You are mistaken.
ou guys are nothing more than tools to be used for destroying the Empire

● Name/Sex : Yuuan / Male
● Nickname : Fang of Revenge
● Birthday : April 15th (20 y/o)
Height/Weight : 185cm / 70kg​

Fukuyama Jun

Do you hear the screams of those who died miserably? From now on, I will deliver punishment on their behalf.

Comrades? You are mistaken. You guys are nothing more than tools to be used for destroying the Empire.

The man chosen by Pegareth, the artifact. He loses his family mercenaries and his future, and lives to revenge against the empire. If anything is needed for his revenge, he uses it as if he is void of emotions. In fact, even a Resistance member or the Resistance itself is being used as a tool for his revenge.

Battle Concept
It seems that he cuts off the bracelet that controls Pegareth’s power embedded in his heart to use variety of weapons according to the situation to tactically lead the battle in optimized combat style.

The second hero is Kyrie, who received positive reviews globally after her brief reveal last year.


My role is to spearhead the battle.
If that’s a way to get one step closer to revenge, I will gladly do so.

● Name / Sex : Kyrie / Female
 Nickname : Sorrowful Conviction
● Birthday : April 22nd (20y/o)
● Height / Weight : 167cm / 53kg

Ohara Sayaka

I’d say it bothers me a bit that he feels out of place from time to time.. It’s not like he’s a bad person, but.. Wait! Never mind!

I lost everything including my father and brother.. The Pandora destroyed the entire pedigree.. No matter what happens, I won’t stop until my revenge is complete.

I also lost everything… Revenge of the families that were destroyed by Pandora’s evil scheme. To destroy Pandora and to wipe out the upper echelons of the empire that colluded with them. For this reason, she joined the Resistance and performed her duties with passion. She gets angry at the cold-hearted decision of Yuuan but feels more companionship towards the team than anyone else.​

Battle Concept
She is said to be dual wielding swords that has a Demon God sealed within. She can control the swords through body modification and stirs the enemy’s line with quick and powerful movements.

The third hero is very cute in stature and looks, but never cute in strength, Setz.


My fists are rock-hard! They will hurt-yo!

● Name / Sex : Setz / Female
● Nickname  : Loving Smack
● Birthday : August 9th (15y/o)
● Height/Weight : 156cm / 44kg

Kugimiya Rie

Comrades are like a family to me-yo. They saved me when I was struggling-yo. The degree of hardship is different for everyone. Comrades are very meaningful and precious to me-yo.

My fists are rock-hard! They will hurt-yo!

Originally a trainee, after long training, she gets lost in the city center of the empire she visited for the first time. Those who helped her were her current team and the Resistance. From that encounter, Setz developed a special affection for her comrades.​

Battle Concept
 Setz, who uses variety of martial arts, has a stronger body than anyone else obtained through many years of training. She tries to protect her comrades before anyone else, and through body modification, it was explained that Setz’s destructive power is unrivaled.

The last hero uses cannons as her weapon contrary to her beautiful looks, Isna.


Don’t be fooled by kindness. After all, it only hurts you if you don’t know about that person..

● Name / Sex : Isna / Female
● Nickname : Tear behind the mask
● Birthday : July 8th (22 y/o)
● Height / Weight : 171cm / 53kg

Takahashi Rie

Still, tons of people were killed because of me.

Don’t be fooled by kindness. After all, it only hurts you if you don’t know about that person.

Spy of the Resistance planted by the Empire. She plays the role of elder sister within the team,

giving off gentle and cozy feeling to everyone. However, what lies behind the mask is very different.
In truth, she is working with the Empire, stealing information from the Resistance to save her sister.

Battle Concept
Isna, who has extensive knowledge of manufacturing, is said to use alchemy to make various shells to battles. Her muscle strength is boosted dramatically through body modification. If she changes the content of shells into a healing system, she will be able to support and heal. If flames and explosions are mixed in the shells, you will see more devastating power than anyone else. Depending on her how she feels, she can be either an angel or a devil in the battlefield.

That’s all for today.

Although we only introduced the illustrations and concepts, we hope that you are looking forward to the new story and great chemistry between the new characters just like <Kasel, Frey, Roi, Cleo> had who led the 1st Chronicle. 😊

We’ll continue to show you how 2nd Chronicle is being prepared, even if it is small amount of material.

See you in the next Note!
Thank you.

All the information and resources revealed through GM Note are based on the data under development, and may be subjected to change. The contents of the actual 2nd Chronicle launch may be added/deleted. In addition, depending on the intention of the Note, we may select and reveal resources in development rather than the final product. Please understand that many parts may be different from what will be opened during the launch of 2nd Chronicle.

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