[GM Note] September’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek

텍스트, 클립아트이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Greetings Raiders,

This is GM Gremory.

We’d like to share with you the details of September’s 2nd update!

Ophelia’s Workshop & the special event ‘Haunted Mansion Adventure’ will be updated to the game!

※ The screenshots in the GM Note have been taken in the Test Server.

– Please note that the contents you see may differ from what you see in the actual game.

01. Ophelia’s Workshop (Re-Run)

– Have fun with Ophelia’s Workshop as you wait for the upcoming Halloween season! ^(#`∀´)_Ψ

[Witch’s Exchange Post]

텍스트, 실내, 혼잡한이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명
– Proceed with battles by consuming Stamina (including Dispatch Battles) and obtain event points (Pumpkin Coins). Exchange your event points through the option [Draw Card] and obtain random event crafting materials.

※ Please note that there will be a total number of event points you can obtain per day, and a max number of event points you can hold up to.

[Witch’s Mysterious Cauldron]

실내이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

– Craft different kinds of items such as ‘Soulstone Ticket’, ‘Unique Weapon/Unique Treasure Awakening Transfer Ticket’, ‘Soul Weapon Transfer Ticket’ with the materials you have collected.

※ Please note that there will be a limit for the number of items you can craft per item.

※ You can craft legendary materials such as ‘Unicorn Horns’ & ‘Faerie Wings’ by collecting specific materials.

02. Special Dungeon – Haunted Mansion Adventure (Re-Run)

– A spooky event that will add extra fun to the upcoming Halloween festival! Explore the mysterious Haunted Mansion with your KING’s RAID Heroes! ◥(ฅº₩ºฅ)◤

– Through this event, you will be able to obtain items such as ‘Normal Artifact Ticket’ & ‘Halloween Artifact Ticket’. You will also be able to obtain Ophelia’s Workshop crafting materials such as ‘Unicorn Horn’ & ‘Faerie Wings’.

※ Halloween Artifact Ticket: Upon use, you can select and obtain one among ‘Pumpkin-Stuck Evil Spirit’, ‘Cross Pumpkin Head’, ‘Angry Pumpkin Head’, ‘Happy Pumpkin Head’, ‘Surprised Pumpkin Head’.

[Story Cutscenes Sneak Peek]

03. League of Honor Regular Season 15 Costumes

– 2 League of Honor Regular Season 15 Ranking Reward Costumes will be released.
:: Evan / Hilda

[Illustration Sneak Peek – Hilda]
식물이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

04. Events

[Halloween Bingo Event]

– Complete the Bingo and receive rewards such as ‘Unique Weapon/Unique Treasure Awakening Stone’, ‘Unique Weapon/Unique Treasure Ticket (1 Star)’, ‘Unique Gear Ticket (2 Star) depending on the number of times you have reset the Bingo Board.

[Dragon Raid Event]

– Defeat Dragons and obtain a bunch of rewards. Depending on the number of clears, you will be able to obtain rewards such as ‘Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone Ticket Box’, ‘Technomagic Experiment Report’ & Technomagic Gear Ticket (1 Additional Skill). (Dispatch Battles will be included)

[Divine Punishment Update Celebration 3, 4]

– We will continue to open events to help you challenge the Divine Punishment Raid! Complete missions and obtain Technomagic Gear related rewards and Legendary Runes.

We have prepared different kinds of events for you, so please look out for the event announcement post for more details!

That’s everything for September’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek!

Please note that there may be changes during the development process, so please look out for the Patch Note for more details.

Thank you.

GM Gremory

54 thoughts on “[GM Note] September’s 2nd Update Sneak Peek”

  1. really vespa??? another update without content ?

    just a shitty rerun event that was shit in first place?????

    please get a grip and get back on track. This game was once good you greedy cunts.

    1. Not trying to defend vespa here. But we literally just got a new endgame raid last update which is like just 1 week ago. The rerun events is obviously just because of content drought and they have most of their employees working on TD and Kr2 (hopefully). They’re just trying to keep the game not entirely blank with nothing to do before the next big update. Most of the community already predicted this reruns spam would be going for quite long because of all the points I’ve said above, we’re just partially agree on just going along with it in anticipation of said KR 2 update. Shits have been like this for quite some time now, complaining wouldn’t do much good, have some constructive criticism instead of just “Hurr durr no content ded game blah blah”.

  2. are you guys fucking mental? the rng event is back?

    let me guess. you’ll put lakrak’s rng event next patch.

      1. the faerie wings and unicorn horn on the first run was very hard to score. they are needed to craft an event artifact ticket and soulstone ticket.

        maybe, just maybe, they learned their lesson and decided to make it easy for everyone this time or atleast improved the chances a little bit.

      2. I had my hopes up :< so the soulstones stuff is far from being possible specially from a newbie like me

    1. dont lose your hope yet. they might have improved the chances of getting something good.

      it was a shit show on the first run.

    2. You can craft 2 souls stones throughout the event. We’re guaranteed 1 from the halloween event like they said above.

      They’ll also do the same as last time and sell faerie wings in the special shop for 4k rubies which is very good value for a soul stone.

      Stop crying about the wrong stuff you moron.


  4. please… please.. remake this shitty event ophelia, atleast there is guaranteed to get some / all reward

  5. please be patient almost all their resource goes to KR2
    and time defender, kek

  6. Does the number of items to be crafted indicated in the picture final? Will we be able to get that all if we grind it through the event?

  7. So sad that erze, xerah, shamilla’s loh costume look like shit While hilda’s costume is so beauty. Even though she look like scarlet remake now:(((

    1. Hilda’s LOH costume is shit!!! im pretty sure that gay Evan loh costume is also pure shit!! lol

  8. Gj vespa, love the new loh costume, when are you releasing playable apocalypsion?

  9. Lmfao even u give hilda LoH costume, i wont back for ur fucking succ game

  10. Well divine punishment raid just for end game player so new player just suck ur thumb in corner ( that’s me XD)

  11. Divine punishment raid exclusive for end player.. So new player just chill in the corner XD

    1. There's always unsatisfied b*tch birdbrain in the comment section. dont mind them says:

      ur ryt. its for end game player. i duuno why so many cry baby about the new content.

  12. There's always unsatisfied b*tch birdbrain in the comment section. dont mind them says:

    thanks for bingo event and ophelia rerun. need to farm mats for my lucias hehe. hilda main going nuts for dis LOH costume.

    1. Yeah man! Very true.
      I have almost enough insignias to buy it.
      Can’t wait.

  13. Hi Vespa, really nice costume but is that character playable? It is not!

    1. hmm yeees, buff Hilda, give her 100% acc on s2 state and Void Frenzy undispellable

  14. Stop crying morons this is better than nothing.. rerun event is not a bad thing if u dont want just quit the game morons

  15. After all the feedback on RNG events, you choose to rerun one of the said RNG events. I can’t tell if Vespa is just spiteful or clueless.

    Please @GM Gremory, enlighten me. Quite a lot was said about previous RNG events. There was barely anything positive to find. Aside from getting a hero and advancing a sw, almost every thing else in the game is based on RNG. Many have expressed how punishing the systems are, especially without any pity in place for things like reforging. Rewarding events combined with gameplay and lore that is captivating will be readily accepted by many. There is no simpler way to spell it out; many have spelt it out before, I’m not the first. Yet here we are again, where RNG heavy events are disguised as “fun” events. We have been here twice this year, at least. Where has our feedback gone? Once again, please enlighten me.

  16. Next week events looks very good, I’m glad that event is back, I thought I used my materials in Ophelia’s event last time to find out after it ended that I didn’t (I still have a Horn and Wings)

    also I’m not a Hilda user but her LoH is soooo beautiful

  17. Okay, we get 1 soulstone guaranteed on Ophelia’s event but the other one is only available by rng and that’s 100% of extra value and I’m sure the odds will remain the same, Prayge

  18. So sad that Vespa used to be a really good developer in their early years. Obviously new figures that have come in have totally changed company policy and direction (for what seems like the MUCH worse). Here’s to hoping King’s Raid stays online for years to come, but I sincerely hope Vespa is able to realign themselves with their original team goals and values.

    1. Hrr drr more kasel buff pls!!!1111 not enough buff!!!111 not number 1 yet!!!!1111

      1. Give me more kasel BUFF it cannot 1hit all 4 hero at 100% rate YET!!!!

  19. Please consider adding rune pages to TM gear, having to constantly swap out velk runes depending on content is terrible.

  20. Hilda’s LOH so beautiful, I hope she get a buff soon so it would be worth building her
    Same for Aisha